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7 Killer Tips to Create a Successful Online Store

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Featured image for 7 Killer Tips to Create a Successful Online Store

To make your online store a success, there is only one solution: set up an effective and thoughtful online marketing strategy. Working on your online presence to boost your visibility will allow you to obtain concrete results, more traffic on your site and, of course, more profit.

Start on a good foundation

The first thing to do is to make sure you respect the three main basic principles of SEO. The first is the technical optimization of your site. Before displaying your site in their results pages, search engines like Google and Bing must first be able to find it and read its content. You must, therefore, ensure that your site is coded and structured in a language readable for the search engines.

The second principle concerns the optimization of the content of your site. You must write relevant content in which are integrated the keywords used by Internet users to search for products or services that match yours.

The last principle to apply is that of link building. You should try to earn backlinks with other websites in your industry. An effective optimization strategy should allow you to see your site reach the top of the ranking for the keywords you have chosen. If your site tops the search engine results, you will see a significant increase in the number of visitors and conversions.

7 Killer Tips to Create a Successful Online Store

Try advertising campaigns

A profitable strategy for many companies is to combine SEO and SEA. SEA stands for "Search Engine Advertising" and refers to search engine advertising campaigns. Paying for targeted ads on Google and social media is an effective way to promote your site to a specific audience. The cost per click model opens up a whole new avenue of information about your potential customers and the effectiveness of your campaigns. Used effectively, this method can boost your visibility in search engines for specific keywords.

Use long-tail keywords

Keywords are the search terms for which you want to optimize your website. If you want products from your online store to appear in Google's results when searching for specific words, you should make sure to include them in the content and metadata of the pages in question. Remember though, the competition will be tough for the general keywords that come up often and therefore it will be difficult for you to reach good positions for these. This is why you may have to turn to longer keywords which will allow you to distinguish yourself from your competitors.

Imagine that your online store is specialized in tennis equipment. If you want to optimize your site for a keyword that generates a lot of competition,

like “tennis racket” for example, you risk being invisible in the mass of other shops. On the other hand, you could reach good positions if you bet on a keyword like “Dunlop black tennis racket”. The additional information that you add to the description of your products allows you to distinguish yourself from your competitors and to be visible to customers who are looking for a very specific product.

Work on your local SEO

You do not have only one online store, you also have one or more stores? In this case, you must absolutely ensure that your establishments appear during local searches in the city where you operate.

If your customers come from a specific region or city, you must include their name in your keywords. This practice is generally combined with long-tail keywords. So, if your tennis equipment store is in Newyork, you can consider the keyword “Dunlop black tennis racket in Newyork”.

To increase your chances of appearing during local searches, you should list your business in local online directories. The best known is certainly Google My Business, but there are many others such as Yelp, etc. Be aware that some online directories are specific to an industry. You must, therefore, find out which ones are essential for your business.

Take advantage of your presence on social networks

Social networks are essential to boost your visibility. Whatever your sector of activity, you must be present on Facebook and Twitter, and on any social network that matters in your field. If you are a graphic designer for example, then also register on platforms like Instagram, Tumblr or Pinterest.

Don't just open an account on these social networks, they can offer you much more than that. You can, for example, create publications to inform your customers, interact with your subscribers and set up promotional campaigns to reach a wider audience.

If you want to develop an effective strategy, you must know the characteristics specific to each platform and use them to your advantage. Being present on the right social networks, those adapted to your sector will bring you a little closer to online success.

Pay attention to the quality and originality of your content

As you now know, the content of your site plays a determining role in your SEO strategy. To make your online store appeal to Google, but also and especially to your visitors, you must make sure to write original and quality content in which your keywords are naturally integrated. There are several methods to get there. You can, for example, rework the descriptions of your categories and products. This will indicate - with more detail - what you offer your visitors.

Another technique is to create a blog in which you can discuss different topics related to your industry. This will attract new visitors and increase the time that people spend on your site. The best strategy is obviously to combine these two techniques.

Register on the “Google Search Console”

The " Google Search Console " is a necessary tool for any webmaster. This is why we advise you to register your online store there. The “Search Console” provides you with interesting data on Internet users who visit your site. It tells you, for example, how they found it or on which sites you have backlinks. This tool also has the advantage of indicating the indexing status of your pages. In short, it helps you keep control of your website for free!


Is your goal to succeed online? So follow the advice in this article and incorporate it into your online marketing strategy.

Author Bio

Name - Raunak Pandey

Bio- Raunak is a Mechanical Engineer by qualification & Marketer by passion. He is the founder of Maiden Stride, a leading digital marketing company that provides world-class search engine marketing services and website & application development.

7 Killer Tips to Create a Successful Online Store key takeaways:
  1. Start on a good foundation
  2. Try advertising campaigns
  3. Use long-tail keywords
  4. Work on your local SEO
  5. Take advantage of your presence on social networks
  6. Pay attention to the quality and originality of your content
  7. Register on the “Google Search Console”
  8. Conclusion

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