Featured image for SaaS Implementation: The Challenges and Pitfalls You Must Be Aware Of

SaaS Implementation: The Challenges and Pitfalls You Must Be Aware Of

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Featured image for SaaS Implementation: The Challenges and Pitfalls You Must Be Aware Of

As technology and business exercises are advancing, there is a consistent need in organizations to refresh the IT frameworks. Their in-house applications and programming have neglected to keep pace with the progressions in the business. Subsequently, developing, operational and upkeep cost is assuming control over their spending which can be put to other helpful exercises. Consequently, associations are looking for an insightful and savvy approach to limit their interest in foundation and IT. This is the place SaaS (Software as a Service) comes into the image. The future of SaaS technology is believed to be promising, but complex.

SaaS, otherwise called Software as a Service, is a part of cloud computing to convey applications to the end-client by means of the web. It is a distribution model where an outsider provider hosts and manages programming in a server farm which is then paid for and utilized by the customers on a subscription basis. Businesses would now be able to benefit from the pay-as-you proceed model and gain access to the applications whenever at anyplace. For its plethora of selective features, for example, no client duty, fast arrangements, ideal positions for high-upkeep and complex programming, and so on., it has increased gigantic popularity in recent years.

However, each new technology accompanies its risks and SaaS is no special case to it. A few experts are not convinced of the advantages it furnishes and computes that it accompanies incredible difficulties than favorable circumstances. Here are a few pitfalls, they call attention to support their thoughts.

SaaS Implementation

6 SaaS Pitfalls to Take Care of When Transitioning to SaaS

The “I Agree” Button

Pitfall 1: Skipping the Agreement!

Most SaaS service providers ask the clients to sign an agreement. This is to affirm that the client adheres to the terms and conditions of the service provider. Generally, they do so to make the deployment process hassle-free and after deployment services a little easier.

Make sure when you are given the agreement document, “Read It.” If there is something that confuses you, or you do not find right, discuss it. Look if the changes can be done. Also, check if there are some after deployment services available and how they can help you through.

The Perfect Costing

Pitfall 2: Lack of Research on Costing!

Research well before you decide to hire a SaaS developer. Yes, market research is quite important. Some of the SaaS solution providers charge really high. Well, the charges depend on the features that you want to add to your solution. Discuss with your service provider the prices beforehand and have a clear draft that reflects the final settlements. Make sure you integrate all the requirements that could hold your business together.

Invest wisely. And for this, the research is significant. So, just stay connected with people from the industry and make sure you make the right investment.

The Security Concerns

Pitfall 3: Forget to Talk About Security!

The biggest issue is ensuring data security to the companies opting for this cloud-based model. When a client puts their trust in a third-party service provider, they also have to entrust them with their sensitive data and business processes. Moreover, if it is accessed from a mobile device, then the companies need to take additional provisions before sharing any significant information or data. Furthermore, in case the provider system gets hacked, there are possible chances that the hacker can extract the details of other accounts too.

The Performance Comparison

Pitfall 4: Not Verifying the Performance of Your SaaS

Some IT experts also opine that the performance of browser-based software lags when compared to the ones running on a desktop or over LAN. This is primarily because they are accessed through the internet which often faces speed issues. Therefore, either the companies need to be compatible with the SaaS model or invest smartly to acquire a reliable internet connection. Businesses can also use an application performance management tool to keep a check on how the apps are running.

The Ease of Integration

Pitfall 5: Tough Integration of SaaS!

When companies switch to SaaS applications and connect host apps with their on-premise software, there are good chances that they both don’t integrate well together. If SaaS solutions fail to handle in-house APIs and data structure, the company’s efforts to seek benefit from this technology may go in vain. Hence, it is important that the service provider and IT staff of the company work together toward and ensure smooth cloud integration. Let your SaaS solution provider help you through the task and integrate it well with your business.

The Data Rights

Pitfall 6: Missing the Data Rights Your Service Provider Would be Entitled With!

The SaaS solution that you would be provided with, would deal with the data related to your organization. Also, there would be a few sources accessible by the developer. Make sure that you have signed a pact with the developer to avoid any privacy infringement. Also, make it a point that all the confidential data is not accessed by the service provider. When you integrate SaaS solutions with your business, make sure you understand the complete data transfer process and other details.

A little negligence can ruin the game for you…

The Final Words

Despite various pitfalls and risks, SaaS continues to flourish and will certainly witness future expansion and popularity. One can’t deny the benefits and economical results that businesses can avail from this model. Owning a solution that looks after your business requirements makes you stand ahead of a lot of your competition. Also, it makes business strategies easier to execute. There may be a few pitfalls but one can always work on them. Discussed here are some very common pitfalls that would destroy your part of the game. Thus, to overcome these challenges, they are focusing on proper research, picking the right service provider, ensuring seamless integration and understanding business requirements. This will make SaaS implementation smooth and hassle-free which is what most companies look for while in any service.

Author’s Bio: Scarlett is a technical writer associated with A3logics. She has been researching and writing about various technologies and business models for over years and SaaS solution seems to be one of her favorites. One can find her either busy with her writing task or leafing through various books. In her leisure time, she is often found sitting in a cafe and reading Agatha Christie.

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