Featured image for 5 Must-Have Real Estate Technology Tools That Every Top Agent Needs

5 Must-Have Real Estate Technology Tools That Every Top Agent Needs

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Featured image for 5 Must-Have Real Estate Technology Tools That Every Top Agent Needs

In the world of tech-everything, homes are no longer sold to buyers who drive by an open house. Tech tools are a must for real estate agents. With everything from mobile apps to sites that aggregate listings to platforms to create virtual open houses, it can be hard to know which tech is essential to sell and buy a home. To help narrow it down, these are five of the must-have tools that real estate agents are using to get results to buy and sell homes in St. Petersburg, Florida

Next-level Website

While it’s nothing new, a standalone website is one of the most essential tools that any agent needs to successfully market homes. A website will be more than a place to show pictures of homes for sale and descriptions of top amenities. It can also include virtual walkthroughs, a platform to schedule a tour, and even a live chat option. Adding content with high-quality text and photos will serve as an online marketing platform to attract potential buyers.

3-D Touring

At the height of the COVID-19 pandemic, real estate agents turned to virtual tours to give potential buyers a way to view homes from a distance. Agents who have 3-D touring tools can even create virtual open houses that potential buyers can watch on demand. Platforms like Matterport or Zillow 3D Home Tours can be used to create virtual tours for listings without having to invest in expensive technology.

Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

As a real estate business grows, the number of potential clients and contacts will also increase. Having a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system is an essential tool to keep track of contacts and communicate with them. A CRM can make it easier to reach out to potential buyers and sellers, track those communications, and measure success. With a CRM, agents can save time by sending out automated messaging when a new listing comes up as well as newsletters to share updates.

Digital Document Signing

Saving time is essential when closing a real estate transaction, and the process can be sped up by making document signing as smooth as possible. The ability to sign documents digitally is a must for today’s real estate agents, to take care of the task without scheduling a meeting, or traveling anywhere. Dropbox Sign and are two e-signing platforms to consider.

Digital Document Storage

With all of the documents that accumulate during a real estate transaction, keeping everything organized is a must. Aside from digital document signing, having a digital document storage tool can also keep everything streamlined. Making it simple with a platform such as Google Drive can give clients access to files, using a system that they are likely already familiar with. Offering digital document storage is a no-hassle way to share files and request missing documents such as warranties, or home inspection records.

Real estate transactions take time and by using digital tools the process from viewing a house to closing a deal can be streamlined.

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