Social network

01 Customer and idea

A customer contacted us with a request to develop a social network. We talked for a long time about his idea. The project looked a little "raw", but in the process of communication, we added a couple of new features. As a result, the social network received a new vision and a new concept.

The customer planned to create a social network where users can chat and create offline meetings. In fact, it was a kind of hybrid between Meetup and Facebook. We decided to implement stickers and points for attending events. Game elements increase interest and users more likely to attend events.

02 Challenge

Initially, the customer wanted to implement all the functionality, but we decided to go the other way. We divided the project into two parts:

MVP and the full version. After the implementation of the first stage, we decided to get feedback from users, analyze and prepare a full version of the project based on new information.

03 Planning

We think that this is the most important stage of project development. As a rule, we spend 15-20% of the time on the planning and preparation of all documentation. We believe the project manager should know more about the project than the customer himself. At this stage, we connected business analytics. Together, a successful social network concept was developed.

04 Design

Merehead has strong designers. At this stage, we prepared a design that met the wishes of the client and had many functions. We have developed the basic style, logo and corporate colors.

05 Development

The development process is the most difficult stage. It takes a lot of time and requires a lot of resources. Our team used the Scrum and Agile methodology to meet the deadline and successfully complete the MVP.

06 Testing

During testing, we found many errors. We assume that large projects have many functions and often developers cannot keep track of all the connections between the components. Therefore, we know how important it is to carefully test the project for bugs.

07 User reviews

When the MVP was ready, the customer decided to set aside a small budget for an advertising campaign. In the first month, more than 100 users were signed up and 7 events were added. But most importantly, we got the first user feedback. Many complained about the lack of many functions and the lack of an audience on the project, but at the same time, they spoke positively about the social network itself. It really was a new interesting project.

After analyzing user reviews, we with the customer agreed upon a new set of functions and started to develop the full version of the project.

08 Result

After launching the full version, the social network attracted more than 50,000 users. Daily attendance is about 10,000 users per day. The cost of developing MVP version is $11,200. Advertising costs totaled $1,100. The duration of development is 3 months. Now the customer plans to expand the platform and enter new markets.

+ 50,000

attracted users

+ 10,000

attendance users


The cost of developing MVP version


Advertising costs

3 months

The duration of development

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