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One of my friends from Europe invited me to visit - take a walk, see the country, and just divorce from the harsh routine. When we arrived, the first thing after the airport and the house m went to the pub. In a literal sense, not even to calm down and 10 minutes, as he says - we have such traditions, we go to the pub to meet friends. Okay, it says - done.

We were waiting for a company of 6 people, all of them were our peers. To my surprise, each of them had its own Internet site, and the only one did not have it. When I started asking Monica, it turned out that she had recently sold it to the investor, and was temporarily on vacation waiting for new ideas (find out how to test idea using google tools). The surprise is not the word, I was stunned. They were typical serial entrepreneurs.

They ran projects in a hurry, on this profit and either kept near themselves or disposed of once the earnings began to decline. Everything as one of the areas of e-commerce and our next work was at the dawn of Merehead's heyday. The sale of equipment, or website like Amazon, through the services and services of distributors and suppliers, is an inalienable unit of their carrying structures. Some companies do not have an addressee, and others do share square feet with other store owners. In fact, it is very profitable.


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