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LocumsMotion - reflects the essence of medical institutions. This is an indispensable resource not only for HR personnel, but also for applicants. Drawing the user interface, we first wanted to portray it as fresh and bright. For this purpose was used the


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LocumsMotion is a service for searching employees and works in the field of medicine. This is an indispensable tool in recruiting and recruiting personnel - both temporary or seasonal, and to a permanent position. Hopefully, you knew about 71% of users that using mobile devices for the internet. What is conclusion? Are the site has to be responsive or mobile friendly website?

Interface emphasizes medical and health topics. This is evident from the green-blue gradient, which is pleasing to the eye. The main page of the site is the main one, and therefore one of the ideas was to implement an interactive map where open works on the states will be displayed.

According to modern requirements, the design was prepared for three types of devices: a tablet, a phone and a computer. It is important to give each user convenient access to the site. I'm sure that you already know about modern website designs and average prices range; but are they really so important as the community told us? Or maybe it is just fiction to add value for the project.

Light and unobtrusive shadows intersect with the iOS style and create an incredible tandem, pleasing to the user's eye.

As a website icon there were many options. Heart, pulse, pharmacy, first-aid kit, doctors. This list can be listed for a long time. Most of all, users have responded nicely to the transparent icon - a combination of heart and pulse.


Locums Motion - Job project - Web-development - Merehead Development
Locums Motion - Job project - Web-development - Merehead Development


LocumsMotion is an integrated web-based solution specifically designed for the Hospitalist looking for per diem assignments.

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