Featured image for 10 Cyber Security Trends in the Hacker Universe

10 Cyber Security Trends in the Hacker Universe

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Featured image for 10 Cyber Security Trends in the Hacker Universe

Today, every industrial domain stands at the frontier of a digital revolution. From government organizations to private enterprises, everyone is relying on the tech expertise of computerized systems to safeguard their data. 

To counteract ransomware, hacks, and data breaches, here are the top 10 cybersecurity trends that should be at the rim of your bucket! 

Latest Cyber Security Trends You Should Know About

Enhanced Awareness

If you want to prevent the incursion of cyber attacks, then you must promote cybersecurity awareness in your organization. 

A recent detailed report by Infosec suggested that nearly 97% of people across the globe are unable to identify a phishing email

Statistics such as this have prompted companies to create data-sharing policies and implement sophisticated IT protocols. After all, over 80% of global data breaches can simply be prevented by thoroughly practicing cyber hygiene. 

Cloud Security

Cloud computing is currently offering more secure solutions for data storage and sharing across business enterprises. That said, most cloud services currently do not offer authentication, secure encryption, and audit logging. 

Therefore, there's a growing demand to tighten the leash on cloud security. To overcome this roadblock, enterprises are now switching to predictive security cloud as an option.

Higher Education Sector

The higher education sector is also on the radar of hackers currently. Cyberattacks are targeted at sensitive student information in the sector. 

A Verizon 2019 report states that espionage is the prime motivator behind 11% of cyber attacks on educational institutions in the US. 

Fortunately, a new security infrastructure is being constructed for educational institutions. This includes access to the cloud, endpoint protection, and identity information.

VPN for Security

Virtual Private Networks are an indispensable cybersecurity asset that continues to evolve with the degree of cyberattacks. The best VPN for PC makes use of encryption to protect your data from being hacked by intruders. 

It hides your IP address so that you can crawl through the internet more privately. With all these benefits in mind, you must invest in a solid VPN provider to enjoy a more secure browsing experience. 

Identity System Defense

A primary method adopted by hackers to achieve their malicious goals is misusing your credentials. To defend the identity systems in the long run, a collection of processes and tools will be required. The need of the hour is to find a consolidated solution for the detection of identity threats and responding to them accordingly. 

The Evolution of the Internet of Things

The ever-changing landscape of IoT creates a plethora of opportunities for cyber attacks to flourish. We are not talking about your computers and smartphones when we speak about IoT. 

We are talking about other tech devices that connect to the internet such as smart refrigerators, voice assistants, fitness trackers, and smartwatches. 

With over 64 billion smart devices to be connected to IoT by 2026, the surface of cyber attacks is increasing at an alarming rate too.  

The Growing Ransomware Threat

Ransomware  is an old threat in the cyber crime industry. However, data suggests that over 120 families of hackers and Ransomware have become exceptional at hiding their malicious code. It is an easy way for cyber attackers to conduct financial frauds. The rise of digitisation, especially during the pandemic has expanded the volume of such attacks even further.

Smarter Social Engineering Attacks

You must’ve heard about various types of social engineering attacks such as phishing. They are not new in the market however they’ve now found better targets. Due to the trend of work from home individuals now connect to their business networks from their home. This makes such individuals an easy target for hackers. 

Addition of the Data Privacy Discipline

Data privacy is now considered its own discipline. There have been several high-profile cyber attacks which led to the unfolding of several million personally identifiable information records. Due to such mass attacks, laws on data privacy across the globe have been strengthened. A prime example of this is the EUs GDPR. 

An Era of Artificial Intelligence

Humans alone can’t handle the brutality of cyber attacks. Therefore, a large number of organizations are relying on AI and machine learning to build their IT infrastructure. AI is of paramount importance in face detection, natural language processing, and creating automated security systems. 


In the era of ever-evolving digitisation, cyber attackers are constantly looking for new elements to target individuals and organizations easily. 

That said, adding additional layers of security to your organization’s IT infrastructure and staying on top of the latest trends can help you win this war against cyber criminals! 

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