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Top Programming Languages 2018 to Learn

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Programming languages are developing quite quickly, new languages are replacing the old ones. We should always keep our ears open to remaining a good specialist. I think every programmer doesn't want to be an outsider. We have prepared an article where we analyze in detail the top programming languages that will be popular in 2018. By the way, in the last article, we wrote about the trends of web development.

The basis of our analysis is the statistics from the Stackoverflow resource. Every year they prepare a report on the most popular programming languages. The survey involved more than 50,000 developers from around the world. To track the dynamics, we collected data for 2017, 2016 and used data from Google Trends.

Top programming languages 2018 to learn

Let's look at each item and try to understand which programming languages are best learned in 2018.


This is one of the most popular programming languages. Javascript takes first place for several years in a row. It is clear from the dynamics that this trend will continue. This is the most cross-platform programming language that allows developing desktop, web and mobile applications ideas. Javascript has many convenient and flexible libraries. Among the most popular is React.js, Angular.js and Vue.js. The last library is just gaining popularity. Vue has good performance and is one of the easiest to learn. Nevertheless, it will be difficult for its to reach such a high level of popularity as other libraries. The market is already divided between React and Angular.

Top programming languages 2018 to learn

The React library was developed by Facebook. It is one of the most popular based on javascript. React allows developing mobile apps, websites and SPA (single page application). React is much easier to learn than Angular 2.

Angular is developed by Google and has recently suffered many transformations. At first, programmers used Angular 1, several years ago Angular 2 was released, which is more efficient, convenient and faster. Now Google is developing Angular 4. It should replace Angular 2 and become the leader among javascript libraries. We'll see. In general, Angular is complex for beginners and is well suited for developing web applications for large companies.

In addition to the above libraries, the very popular node.js. It allows developing a server part using Javascript. This is the best solution if you want to make a back-end by JS.

As you can see, Javascript is a universal programming language. Has good flexibility and performance. That's what makes it one of the most popular on our list. I think in the future this trend will keep its momentum.


This programming language is used to manage data in a relational database. SQL knowledge is a must for designing databases that are used by most business ideas. Want it or not, but you need to know the basics of SQL.


Java is very popular in the financial and banking industry. First of all due to its speed and safety level. Java developers are very much appreciated in the labor market because of the shortage. This programming language is quite difficult to learn and for beginners, it is not always easy. Among other things, Android apps are developed in Java. This is the main reason for such significant popularity of this language. According to statistics Google Trends, the dynamics go down.

Top programming languages 2018 to learn


One of the most advanced and convenient programming languages. It is the main development language for the Microsoft .NET platform. C# is very similar to Java, but still has a number of advantages. It's worth mentioning separately that C# is more difficult to learn than Java. This is not the best solution for beginners.


Until recently, PHP was more popular than Python, but now it's safe to say that Python is gaining the trust of young developers. It has a huge number of advantages. First of all, it is laconic and understandable. Thus, Python is a great start for beginners. Convenient code structure makes it easy to develop a project and further support them. For business, this means spending cuts. Python is one of the few server languages that shows the dynamics of growth.

Top programming languages 2018 to learn


The most used programming language for the server part. According to statistics, PHP uses about 240 million websites. PHP has good flexibility and performance. It can be used for small business websites, as well as for large projects with high load. There are many frameworks developed in PHP. They have good speed and a high level of security. Our company, Merehad, gives preference to this programming language and modern fresh graphic in 2020. In our work, we use the Laravel framework for developing large web applications. The main disadvantages are the lack of the ability to develop desktop applications and server components. Like most server programming languages, it loses its popularity.

Top programming languages 2018 to learn


One of the most complex programming languages. It will be difficult for a newcomer to understand and many try to avoid him. But C++ has a high performance. It allows you to create applications and programs for almost any purpose.


TypeScript is developed by Microsoft. In a short time, it gained popularity. TypeScript is a flexible and productive programming language that is based on Javascript. The founders of TypeScript have spent a lot of effort and continue to add new solutions to improve performance and convenience. Not surprisingly, Javascript is trying to implement them. If you are a beginner, you should pay attention to it, as it will continue to gain popularity in 2018.

Top programming languages 2018 to learn


This is a dynamically imperative object-oriented programming language. It is used in web development in conjunction with the Rails framework. Ruby is a language of a very high level. He has a simple and clean syntax. Ruby provides good scalability and easy maintenance. Language can begin to study beginners. This language, like php, is well suited for developing complex eCommerce platforms. The main drawback is poor documentation and slow growth in popularity.

Top programming languages 2018 to learn


The language was developed by Apple and was intended to replace Objective-c. Swift has improved code readability, more features compared to Objective-c and increased security. He is gaining popularity and now surpasses Objective-c. In my opinion, this programming language has good prospects. Swift beat Objective-C and became No.1 in iOS development. Many web developers learning it in hurry to catch up.

Top programming languages 2018 to learn


The language was developed in the early 90s. This is a symbiosis of C and Smalltalk. It had great success in its time but gradually began to lose popularity. Swift has replaced this language, but many developers do not rush to say goodbye to Objective-c.

Top Programming Languages 2018 to Learn key takeaways:
  1. C#
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