Apartment and Home Remodeling Marketing


Project: Apartment and Home Remodeling Service Company

Service: Targeted ads

Duration: 2 months

Budget: $4500

We were contacted by a company providing a full range of apartment and home remodeling services (from creating interior design to general house cleaning after).

Company Unique Selling Propositions:

1. Online home remodeling cost estimator on the website.

2. Compensation for each day of delay in renovation.

Marketing Objectives

The main marketing objective for the company is to drive new customers through media channels as Facebook and Instagram.

Based on this, the following tasks were given:

1. Form to contact the company

2. Show what problems the company solves

3. Reach the maximum target audience.

4. Drive new customers

Marketing for apartment remodeling business

The decision-making time about apartment remodeling differs from apartment purchases. On average, it is from a few weeks to a month. Before contacting a company, the person looks at various options, reads testimonials, and follows interested companies in social media.

We need just several weeks to get clear numbers and measure conversion rates from lead to customer and forecast the marketing campaigns.

Before launching any advertising campaign, it’s worthwhile to carry out a series of preparatory work that will strengthen the results and increase the conversion:

Customer Journey Map

Let's suppose a person noticed our marketing offer and became interested. How will he proceed next?

To answer this question, we compiled a customer journey map (customer’s path to purchase). This helped us segment our target audience and advertising campaigns.

Customer path

Target audience

The average deal is $17,000, and the region of service provision is Kiev. Taking into account these components, we identified several target audiences:

Initiator (one of a married couple)

Man/Woman, 25-45 years old. He or she lives in Kiev (and region). Recently bought an apartment in a new building or are going to buy. High income (travel, interested in expensive cars, jewelry, has high-paid job or has own small or medium business). Interested in remodeling, interior design, new furniture.

What matters:




Complete solution

Influencer (a woman whose husband earns well)

Woman, 24-35 years old. Married. Lives in Kiev (region). Interested in apartment remodeling, interior design. She often travels, regularly visits beauty salons, interested in luxury clothes and cosmetics brands, has a car, an Apple user.

What matters:

Apartment is beautiful

Easy in needs understanding

Buyer (the one who pays) - (usually a man)

Man, 25-45 years old. Lives in Kiev (region). Not married. Recently bought an apartment in a new building or is going to buy, has high income. He drives an expensive car, travels, puts on brand-name clothes and wears expensive watches.

What matters:


Interior design

Complete solution

We also installed Facebook Pixel on the website

(this allowed us to track visitors and set up remarketing campaigns).

Landing pages

Before starting an advertising campaign, be sure to check the landing page of the site.

Pay special attention to the mobile version of the page, since 75% of the advertising campaigns traffic in the social networks goes exactly there. What to look for:

  • Page loading time
  • Ease of perception and usability both in the desktop and in the mobile version of the site
  • Shapes and buttons. Each of them needs to be checked and make sure that they work correctly
  • The relevance of the information on the page

In our case, there were several options for landing pages, they are:

remodeling estimator

On this page, we decided to drive traffic to ads with a targeted audience of interests.


We set up remarketing advertising companies on this page.

What has been done on this project

Set up Pixel Facebook.

Pixel allows to measure the effectiveness of advertising and study the visitors behavior. Thanks to this, Merehead marketing managers make the right conclusions and make informed decisions.

Set up ads campaigns.

In the test period (two weeks), 24 advertising campaigns were and 52 ads were launched. We tested combinations of different target audiences, placements and goals.

As a result, we chose the winner in each segment and allocate budget:

Provided recommendations for improving the site

We tested the site on usability and improved it visually and technically to get higher conversion.


In 2 months, were reached through advertising campaigns on social networks 263,680 users

11,000 visits to landing pages

Connected Call tracking feature and a tuned-up CRM system 324 calls were received and won 37 deals

37 deals with average price of $17,000 by investing $4,500 in marketing.

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