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// Login system

Functions for logging in, sign up and restoring the password. Mostly work based on email notifications.

// User Accounts

Functions for managing user's profile. They allow users to set up their own account.

// Locations & Dates

Options for booking, selecting dates and time, geolocation etc. Allow users to interact more closely with the project.

// User Engagement

Additional opportunities for users which will increase participation in your project.

// Payment

Functions for payment module. Mostly used for e-commerce projects, SaaS platforms, marketplaces etc.

// APIs integration

Implementation of external APIs. For example, the use of the CRM systems of Salesforce, Hubspot etc.


Development of mockups for each page. Basically depends on the number of pages of the project.

Admin & other features

Opportunities for the main administrator. Allows managing the project and users.

Total Estimate

No items


*The estimated cost is not the final cost. It only shows the approximate cost of the project with similar functions

Website Cost Calculator

Today there are almost 2 billion websites. This amount is growing rapidly. Almost any business needs a website if the owner wants to have a good profit and a successful reputation.

One of the first questions that comes up when you need to create a website is how much does development cost? Given the 2 billion mentioned, it seems that estimating the cost is pretty simple. It turns out that showing exact numbers cannot be called without knowing the details.

Pricing software has always been difficult. Today, calculators simplify this business, but even with their help only approximate cost is indicated. Too many factors affect the final price.

You can ponder the needs of your website to the smallest detail. But without knowing the niceties of web development, you will never be able to think through minor nuances. The development team can ask dozens of clarifying questions during a cost estimate.

The Merehead team estimates average cost based on web development experience. These are far from accurate estimates. The final price will be announced immediately upon agreement on all development conditions.

Mandatory site components

Regardless of the idea, the size of the business, the target audience and other similar elements, each website has inherent elements - a domain name and hosting (or its own servers).

A domain is the address of your website (for example, What determines its cost?

• how it was invented;
• registration;

So, you can think of a domain name yourself, which will be free. Another option is to hire creative people. In this case, the cost depends on their services, as well as the requirements for uniqueness.

Another way is to buy a ready-made domain. If you buy an unoccupied name, the cost can be no more than one dollar, but some services charge an additional fee for each month of use. Buying busy domains depends on their popularity. The cost is negotiated with the owner of the domain name.

Hosting is the home of your site. It stores files, data and content. There are many options: shared hosting, VDS VPS, dedicated server. You can also build and run your own server.

Virtual and VDS VPS hosting, as a rule, cost up to $ 20 per month. The advantage is low cost and simplicity, but the owner is limited in configuration, load, etc. This option of providing a website is suitable only for small projects.

Server hosting is a more popular way today. In this case, the business owner gets powerful hardware, freedom to configure and complete control. But rental rates start at $ 100 a month.

Dedicated server will cost a penny at the start, because you need to purchase hardware and software, find a place for its location. The larger the project, the larger the server, and hence the greater the cost. However, this price can be accurately calculated by taking a calculator and evaluating each component.

After launch, you will only have to pay for electricity. In this case, it all depends on the size of the server. After all, it affects the amount of energy consumed. The downside in this case is the need for knowledge in the assembly and configuration of servers.

What factors affect the cost of development

Website development is a separate component, the cost of which varies from hundreds of parts. Each extensive item will add to the price. So, each way to enter the site (by mail, through a social network or using login) has its own cost. It is not possible to list all items.

But there are several factors that affect any site:

• design;
• type of site (blog, online store, forum, brand website);
• admin panel;
• CMS;
• SEO;
• user actions (comments, opportunities to share information, etc.);
• technology (programming languages, frameworks, libraries);
• integration;
• support.

Design is usually one of the most expensive elements. You can use the templates of different services (Wordpress, Joomla). In this case, you get a general view for $ 100-300. It should be understood that in this case, uniqueness cannot be achieved.

Designing from scratch depends on your needs. The average starting price is $ 1,000. But if your desires are too high (for example, full-motion design of the entire website), then the indicators can grow up to 10 thousand. It is also worth considering that today you will not get rid of adaptive web design. Realization of such an opportunity - about $ 500.

Proper website type identification greatly simplifies costing. For example, sites for business are informational and designed to promote the brand, as well as increase the loyalty of the target audience. The following elements are required for it:

• page about the company;
• services;
• contacts;
• blog (insights);
• reviews;
• team.

For e-commerce site:

• home page;
• cart;
• favorites;
• navigation bar;
• product pages;
• integration with payment services;
• push notifications;
• recently viewed products;
• reviews.

Landing requires significantly less cost. They are created with the aim of promoting a project, therefore they are often not oversaturated with content. As a rule, they implement basic product information (companies), communication methods and feedback from previous customers. Landing also requires fewer technologies.

Web development tools are another important element in assessing the value of a website. So, for full-fledged development, it is necessary to take into account the front-end and back-end services, ensuring security, setting up databases. Thus, you will need, for example, JavaScript, PHP and MongoDB developers or Full Stack developers.

React.js may come in handy for creating an interactive design. In this case, a separate specialist is needed. The more needs your future site has, the more technologies will be used. Accordingly, the development cost will also increase.

How to avoid overpayment

Estimate the size of your business and its needs. A common mistake is to order services that the site does not need at a certain moment. Discuss your desires with the development company. The Merehead team is always ready to orientate in the cost of services and the need to implement functionality on any website.

Calculate estimated costs. Even after a hundred years, the calculator will be a relevant tool, but it will be implemented as a robot or a neural network will be built for it. This way you can estimate how much money from the budget to launch the project you need to spend to develop a website.

Still have questions? Contact us and we will help you assess the cost of developing a website.

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