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The Best Ways To Advertise Your Business Website On A Low Budget

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Featured image for The Best Ways To Advertise Your Business Website On A Low Budget

Every business nowadays has its own website and business owners know that it is important to make sure that this website performs well. However, not everyone has a budget big enough to sustain a big business website. Here are the best ways to advertise your business website on a low budget.

#1 Use Reddit Strategically

Reddit – which calls itself “the front page of the Internet” – is perhaps one of the best social media platforms to market yourself and your business. This is because it has an absolutely enormous community of active users who publish and consume content.

If you use Reddit strategically, you will be able to reach your audience (and even various segments of your audience). Find the subreddits that meet your specific topics and publish the best pieces of your content there.

#2 Design Instructional Infographics

Infographics are probably one of the most in-demand types of content at the moment. They are easy to understand and carry a lot of information while delivering it in a contained and simple way which makes them perfect for explaining complicated concepts.

Designing instructional infographics is not difficult either. Of course, you could use a standard program like Adobe Illustrator, or you could try to find some templates which could then be used in a simpler program like Canva.

Advertise Your Business Website On A Low Budget

#3 Create Video Guides

Video is huge! YouTube is one of the biggest platforms on the Internet and one of the types of content that usually goes viral is video. Consequently, creating videos – and video guides in particular – could help your advertising campaign tremendously.

The reason why video guides are so popular with viewers is that they are usually very helpful to your audience that is looking for a tutorial about how to do or use something. If you could stretch your budget a little, you should definitely consider creating video guides.

#4 Rework Old Content

Reworking or “recycling” old content is becoming more and more popular with content marketers. This is because reworking old content doesn’t need as much investment as creating absolutely new content for your website.

At the same time, old content can be enriched with new information that makes it even more valuable than it already is. More often than not, you will want to rework old content that can be labeled as “evergreen”, because that means the topic will be relevant even now.

#5 Hire Good Writers

To create content that will be appealing to your audience, you need to have good content creators. As a result, hiring good writers is the number one priority for many business owners. The only problem is that not all affordable writers can produce good content.

What you should do is use a review website like Online Writers Rating to compare writers from all over the Internet and find the ones that won’t butcher your budget while also giving you the quality of content that you are looking for.

#6 Host Contests

Contests are not giveaways, though the latter ones can be quite useful for you too. The difference is that giveaways tend to only attract those who want something for free while contests could potentially attract high-profile creators with their own audiences.

Their audiences, in turn, will also be somewhat exposed to your contest which will give you additional exposure and will improve your brand awareness. Contests are also usually more engaging than giveaways because they require more involvement from your audience.

#7 Collaborate with Others

Collaborations and partnerships have a similar effect to contests that attract high-profile creators in the sense that you get exposed to pre-formed audiences and communities of like-minded people who – if you get them right – might be a part of your own target audience.

When you team up with another business similar to yours, you will be promoting each other for some time. That business’s audience will now know more about you and might even consider switching to your business altogether if you appeal more to them.

#8 Attend Industry Events

p>Attending industry events might not be the best way to find customers, but it is great for finding potential partners and networking. After all, if you have the right connections, more doors will be open to you in the long run.

Try to attend both local and international events connected to your niche. If possible, ask the hosts if you could have a presentation or even just a seminar about an industry topic. If you show yourself as an expert, you will also start being respected in your circle.

#9 Use Email Marketing

Email marketing is still wildly underrated even though it is one of the most effective types of digital marketing to this day. Once you have a big enough mail list, you will realize that email marketing alone is giving you a steady flow of sales.

Of course, you need to understand that growing your mail list will take time and it’s better not to buy mail lists from someone else because you can’t always be sure that the people on the list are truly the audience you are looking for.

#10 Apply for Business Awards

Applying for business awards often sounds like an afterthought for many business owners, but it can actually help you in many ways. Well, of course along with the nice feeling of knowing that you won an award.

Getting an award will improve your reputation and make you more respected both by industry professionals and by your customers. When you place a badge on your website saying that you won an award, it might also make you look more reliable to your audience.

Final Thoughts

To sum up, advertising your business website even if you are on a low budget is quite possible, so you shouldn’t worry about your online marketing campaign being unsuccessful simply because you can’t afford enough funding.

The Best Ways To Advertise Your Business Website On A Low Budget key takeaways:
  1. #1 Use Reddit Strategically
  2. #2 Design Instructional Infographics
  3. #3 Create Video Guides
  4. #4 Rework Old Content
  5. #5 Hire Good Writers
  6. #6 Host Contests
  7. #7 Collaborate with Others
  8. #8 Attend Industry Events
  9. #9 Use Email Marketing
  10. #10 Apply for Business Awards
  11. Final Thoughts

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