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Best Java Conferences 2020

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How many times have you encountered the problem of debugging code? Have you ever felt that some stage of development could be completed faster? When was the last time you used Java exclusively to execute a project?

These are pretty basic topics that any novice developer talks about. Professionals discuss development with Java in more detail and address narrower issues. However, in this way they make this programming language better.

But there is a small nuance: not all solutions get into the network. As a rule, this is due to the usual lack of time in order to describe in detail any experience.

That's why Java thematic conferences are created. Developers visit them precisely for the purpose of transferring practical experience, testing completely new methods and discussing issues of the development of a programming language.

If you want to improve your Java skills, one of the necessary steps for this is attending a conference. There you can learn from colleagues what approaches need to be studied in order to remain a sought-after specialist.

Mark the dates on the calendar!

Java Fest

Site: JavaFest

Place: Kiev, Ukraine

Date: 5 June, 2020

Cost: $170-200

Best Java Conferences JavaFest

Immerse yourself in an atmosphere of fresh trends, the use of good practices and useful tools. Get productive training with hundreds of colleagues from around the world. Get the latest Java development insights from top international experts. Java Fest - an opportunity to learn from the experiences of like-minded people and find new friends in a professional environment.

Key topics:

  • code design and architecture;
  • Java Core;
  • Spring framework;
  • application security;
  • DevOps tools.

Speakers at Java Fest 2020 will include specialists such as Baruch Sadogursky (Head of Developer Advocate at JFrog), Yegor Bugaenko (CEO and founder of Zerocracy), Philip Krenn (Developer Advocate at Elastic) and others.


Site: ACCU

Place: Belfast, Ireland

Date: 4-6 October, 2020

Cost: TBD

Best Java Conferences ACCU

ACCU Conference 2019. Source of the image

This conference was originally planned for mid-March 2020, but was canceled due to an outbreak of coronavirus. However, the organizers decided to host ACCU 2020 in Belfast in the fall of 2020.

What do you get on it? One and a half hour presentations (hour of presentation + half an hour of questions), 180 minutes of seminars, several 20 minute sessions and much more. Most importantly, all this will be devoted to development with Java and C ++.

Since the conference was canceled, the list of speakers and key topics is currently unknown. The event, which will be held in the fall, will be organized from scratch. Therefore, much can change - from speakers to the most interesting topics.


Site: Devoxx

Place: Paris, France; London, Great Britain

Date: 3-5 July, 2020; 24-26 August, 2020

Cost: €220-925; £210-530

Best Java Conferences Devoxx

Devoxx France. Source of the image

Devoxx is a large-scale conference where architects and developers get together to discuss the latest technological advances and ideas. A feature of Devoxx is its many diverse talents from all over the world. You may not even know about some speakers, although you use their methods in everyday life.

Key topics:

This year's Devoxx speakers include William Baker (Software Engineer Team Lead at IMC Trading), May Beysaron (Software Engineer at AppsFlyer), James Byrne (senior developer at CoduRance) and many others.


Site: Jax

Place: Mainz, Germany

Date: 11-15 May, 2020

Cost: €472-2470

Best Java Conferences JAX

JAX Conference. Source of the image

For more than 15 years, Jax has provided valuable practical experience in web and server development, as well as the introduction of new technologies in our lives. Through this conference you can learn how to lead your projects to success. In addition, there will be discussion about Java development trends, the possibility of integrating this programming language with other technologies (Blockchain, AI) and updates that will fix most problems.

Key topics:

  • Java development "on steroids";
  • Spring ecosystem;
  • software architecture;
  • microservices and Java.

This year about 170 speakers will speak at Jax, including: Kai Toder (software architect at Siemens AG), Uwe Friedrichsen (CTO at codecentric AG), Dr. Roland Huss (senior software engineer at Red Hat), Guilaum Laforge (Developer Advocate at Google) and others.

Oracle Code One

Site: Oracle Code One

Place: Las Vegas, Nevada, USA

Date: 21-24 September

Cost: $1450-1850

Best Java Conferences Oracle

Oracle Code One. Source of the image

Oracle Code One is one of the largest conferences in the world. Here are discussed the issues of several programming languages, from Java to Visual Basic. Therefore, if you want to learn something new and conduct several experiments - you should go at Oracle Code One. If you want to learn about the latest trends in the field of Java – again, you should go at this conference. Even if you are a newbie and want to understand in which direction you should develop now - you should go at Oracle Code One.

