ICO project

Development of the project to launch the ICO.


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Development of a web version of the project for launching ICO. Typically, this is one of the steps for the successful launch of ICO. The website gives information to investors and allows you to make direct payments (buy tokens). Thus, design plays an important role and should be trusted by users (investors). The site should contain White Paper and a Road Map for the realization of your idea. Moreover, payments should be made using smart contracts. Taking into account these requirements, we have developed an ICO project that will enable owners to start ICO in the near future. Developed was done based on Solidity language and used ERC20 Token Standard.


ICO project - ICO - Web-development - Merehead Development


The project for launching the ICO was successfully developed. It was introduced the possibility of payment by cryptocurrencies dashboard for investors and used smart contracts.

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