Freight Rate Calculator

The freight rate calculator gives shipping estimates in seconds


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If you never sent parcels - then for sure you were thinking, what the heck is freight rate calculator? Otherwise, you had a question through what service to send in order to find out the minimal cost and optimal delivery time. DHL, UPS, FedEx are only the biggest players that everyone has heard of. But there are about 100 less familiar, local like China Post and others. Do you remember this long form of 20 fields, weight, dimensions, location and so on? I hate that filling but have to. This project was raised from MVP and growing into a working prototype. By the way, read more about how to hire web developer for your startup.

I send every month 3-4 parcels, and to be honest I'm very tired of these fields. Sometimes it is delivery across the country, sometimes across the city, and sometimes international. Surprisingly, FedEx is not the cheapest and not the fastest. Freight Rate Calculator allows in a few seconds to find out the best supplier. Even more, the service provides a direct link so as not to distract you from routine activities. It saves time and money. When you're launching even restaurant website you need to measure all activities.

What is primarily important for services like Freight Rate Calculator? We've done a bunch of hidden tricks and made website effective. The cost of their services? Nope, you're wrong. The most important thing is for a user to know in 20 seconds what postal company suits him, and everything else goes into the background. This is the team of Merehead designers this sought - to make the most convenient site with a strong UX.


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The freight rate calculator gives shipping estimates in seconds

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