Since the conference will be held in the fall of 2020, the list of speakers and a detailed program have not yet been announced. However, there was a stir on all previous issues. If you are interested in this conference and want to plan your trip - stay tuned for updates from the organizers.

JEE Conf

Site: JEE Conf

Place: Kiev, Ukraine

Date: 17-18 April, 2020

Cost: $150-300

Best Java Conferences JEE

Jee Conf 2019. Source of the image

JEE Conf is one of the largest Java conferences in Eastern Europe. Its peculiarity is that the organizers minimized the number of dry theoretical reports. This conference is exclusively for professionals, because from the first seconds you will need to understand what is it about.

Key topics:

  • modern approaches in the development of corporate systems;
  • architectural solutions based on Java technologies;
  • integration with other programming languages;
  • Java development trends.

JEE Conf is more than 1000 participants, 4 directions for reports and more than 50 speakers, among which are: Jürgen Holler (Pivotal technology director), Rossen Stoyanchev (senior developer at VMware), Oleg Dokuka (Developer Advocate at Netifi) and many others. It is noteworthy that the set of speakers is still open, so you can also make your presentation.

Scala Days

Site: Scala Days

Place: Berlin, Germany

Date: 30 June -3 July, 2020

Cost: €900

Best Java Conferences Scala

Scala Days 2019

Scala Days is a large-scale conference that brings together thousands of developers from around the world. They share their experiences and new ideas, and also show practical skills during networking. Scala Days provides an opportunity to chat with the authors of the language and related technologies.

It is noteworthy that Scala is a separate programming language, but it is closely related to Java. Many Java developers believe that they should attend this conference. Why? This is an opportunity to learn how Java has impacted the world of technology and how this language integrates with other development tools.

The list of speakers and a detailed program have not yet been announced. Therefore, if you are interested in attending this conference, stay tuned.


Site: JBCN Conf

Place: Barcelona, Spain

Date: 6-8 July, 2020

Cost: €311-518

Best Java Conferences JBCN

JBCN Conference is 3 days of content and communication with almost 1000 Java lovers. At the conference you will have a chance to meet with the authors of various libraries and the leaders of the best companies in the world. They will talk about all the intricacies of working with Java and allow you to put into practice several methods of writing code.

Key topics:

Experts like Venkat Subramaniam (founder of Agile Developer Inc), Trisha Gee (Developer Advocate at JetBrains), Michelle Schudel (developer at Craftsmen BV) and others will tell you all the nuances of Java development.

Java Zone

Site: Java Zone

Place: Oslo, Norway

Date: 9-10 September, 2020

Cost: $675

Best Java Conferences Java

Java Zone 2019. Source of the image

Java Zone is one of the largest developer conferences in Europe. In 2020, it turns 19 years old. The conference is organized by the javaBin team. As they say, the main goal of the Java Zone is to provide developers with a place to constantly transfer experience and easy communication on topics abstracted from development.

Every year the event is gaining more and more momentum. So, last year more than 3,000 people took part in the conference and 160 speakers spoke.

The format of the conference provides short presentations for 15-20 minutes, so you can quickly understand the most problematic issues for you.

Java Zone, along with a list of speakers, will be available closer to summer. In the meantime, you can browse the archives of last year's events to see the development path of the conference and evaluate its scope.


Site: UberConf

Place: Denver, Colorado, USA

Date: 14-17 July, 2020

Cost: $1475-1975

Best Java Conferences Uberconf

UberConf 2019. Source of the image

Uber Conf is hosted by the No Fluff Just Stuff team. Since 2001, the NFJS has hosted over 360 events with over 60,000 participants. Organizers are known for their visitor-oriented approach, excellent speakers and technically rich presentations.

So, Uber Conf is a series of conferences that offer in-depth 90-minute sessions on the most problematic development issues of the past year. The organizers collect information from market leaders, as well as in forums and form a popular list of topics. So developers can find answers to all questions and increase the efficiency of their work.

Key topics:

  • how systems “think”;
  • Java news;
  • how to migrate to Java Modules;
  • automation principles.

Among Uber Conf 2020 speakers you can see Raj Gandhi (founder of DefMarco Software), Lindsey Paget (solution architect at VMLY & R), Venkat Subramaniam (founder of Agile Developer, Inc), Jessica Kerr (Lead Engineer at Atomist) and others.

Best Java Conferences 2020 key takeaways:
  1. Java Fest
  2. ACCU
  3. Devoxx
  4. JAX
  5. Oracle Code One
  6. JEE Conf
  7. Scala Days
  8. JBCN Conf
  9. Java Zone
  10. Uberconf

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