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7 Best CRM Software This 2020

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Customers are the most vital aspect of a business. Without them, it won't survive. Therefore, their opinions, reviews, and ratings, whatever you may wish to call them, all matters for a business to thrive.

But it's not easy to gather all your customers' thoughts in one place because often they are seen all over the internet. Some people post on social media while others write comments on review sites. However, as much as possible, if you run a business, getting this all together matter.

There are tools created to manage all about your customers. These tools are designed to improve customer relationships and the growth of businesses.

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software collects data from different platforms or channels on the internet. All these data can be used by a business to improve its relationship with its customers.

Besides improving the relationship between a business and a customer, here are the different reasons why you should be using CRM.

  1. It allows the storage of customers' data, whether in the past or present.
  2. It automates some work processes.
  3. Increases productivity
  4. Increases revenue
  5. Cost-effective
  6. Helps in building a business reputation
CRM tools have excellent benefits for businesses. If you haven't had one yet, it's time to check out one of these tools you can use to run your business's customer service.

7 Best CRM Software This 2020


HubSpot is known for having one of the best inbound marketing platforms, and part of its feature is CRM.

HubSpot CRM is a free tool you can use for your small business. However, it's also an excellent tool if you want to expand your brand. It's scalable enough for businesses that are planning to increase their sales and grow.

Also, HubSpot is easy to navigate as it has a timeline and dashboard that allows you to stay updated and check on every all sales and leads.

  1. Other features of HubSpot CRM:
  2. Tracks performance and quota
  3. Integrates emails like Gmail and Outlook
  4. Scheduling
  5. Personalization of content
  6. Works well with Office 365 and G-Suite


When it comes to CRM tools, Zoho is one of the best. First, it doesn't need to take up much space as the software runs on the cloud. It also allows the integration of multiple channels like social media, email, calls, and chat to collect data from customers.

Its SalesSignals feature collects data from customers in real-time, which means you get to see if a customer opens an email, click on a link, mentions your brand on social media, and visits your website.

Zoho also has their own AI bot that collects the data and analyzes it. It can predict if your deals would have the chance of converting to sales, or if you need to find another approach to it.

They offer a free 15-day trial. Their paid plans begin at $10 per month.


Salesforce is one of the most popular CRM tools used by businesses. It allows different departments to collaborate in one place, from sales to the analytics department.

Features of Salesforce:

  1. Automation and personalization of content
  2. Integration to thousands of apps and tools
  3. Allows to manage files and data on mobile devices
  4. It allows collaboration with other team members
  5. Built-in AI bot, Einstein, helps in automating the process like syncing all data from your email and calendar
Salesforce has a 14-day trial period. Their paid plan begins at $25 a month, but it's billed annually.


Insightly is the perfect tool for small businesses. It's easy in the pocket and has features that can help you grow your brand.

It strengthens the relationship with previous customers, and at the same time, brings more customers into the business.

Other features you might enjoy with Insightly:

  1. Collects data from different channels like phone calls, emails, and more
  2. It allows the integration of apps like DropBox, Gmail, and MailChimp
  3. Tracking the performance of the sales team
  4. Mass emailing/ scheduling
  5. Can be managed in mobile devices
  6. Scalable
It's one of the most affordable CRM tools for small businesses. It begins at $29 per user/ month but billed annually.


It takes time to learn most CRM tools because of its complexity. But, Streak is the easiest of them all. It's easy to use, and it doesn't require a lot of steps to set it up.

In fact, Streak works well by integrating it with your Gmail account. It converts Gmail accounts into a CRM software.

  1. Track the work of the entire team and share them with others
  2. View details of pipeline directly from an email
  3. Reminds tasks and follow-ups
  4. It can be managed in any device
  5. Customizable
Streak has a free plan with the basic CRM feature. Its paid plans start at $49 per user/month but billed annually.


It’s an all-in-one marketing tool that manages your sales, marketing, and services. Its features make it one of the strongest CRM platforms for businesses.

It's cloud-based therefore; you can easily manage it wherever you go.

  1. It tracks deals and the sales process
  2. Scheduling of emails and calls
  3. Allows collaboration
  4. Calendar sharing
  5. Personalizes emails
  6. Tracks emails and analyzes the data
  7. Collects data from phone calls, emails, and live chat
  8. Voicemail automation
Agile offers a free plan that allows up to ten users. If you have more than ten members on your sales and marketing team, other plans can cover your needs. Their paid plan starts at $14.99 per month, but if billed annually, you'll get it for $9.99 per month.


Freshsales is an AI-based software that helps in increasing your business's productivity. It converts leads to sales, allows the integration of apps or software such as MailChimp, Zapier, and more, and it sends out personalized emails and voicemails.

Other features of Freshsales:

  1. Automated lead scoring
  2. Get in touch with leads easily with the built-in phone and email feature
  3. Search the best leads
  4. Track the leads that open emails and click on links
  5. Track deals
  6. Set up meeting
It has a 21-day free trial. Their premium plan starts at $19 per user/ month. But if availed annually, it cost $12 per user/ month.


With these CRM tools, you'll be able to manage your customers, gain more leads, and turn them into paying customers. It's an excellent tool to help businesses increase their productivity and sales.

You can choose from the tools mentioned above, or there are other more in the market. All you have to do is weigh in the pros and cons of each CRM software to determine which one will best fit your business.



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7 Best CRM Software This 2020 key takeaways:
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