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Storeleaks - is a service where users can find the appropriate goods in the vicinity. The project provides an opportunity to place their shopping items with reference to the location. Storeleask is a typical marketplace website.

One of the goals of the project was the need to do an product which can be used by the maximum number of users. To accomplish the task, it was decided to make a desktop version with responsive design and mobile apps for iOS and Android. In our pipeline was a separate task to increase conversion rates of sign up page.With my proud I can say we have surpassed the result.

Projects in the eCommerce as Amazon segment should have easy navigation and clean design. In this case, the conversion will have the maximum performance. We have decided to use the registration via email as well as Facebook and Twitter accounts.

During the development process we paid attention to features: SEO optimization, sending mail through special services (we prevent emails in spam folder), organizing the correct structure of the database to ensure speed operation, the implementation of functions for detect user's location, the use a back-end part for the desktop version and apps for synchronous operation of all components. Did you know about the most expensive website type?

Applications are available on:
Google play -
App Store -


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The unique Storeleaksbrings its essense, the social network with e-commerce features.

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