European Network of Living Labs

The European Network of Living Labs is a strong, connected and growing community. ENoLL regularly hosts own events as well as its members'


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As you probably know, 67% of users visit a homepage. Perhaps, it is the only one page that is so popular on many websites and it should to be modern. Enoll has a lot of colors, and there's a nice contrast between them. This work is a great example of good combination not only graphics but the whole content including text, boxes and separate elements. Proven ideas how to make your website effective will help not only for the organization but even for personal and e-commerce project. As the result, a bunch of inbound leads directly into your mailbox. Before building social network don't forget check carefully your idea.

Yellow is the color of small and tiny elements, for all others our designers chosen more neutral shades. We tested final version on a limited amount of users and result impressed us. "Airy" - the most common word they've mention. Modern development tools and new trends. But how they affect the website? Their goal is to speed the development time up due to ready functions and base. But the opposite site is website load time. It becomes longer, and user experience is lower, consequently, conversion rate is down


European Network of Living Labs - Homepage - Web-design - Merehead Development


Lots of inspiration and muse are the key elements of designers' work. This example is a showcase of it. It took 6 hours of continuous work and finally the masterpiece was born. Balance between colors in combination with flat style gives a pleasure for sophisticated users.

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