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Mircen is a huge price comparison website platform to compare prices across lots of goods. Over 200`000 items of appliances, phone and computer categories. Every store has the problem how to find new customers to sell more items. Mircen platform permits to solve this issue easily. Store promotes through Mircen and pays only for the unique click of the potential customer.

To upload items and products stores can use this platform. Every product has its own page with detailed description, feedbacks, and features. Moreover, users can see how the product looks like, reviews and of course, updated prices from stores. When users click on "buy" button, they automatically will be redirected to the store's web page.

There are extended dashboard and analytical systems for stores to track all clicks, users, bounce rate and repeated users. As you probably observed, stores pay only for unique clicks, however users clicks around 6.3x time more. So the store will get other potential clients.

We all know, that prices are updating too often. This feature is also included into Mircen platform. All prices could be updated 6 times per day!

Technical features
A friendly team is needed to launch this project and maintain it. Account manager adds goods in semi-automatic mode, upload photos, SKU, description and some additional info. Filter is represented on this e-commerce website and exclusive database structure was developed to allow users fast response. Customers can easily use advanced filter parameters and reach chosen product in several clicks. Across different categories, users could see different filters. For instance, filters of OS, RAM, display etc are in the cell phone category. And there are brightness, contrast, weight and other terms in TV category. The best ecommerce website development is exciting for consumers.

Besides, a client system to provide an immediate filter based on product colors has been implemented.

Platform core is a script which allows customers to upload as much price items as they need. There are no limits. System accepts data in most common formats such as *.XML, *.CSV, *.XLS, *.XLSX, *.TXT. The range of items is highly different. It can be 2`000 and up to 300`000. Mircen counting over 200 files and might update them 6 times per day. You can imagine how the server is heavily loaded. And meanwhile, the system has to work perfectly and quickly. The huge work was done on server side, especially on databases, queries, and code. Sometimes we discovered a hard challenge - many stores were broken and had invalid structure on their files. It was a disaster, a failure, and a collapse at ones! We can't edit code, and files on client's side. But Merehead's team had to find other ways to do everything and upload correctly every file.

So, we provided a solution with a separate system that detects and handles every file and provide a valid version with the same items. It was a powerful tool, and a great experience.

Mircen gives interesting opportunity for users as well. Apart from well-known filter we developed and successfully implemented tools to compare different products across all categories. It's so useful to understand why I have to choose Apple iPhone 6 but not Samsung Galaxy S7.

We didn't stop on it and added the unique features to notify users about price reductions. It's like Google Alerts but in e-commerce and price comparison area. We even can't imagine how users react to it. Have you ever thought how to test a new idea BEFORE launching, and even before starting development or design works? Find out it in our article. Everyone wants to buy the same product but with lower price. And that's all relying on Big Data and efficient handling.

It's a complex and separate direction of the development. Since the project has a huge products catalog it requires to get users from search engines. There are highly optimized pages:
1. Homepage
2. Category page (cell phones, TVs, tablets etc.)
3. Filters page (Apple phones, Android phones, Windows tablets etc.)
4. Products page (Samsung Galaxy S8, Apple iPhone 7 etc.)

The unique content, titles, meta-tags were reviewed and re-written. Additional attention was paid to h1-h6, b, i tags. Correct linking between pages is the recipe for success. After the development of this project, we tried to use a new technics to increase sales through behaviors factors. Thanks to psychologists, marketing experts and CEO we achieved an impressive new result.


Mircen - E-commerce project - Web-development - Merehead Development
Mircen - E-commerce project - Web-development - Merehead Development
Mircen - E-commerce project - Web-development - Merehead Development
Mircen - E-commerce project - Web-development - Merehead Development
Mircen - E-commerce project - Web-development - Merehead Development
Mircen - E-commerce project - Web-development - Merehead Development


The complex project requires a lot of analysis and strong background. Google Analytics is not enough to track all activity on this website. However, we discovered other powerful tool which provides recording of every user session and then playing it back. Click heat map is a simple comparing on it, also find out more about e-commerce trends 2018. Control of incoming traffic has to be in every project, therefore we suggest our clients to use at least one of this record session services inspectlet.com or mouseflow.com.

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