The company provides building services of a wide area


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The Internet is a fountain of customers for many companies. But how sad it is to us, the construction and building industry is still poorly involved in this environment. In addition, you rarely find a really modern and stylish site. Building company are highly required quality website. But how much restaurant website cost if you're manager? Learn more.

We are all used to register applications, make purchases and order services via the web. We were approached by the US company RJS with a request to increase the number of potential customers, prospects, and leads. This can be achieved only through a web portal, and we looked at it. This was really a revelation for us because the site was completely unoptimized, and in terms of design, it was not convenient.

We set to work and redesigned several pages. Then sent to the development. In parallel, we worked on driving additional traffic, and with the help of the sales funnel, certain stages were eliminated by the disinterested. A simple form allowed to order the services of the workers through a callback option. Try out using Google analytics for your company website. Set-up goals, choose targets and you become closer to your audience.


RJS - Company website - Web-design - Merehead Development


The company provides building services of a wide area

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