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New Graphic Design Trends 2018 Predictions

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Featured image for New Graphic Design Trends 2018 Predictions

Graphic design is the most creative area of digital design. Designers are able to fully serve up themselves: all qualities, skills, and, of course, creativity. Having a sense of taste in graphic design is especially important. This article will help you better understand graphic design trends and what you need to be ready in 2018 (spoiler - promises to be very exciting). So, get ready for the latest graphic design trends and predictions.

1. Bright Colors

Like the web design trends in 2022, bright colors will greatly affect the graphic design. Base, foundation, and a cornerstone of all graphics and illustrations because it should attract users attention.

New Graphic Design Trends 2018

2. Details and Complexity

Trends in 2017 and 2016 were minimalism and black colors. Through black color and its shades, designers got in extremely formal look. The accent and emphasis will be shifted from simplicity and minimalism to details in 2018. Fascinating, stunning and exciting graphic images and illustration keep our attention for a long time. They are retained in our memory.

3. Complementary Reality (CR)

Graphics, depicting the true things state and philosophy always are in trend. What is the complementary reality? The exposition constituting with two objects, where one is depicted in the style of skeuomorphism, and the other's digital metaphor. Easiest way to show it through graphics - visual images are used as a non-verbal language.

The most effective interaction with a person through visual communication channels. According to ThomasReuters data, more than 80% of people give this preference. Graphic design, illustrations, and visual content always help us.

New Graphic Design Trends 2018

4. Sketches & Hand-Drawn Illustration

Exactly that one graphic design trend that continues developing and flowing from 2017 to 2018 year. Author's and one-in-a-kind graphics and illustrations, indeed, attract the audience attention. Sketches and hand-drawing illustration are the most common option to represent almost any product or service. Whether it's the cover of a movie, a book or an item. Best combined with a photo or a formal image.

Illustrations drawn by hand will become trends in graphic designs 2020. Doesn't matter whether a 3D or flat style.

New Graphic Design Trends 2018

5. Styles Crossing

A quite unexpected point, isn't it? A key thing of the graphic design in 2018 is creativeness and uniqueness. Do you remember how each graphic design trend developed rapidly? Usually, it is first picked up by the huge international company, focused on the mass market with their product. Like Etsy, Nike or Adidas, and then their actions are repeated by designers around the world. So why don't we do something unique ourselves, and create a real creative?

Styles crossing and merging are few options to get this. Bright colors with gradients and sketch. Or hand-drawn illustrations and photo-content. Combine different options, and create! It’s the latest graphic and branding trends in 2018.

New Graphic Design Trends 2018

Everlasting Graphic Design Trends

1. Typography
Weren't you wondered why there is no typical typography in the list of graphic trends 2018? Excellent typography with keen fonts was and will always be relevant and trendy. Complex fonts executed in different styles. However, in general, typography isn't graphic design trend but only a style of presentation. Using latest development trends you can get a maximum from your project to impress users.

2. Duotone

Most often done using complementary colors and double exposure. It takes a separate step in our list. Probably, a duotone is the only tool in the arsenal, whether it's a graphic designer or interface designer, which creates an off-time effect. By overlap images and use color channels to change the tone. When

3. Gradients and Transitions

Smooth color transitions in images, gradients in graphic design, like their congeners in web design, are one of the timeless trends. For the first time, the world shook it in 2014, when only a few companies began to implement them. Since then, transitions and gradients have taken their place in the arena of graphic design trends.

According to US of Labor, a graphic designer without experience in America can ask for at least $23 per hour. Developing his skills, the salary will also grow. Digital agencies in Eastern Europe and Merehead charge $30 per hour, for professionals with over 5 years of experience in the design industry. You can use this advantage in your white label cryptocurrency exchange.

4. Symmetry and Asymmetry

Both symmetry and asymmetry have their pros and cons. Rules apply to graphic design, website design, and even mobile application designs.
Symmetry advantages:
- Perfectionism
- Aesthetic satisfaction

- Ordinariness

At the same time, asymmetry plays an almost opposite role in graphic design trends. With only one small difference - it also brings aesthetic satisfaction but isn't at all suitable for perfectionists. Asymmetry is an extravagance in design. Which of these two options would you prefer?

5. Geometric Shapes

Typical graphic design trend, don't you think so? Presenting images with geometric shapes is best suited for a narrow direction. Be careful using this style of graphic design in 2018 because you may change your artwork fundamentally!

Software for Graphic Design in 2018

The situation on the market is rather ambiguous. Almost all large companies offer great and multifunctional software. Sketch for web and UI design, Corel Draw, Adobe Photoshop & Adobe Illustrator.

There is also a free, open-source software for Linux - GIMP, but we won't talk about it in view of the limited functionality. Despite the fact that Photoshop was developed for editing and working with photos, many designers prefer it till now. However, the primacy will get only Adobe Illustrator in graphic design. And that's why:

1. A rich set of tools. You can easily work with both 2D and 3D shapes.
2. Vector image format. In printing, you will always be required to have vector source files. Only so you can be sure that the layout will be 100% consistent with the printed sample.
3. A wide range of plug-ins and add-ons.
All this puts Illustrator in position #1. This is the best latest tool and software for working with graphics and illustrations at the moment. With its help, you can create almost everything that you imagine.

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