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7 Best Shopping List Apps for Android 2019

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Featured image for 7 Best Shopping List Apps for Android 2019

This year, don’t be content with looking for your written grocery list at the bottom of your purse or backpack when at the grocery store. Instead, download one of several best shopping list apps for your Android device. Use your phone, tablet, or even Android Wear smartwatch to create and use a shopping list. You can also enhance your grocery shopping experience by using some excellent additional features that you just don't get with pen and paper.
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Listonic is one of the best shopping list apps out there, helping you quickly create and manage grocery lists, and more. It is the highest-rated shopping list app on Google Play and has over 4 million worldwide downloads to its name.

What Listonic provides:

  1. Add items using your voice - quantities and weight are also recognized and inputted when doing so.
  2. Browse culinary tips - including the best ways to buy and store products.
  3. Share shopping lists with family, friends, and co-workers - live editing means everyone can instantly see changes, or receive a timely notification about them.
  4. Use on any device - use and edit the same shopping list on either your smartphone, tablet, or even an Android Wear smartwatch.
  5. Create custom categories - perfect for taking your list beyond groceries.
  6. Add prices to products - calculate the total price of your shopping list for better control over your shopping budget.
  7. Add handy details to items - make a note of things such as quantity, descriptions coupons, or even attach photos.
  8. Make lists quickly using smart predictive text - suggestions are based on popular or most recent products, not just the letters you enter.
Best Shopping List Apps for Android Listonic

That Shopping List

That Shopping List has a very clear and pleasant interface. It appeals to those who appreciate nice colorful graphic design for 2021 as well as functional features. It is a very simple and minimalistic application that works efficiently and quickly.

What That Shopping List provides:

  1. Choose from more than 800 products- these are available in many languages.
  2. Choose from 17 categories - these are divided into a range of colors and icons.
  3. Create your own categories - this means you can create other types of lists such as to-do lists.
  4. Adjust the layout of the application - optimize the interface for how you want to use it.
  5. Add items using voice input - categories and amounts are recognized when you do this.
  6. Create multiple lists - make different lists for different stores or occasions
  7. Share your shopping list - you can share your list with other people without the need for logging in or registering.
Best Shopping List Apps for Android That Shopping List

My Shopping List - To do & Grocery List

This app is actually 2 apps in one, developed on Kotlin that in top programming languages in 2021. It includes a to-do list function as well as a shopping list one. Visually, it's attractive and rich with icons and colors, making it as eye-catching as it is functional.

What My Shopping List - To do & Grocery List provides:

  • Choose from a large number of categories - items are grouped together, meaning all similar items are in one place, just like at the grocery store.
  • Share shopping lists with family, co-workers, and friends - send a list quickly and let them know what to buy.
  • Switch between shopping list, pantry list, and todo list - manage several lists for different things, from grocery shopping to home duties.
  • Remember what you have to do with an easy reminder notification - when you need a prompt for when you're extra busy.
  • Add product details including discounts, coupon codes, and amounts - never buy the wrong item, or forget about an offer or coupon again.
Best Shopping List Apps for Android To do & Grocery List

Our Groceries Shopping List

Our Groceries Shopping List might not have as many functions compared to other shopping list apps. But, its simplicity is an advantage for users who want something easy to use and functional.

What Our Groceries Shopping List provides:
  1. Share not only your lists but also recipes - send recipes and shopping lists to anyone you want.
  2. Add items using Amazon Alexa - make adding products faster and more enjoyable with your home assistant.
  3. Use an alternative web version - make and edit lists on your PC as well as on your mobile device.
  4. Add items by scanning barcodes (premium) - add items even quicker with your device's camera.
  5. Add photos to items (premium) - ensure that you or friends and family members buy the right product.
Best Shopping List Apps for Android Our Groceries

Grocery List - Shopping List

Grocery List - Shopping List may only have the most basic functions, but the ones it has are the ones that are most necessary. It's a nicely designed application that's easy to use, with colorful and pleasant icons.

What Grocery List - Shopping List provides:

  1. Add products from a range of essential categories - colorful icons make it easier to search for products.
  2. Add prices to each product - control your shopping budget better by seeing the cost of your groceries.
  3. Calculate the total price of your grocery list - you won't need a calculator to figure out your shopping list's cost as this is done automatically.
Best Shopping List Apps for Android Our Groceries

OI Shopping List

OI Shopping List is a very easy to use application. It does not contain as many functions as other applications, but this gives it an incredibly clean, clear, and easy to use interface.

What OI Shopping List provides:

  • Add, edit, and remove products - easily make your list exactly how you want it.
  • Customize font size and sort order - change how the app looks to make it easier for you to use.
  • Add prices, amounts, and notes to each product - make sure you buy the right product and the right amount every time.
  • Add your own custom products - your items are not restricted to a defined catalog of products.
  • Share your shopping lists with family and friends - make it even easier to share you grocery duties with someone else.
Best Shopping List Apps for Android Our Groceries

My Shopping List

My Shopping List is the most simple shopping list application that there is: it's like virtual pen and paper. This app is good for people who don't want to be distracted by a large number of functions.

What My Shopping List provides

  1. Create multiple lists at the same time - have different lists for different stores, or make a list for a specific special event.
  2. Add your own custom products - the lists you make are limited only by your imagination, not your app.
  3. Add items using voice recognition - faster and easier product adding.
  4. Share your shopping lists with others - get family and friends to help you with the shopping.
Best Shopping List Apps for Android

7 Best Shopping List Apps for Android 2019 key takeaways:
  1. Listonic
  2. That Shopping List
  3. My Shopping List - To do & Grocery List
  4. Our Groceries Shopping List
  5. Grocery List - Shopping List
  6. OI Shopping List
  7. My Shopping List

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