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8 Top Web Development Trends in 2018

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Featured image for 8 Top Web Development Trends in 2018

Web technologies are developing at high-speed. What was popular yesterday doesn't mean to be the same tomorrow, you should keep this in your mind. Web development industry is notable for its instability. Some technologies come to change others and vice versa. We'll dive deep into web development trends 2018 in this article and you'll find out yourself.


JavaScript is the most well-known web development trend in 2017 and it still continues to develop. JavaScript frameworks and libraries are more flexible and powerful. The war between Angular and React is hot. Both frameworks have its cons and pros. There are many Angular fans but React's army is almost the same. Angular slightly prevails in the popularity of React, and the situation may absolutely change in programming languages according to Google Trends. Even Solidity was built based upon Javascript. It's popularity raising rapidly.

Design and development closer than ever. JS combines both arts itself.

Abraham Betgelz

Web Development Trends in 2018

JavaScript is the most popular programming language in 2017 according to the Stack Overflow report. Actually, not even in this year but for the last 5 years JavaScript is the total winner of this championship. The survey involved by 64,000 developers.

Web Development Trends in 2018

SPA (Single Page Application)

SPA based on JavaScript continues to gain popularity in web development trends. Not surprising as SPA works perfectly across all user devices shows high-performance and decrease web development time, and fresh view on design. The popularity of SPA is visible for developers but too early to talk about total use. Basically, the development is based on React and Angular frameworks. Another benefit its using SPA you can easily deploy cost-effective hybrid apps.

Time and quality are keys in development and SPA solves them easily.

Ian Melnik

PWA (Progressive Web Apps)

Progressive Web Apps were announced by Google in 2015. Some top`s companies and brands rebuilt their websites relying on PWA in 2016. As indicated in the reports for past years, mobile apps are losing their appeal due to oversaturated market and the PWA is an excellent alternative.

Web Development Trends in 2018

Although in Merehead practice we don't see a huge popularity of PWA among customers. 2018 will show whether this application format will live or irretrievable died.

Web Development Trends in 2018


E-commerce web development is an independent industry built by its own rules and laws. And it is the most conservative process of website development. However, the strongest players will dominate in this area at least until another giant like Google or Etsy might represent their own products. Developers prefer Magento for huge and complex projects and Shopify for small ones. You can see our latest article, where we analyzed the best e-commerce platforms of 2018. Sites will collect detailed information about users and their preferences. The content will adapt for each person based on the history of the behavior. Online stores will better know their visitors and offer only relevant products. It's the same as going to the store, where sellers know your name and what you want to buy.

Bots (Artificial intelligence)

You'd probably noticed how chatbots based on artificial intelligence gained incredible popularity in 2017, and we expect an increase in 2020. Remember the story how Facebook bots invented own language while communicating with each other. Such an amazing story shows that we are on the verge of new transformations. Chatbots created on the basis of artificial intelligence and neural networks will continue to evolve helping to increase communication online. I wonder what it will lead to, but this is unconditional web development trends 2018.


I believe many have heard about Blockchain and its influence in the web industry on the whole. I'm going to explain fairly simply briefly for those who out of the loop.

Blockchain is a method of collective data storage. All information is placed on thousands of computers around the world and not in one place. There are no intermediaries between transactions it's the main advantage. Every transaction is verified relying on the complex algorithm, in what hundreds of computers around the world take part. Blockchain has a high level of protection. Thus many multinational banks are considering the possibility of implementing Blockchain in their work. Its common usage in security, trading and exchange operations, cryptocurrency and other cryptography to protect data.

You can trust no one but Blockchain.

Abraham Betgelz

Web Development Trends in 2018

Internet of Thing

IoT solutions gradually enter into the life of each person. We are on the verge of a global introduction of smart devices. Moreover, if several years ago the devices were used entertainment, now IoT is beginning to introduce large international companies in different sectors of the economy. Smart devices allow you to use resources more efficiently. IoT opens unlimited opportunities for business and allows you to increase efficiency with high accuracy. According to Statista, the number of devices in 2025 will increase by 3.5 times.

Web Development Trends in 2018

Motion UI

The most attractive staff in the website is smooth animation. It's definitely one of web design trends of 2021. Doesn't matter GIF animation or Motion UI, both work fine for users. Motion UI is the most rapid gaining popularity library in 2017 because it allows developers to animate content as easy a possible without having strong knowledge in JavaScript or jQuery library. Development is relying on SASS preprocessor. This last interactiveness item closes the list of web development trends in 2018.

See the Pen Simple Scale-In Transition with Zurb's Motion UI by Anna Monus (@amonus) on CodePen.

Merehead does professional development of web development trends 2018. If you have questions, contact us for a free consultation.

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