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Pros and Cons Associated With Cryptocurrencies

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Featured image for Pros and Cons Associated With Cryptocurrencies

Cryptocurrencies are the forms of digital currencies, which are responsible for operating independently as opposed to the normal currencies, which are known to work under the central bank. This type of digital money is responsible for making use of the encryption techniques for performing the operations on the regular currency. Important things like generating more units of currency and verifying the fund transfer are performed with the help of this unique encryption technique.

If you are wondering as to what all of these means, you need to know that since cryptocurrency is not under any government or Central Bank, it is definitely one of the newest ways of storing the personal wealth, and it cannot be restricted and confiscated. According to www.forbes.com, 68% of the exchange of cryptocurrencies is not completely KYC compliant.

Bitcoin is definitely one of the most popular cryptocurrencies, which is responsible for providing the solution to numerous problems in comparison to the regular currency. Apart from that, cryptocurrencies have certain security issues and securities of their own. There are numerous benefits of cryptocurrencies but you cannot deny the fact that all money form is known to come with a number of risks.

Given below is a list of the cons that you cannot miss considering when you are thinking of investing in cryptocurrencies or projects like creating own crypto exchange platform.

Pros and Cons Associated With Cryptocurrencies

Many people do not understand cryptocurrencies and hence they do not trust it

The digital currencies, which include Bitcoin, are not known widely by a lot of people, I'm not saying even about white-label exchange platforms Just because everyone does not have knowledge about it and few people understand as to how the cryptocurrencies work, they tend to be extremely mistrustful of the digital currencies.

Moreover, the total number of businesses that are responsible for accepting it as a major payment form is also few. This is one of the major limitations for the people who are interested in using Bitcoin for regular transactions. Companies cannot be blamed as well. However, adding cryptocurrencies as a payment form is going to be successful only when you have educated yourself about this concept.

They cannot be recovered in any manner if they are lost

Unlike the banks, which normally have the customers covered in situations of sensitive issues like a credit card has been stolen or hacking; cryptocurrencies cannot be retrieved when they are lost. Currently, there is no mechanism of recovering the lost cryptocurrencies. According to numerous people, the ideal way of storing cryptocurrencies is on drives, which have no internet connection at all.

The reason behind this is that they are normally encrypted for the purposes of security. The encryption is responsible for the identification of the currency but cannot identify the owner. Whoever owns the codes of this currency is the owner and the anonymity feature is also owned by him. The ownership is going to remain with him until and unless you are able to steal them from him.

The transactions made with cryptocurrencies are not traceable

This feature is what has made the digital currencies an ideal tool for all criminal transactions. Just like the drug dealers or the unscrupulous individuals make use of cash for avoiding detection, the transactions which are made with cryptocurrencies are not traceable. This is one of the main reasons as to why some of the governments have declared the transactions of cryptocurrencies illegal within their countries.

Cryptocurrencies face a lot of market fluctuations

When you are interested in investing in cryptocurrencies, you have to keep on your mind that it is true that it can be used for buying and selling but it is almost like oil, which is going to go through the changing prices within the market. When you are investing in cryptocurrencies, it is ideal to consider it as one of the long term investments and not allow the momentary fluctuations make you feel stressed that you have ended up making an unwanted investment.

However, despite all the disadvantages of cryptocurrencies, more and more people are investing in them because of the huge number of benefits that they have. Given below is a list of the pros that you should have knowledge about so that even you can invest in the cryptocurrencies freely.

Cryptocurrency is transparent

With the help of cryptocurrencies, the block-chain technology is what is responsible for recording as well as monitoring all the transactions. As a result of this technology, as soon as the transaction has been completed as well as recorded on the block-chain, it is not going to change in any manner.

The transactions are going to be available in case if someone wants to verify them. However, not a single person or organization has the capability of manipulating the details and that is the best security feature of digital currencies.

Cryptocurrency is portable

Unlike physical money, cryptocurrencies can easily be transported without anyone detecting them. You can carry a huge amount of cryptocurrencies in the memory drive; however, this is something that is not advisable at all.

You are responsible for controlling your money

Since the people who are using digital currency can control their transactions, it can be said that the money can be kept safe. A transaction has nothing to do with the identity of a particular person. This is also responsible for protecting the users of cryptocurrencies from the theft of identity. You don't have to end up taking loans from time to time. If you already have existing debts, you can go through the debt consolidation ratings of the different organizations.

It is impossible to trace transactions

It is not only a disadvantage but it is also one of the biggest benefits of cryptocurrencies. The advantage of the fact that cryptocurrencies cannot be traced is that organizations are not going to monitor your funds. You have the freedom of buying as well as selling without your funds getting traced by other people.

Unlikely inflation

All the traditional currencies are responsible for experiencing inflation because of the shift in prices and the fact that the government continues to print money constantly. Cryptocurrencies are not going to experience this because only a total number of minable coins are available.


Investing in cryptocurrencies is definitely a good option but you have to concentrate on both the positives as well as the negatives, which are associated with them. Consider the pros and cons that have been listed above so that you get a better idea about them.

Pros and Cons Associated With Cryptocurrencies key takeaways:
  1. Many people do not understand cryptocurrencies and hence they do not trust it
  2. They cannot be recovered in any manner if they are lost
  3. The transactions made with cryptocurrencies are not traceable
  4. Cryptocurrencies face a lot of market fluctuations
  5. Cryptocurrency is transparent
  6. Cryptocurrency is portable
  7. You are responsible for controlling your money
  8. It is impossible to trace transactions
  9. Unlikely inflation
  10. Conclusion

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