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Color in Graphic and Web Design: Psychology

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Featured image for Color in Graphic and Web Design: Psychology

Have you ever wondered why top B2B and B2C companies chosen those colors? The history of colors in web design is very long and directly related to our feelings, thoughts and even desires. Human psychology can explain the preference for this or that color. In this article, I will introduce you to the colors in the digital world, and particularly to colors in graphic and web design. Every color has its own meaning and takes a special place in graphic design of marketplace like Etsy.

From theoretical physics, we know that there is a color prism. There is only one color that contains all other 6 main colors. It is white. Of course, we did not forget about the black color in web design. Therefore, today's article will tell you about these basic colors: white, red, orange, yellow, green, blue, purple and black. First a little foreplay.

Color Psychology in Graphic and Web Design

Every color and its shade carries a certain meaning. Some visually increase space others reduce. The success or failure of the business directly depends on the right color and your color scheme. For example, if your target audience is children - you should not use black in your advertising campaign and positioning. You are doomed to failure.

White in Graphic and Web Design

You probably know people who see only "White or black." Where did this phrase come from? Theoretical physics says that the light beam is white and includes all other colors in itself, and it can be divided through a prism. Exactly this effect we see, looking at the rainbow.

White color carries a certain tenderness, simplicity, sincerity, and elegance. Highly likely Steve Jobs was guided by these words when choosing the color of first iPod. White color in web design is extremely popular now. However, this was not always so. When the Internet only was popularized, there were not so many developers, and there are quite a couple professional designers. What can we expect from such an outcome of events? Only more influx of brutal graphics designs that have long since sunk into oblivion; attractive websites must live in web design trends 2022.

Colors in Graphic and Web Design: White

Red in Graphic and Web Design

Red from immemorial time is considered the color of passion, the color of tango, and the color that improves digestion and produces that same hunger. Therefore, you most often meet it among the companies involved in the sale and production of food: McDonald's, Kit Kat and so on. Many restaurants and fast-food restaurants also use it.

Bright color shades are popular in graphic design trends 2019 especially red. They can rightfully be considered as those that attract attention. Probably the brightest but at the same time nice color.

Colors in Graphic and Web Design: Red

Orange in Graphic and Web Design

Orange is probably the most provocative color. Used by so many companies including software ones. Dating websites are popular among gays Grindr and even the manufacturer of soda drinks Fanta - whose target audience is teenagers. Orange color carries emotions of friendliness and activity.

Yellow in Graphic and Web Design

Almost never used as the main color in web design. More often included in the color scheme with other, darker colors as exemplified by Merehead. Yello color usage in graphic design is also quite a bold decision. After all, choose you a bit darker shade and you will get something similar to brown, which almost no one recommend use as a main one. Only if you are a manufacturer of leather products.

Colors in Graphic and Web Design: Yellow

Green in Graphic and Web Design

Quite popular among creative agencies and, of course, vegetarians. Green considered the color of eco products. By the way, for the same reason, McDonald's restaurant changed the main color of its logo from red to green. To carry a message to the masses - we produce healthy food.

In addition to McDonalds, eco farms, and producers of vegan food, green still used by pharmaceutical companies. If you were looking for a clinic or a doctor, you must have stumbled across one, or even a dozen times. Within last 3-4 years, green began to be used by software companies. Essentially only startups and SaaS applications.

Colors in Graphic and Web Design: Green

Blue in Graphic and Web Design

Calms and gives confidence. The most common in IT companies, and software giants. Not surprisingly, hardware manufacturers seldom use this color.
Facebook is in the first place in the international race, and VK is likely in the Russian-speaking audience and CIS countries.

What is so remarkable about this color? Its main virtue is a sense of calm. Only for this reason insurance companies and banks prefer it too. They want you to trust them, get it? Psychology is so strong.

Finally yet importantly are weather forecasts. Blue is the color of water, the sea. Tourism, mobile applications, and weather forecast websites have this color in their scheme. However, is it so good? From the association point of view - certainly yes. On the other hand, in the applications catalogs such as Google Play or iTunes downloaded that one what most attracts attention. In other words, if all weather apps have a blue color you have to use another one. Contrasting and challenging. Red, will be fine.

Colors in Graphic and Web Design: Blue

Purple in Graphic and Web Design

One of the most mysterious colors. Purple, violet and their shades most attract young blood. Probably here is why Smart Pig used it in their website redesign.

Colors in Graphic and Web Design: Purple

Black in Graphic and Web Design

Black is trendy and attractive color. Businesspersons and entrepreneurs prefer it. Why is that? This is the color of power, mysticism, respect and of course confidence. Men mostly prefer it while women prefer red.

If you are planning to do a website redesign, pay attention to your target audience. This is the first rule has to be followed. C-suite, managing directors are a clear sign that at least you should use black color in business cards, promo materials, and even a website. However, do not overdo it, more important to stick to balance.

Colors in Graphic and Web Design: Black

Merehead does professional development of colors web graphic design. If you have questions, contact us for a free consultation.

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