Neon Pooch

Graphics and logo design for Dog Collars Company. The essence is to emphasize uniqueness of the collars.


// Solution

Even traditional things can be overthought and re-invented. It happened with those collars. The company sells not usual but neon dog collars that allows seeing dog at night. And logo has to show off this zest. You probably know already about future of web development. Will the crypto platforms alive? But what'll happen with graphic design? It'll transform and be merged with UX to provide a high level of intuitive experience through images, pictures and graphics.

Minimalism and absence of excess were our approaches. Glow effect for two letters "O". They greatly emphasize the circular shape and make the logo recognizable. Does design of logo so important as modern design of website? This question deserves a long discussion, as logo its your branding and user remembers it.


Neon Pooch - Logo design - Design - Merehead Development
Neon Pooch - Logo design - Design - Merehead Development


Logo and graphic design is a fascinating field of activities for the whole design industry. In this work, we show off our strengths and approach to complex products. Using dog's silhouette, we are sending the message clearly to all users, and they can recognize the product easily.

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