Similar Airbnb project

Despite of the Airbnb features, this project has its own zest. As usual, the project is acting in real estate business, and below you'll see the mockups.


// Solution

The main page is well-known in this industry as a landing page should convert users into customers. Besides, there is another hidden purpose of this page, its presentation to investors for funding. The task was to highlight all features, key points and core ideas of the project. Due to our past article, Airbnb hasn't perceived as a ailure startup in 2017.

As soon as it's not a common task, we need to keep in mind the final goal. So, within several days Merehead's team had a permanent communication with the founder to gather all necessary stuff to start proceeding with work. Building real estate website many developers faced with challenges, but we already developed a wide range of similar websites. Additionally, we implemented it in modern sleek design using graphic elements. Before starting the similar Airbnb website you can check out how to test your idea, and probably it will inspire you and different features blow up minds of audience.


Similar Airbnb project - Real estate project - Web-design - Merehead Development


The work is started far before the design, developing stages included the following steps: gathering and preparing all materials and ideas. Then designer team worked with wireframes and enhanced them with graphic, UX to show complete interface to end users. Moreover, artworks were done in a separate mobile mode, since user engagement is a key point of enteraction.

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