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Best Apps for Businesses

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Running a business can feel like being pulled into several directions all at once. Aside from supervising daily operations, you have to take care of the payroll, employee issues, and everything else that comes up.

Thankfully, thousands of productivity tools are at the end of your fingertips. Take a look at our picks for the best apps for businesses to help you streamline your activities.


QuickBooks is an accounting software package that gives you a sense of your business’s overall financial health. It helps you monitor sales and expenses, view profit and loss reports, maximize tax deductions, and many more financial tracking features. Built and updated with modern programming language in 2021 to improve UX dramatically!


Square is a free point-of-sale program that is most suitable for retail stores and similar businesses like food trucks or beauty salons. It uses a portable card reader that is attached to a compatible mobile device to take payments.


Expensify is an expense reporting application that makes keeping track of your business costs less painful. It lets you link your credit or debit card so it can automatically place charges on an expense report. You can also take pictures of receipts and allow the app to extract relevant information from them.

Best Apps for Businesses


Slack is a cloud-based proprietary instant messaging platform that lets you manage conversations with your team into separate private or public channels. Sharing images and files is made easy with the drag and drop functionality, and everything is automatically indexed and archived.


Evernote is a multi-functional productivity app that primarily lets you take notes and organize tasks. It allows you to take bits and pieces of information from the web, label them, and modify them by embedding images, tables, audio, video, and more. You can use this app for a variety of business assignments, such as creating to-do lists, saving contacts, storing emails, or whatever you want to have stored in notes.


Asana is an app designed to help teams view, organize, and monitor their work. It promotes communication and collaboration through its simple interface that lets you share notes, upload files, and keep in touch with your colleagues without having to rely on email.


FreshBooks is an accounting software package that provides business owners with a convenient way to manage and track invoices. It helps you create personalized invoices and automatically bill your clients for recurring invoices. It also lets you track your expenses and generate business reports, like profit and loss statements.


Wave is a suite of financial services and online software that is designed for small business owners. If you don't know much about modern design, follow this article of graphic trends in 2020 year. It lets you track sales and expenses, handle invoices and customer payments, scan receipts, and generate accounting reports. The company also offers free personal finance software that helps business owners manage their finances in one place.


Skype is a popular telecommunications application that specializes in providing video chat and voice calls through the internet. Aside from voice and video calls, you can also use it to send messages, images, videos, and files of any size. It even allows you to share your computer screen in case you want to share instructions with your employees.


Dropbox is a file hosting service that offers cloud storage, file synchronization, personal cloud, and client software. The service has a business-specific version that enables smooth file-sharing among employees.


Mailchimp is a marketing automation platform and email marketing service that helps you manage your mailing lists and create engaging newsletters. It allows you to keep in touch with your customers and leverage performance reports to send them targeted emails that are relevant to their personal preferences.


Trello is a project management and list-making application that lets you monitor the workflow of your team. The interface consists of a board where you can add cards to represent an assignment or a task. These cards are fully customizable, and each member receives a notification when they are assigned a card.


Fuze is a cloud-based communication and collaboration software platform that allows you to host online meetings or video conferences across different devices and operating systems. It is easy to install and offers high-definition video and clear audio.

PayPal Here

PayPal Here is a mobile and storefront card and contactless payment processing application that lets you use a proprietary card reading device to accept payments from magstripe and chip cards. This portable register is also capable of taking contactless payment options such as Apple Pay and Android Pay. It is suitable for businesses that need to get paid on-the-go.


Wunderlist is a cloud-based task management application that lets you create an endless number of lists and share them with your colleagues. The lists sync automatically in order for other members of your team to see which tasks have been completed. A paid business version allows you to assign tasks to team members, break them down into subtasks, add notes, establish deadlines, and set reminders.


Basecamp is a popular project management tool that has a user-friendly interface. It is streamlined and intuitive, which makes it easy for you to invite collaborators, communicate with team members, attach files, create task lists, and monitor your progress. It also allows you to make workflow calendars that ensure every member is on the same page.

However, you might want to consider other options if you want to accomplish more advanced functions like financial reporting or budgeting. If your projects are simple and you want a friendly interface that is easy to learn, it should be a good alternative. Another great feature of Basecamp is that there is no limit on the number of users who can participate in a project. Instead, the plans are based on the number of projects.


That sums up our picks for the best apps for businesses. Take advantage of these tools to streamline your operations, monitor transactions, save valuable time and money, and ultimately make life easier. Feel free to mix and match until you find the right combination of programs that fits your needs.

Author Bio

Hayk Saakian is an entrepreneur who has a keen interest in everything tech-related. He can usually be found writing informative articles at hayksaakian.com, in which he shares valuable insights in today's modern trends.

Best Apps for Businesses key takeaways:
  1. QuickBooks
  2. Square
  3. Expensify
  4. Slack
  5. Evernote
  6. Asana
  7. FreshBooks
  8. Wave
  9. Skype
  10. Dropbox
  11. Mailchimp
  12. Trello
  13. Fuze
  14. PayPal Here
  15. Wunderlist
  16. Basecamp
  17. Wrap-up

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