Jewelry organizer

Jewelry Organizer allows you to place all your treasures in one place easily and choose your daily style in a couple of seconds.


// Solution

Obviously, the target audience is every woman, so Merehead's designers kept it in their minds. It was not so easy to develop a site that women adored, but I think we successfully fulfilled this mission. Google Analytics best used for e-commerce website with real goals like sales. Together with Facebook Pixel its an amazing substance that allows you to find out everything about users and their interest. As a result, you can dramatically increase target audience spending just a 100 bucks.

Light and delicate colors together give sense of being airy and freedom. Different jewelry types were used to emphasize and show off how this looked. Besides, our client was the product manufacturer; therefore it was of great importance to make the design really selling.

Previously, we have combined stylish mockups for the e-commerce project. It was an excellent experience of creating large and effective pages.


Jewelry organizer - Landing page - Web-design - Merehead Development


Proven techniques and tools allowed us to make a cool eye-catching and high conversion page for the product manufacturer. It was a landing page developing in Flat style with MDL and could be used even as a homepage to convert all users.

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