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The Customer

Our customer wanted to create a single platform to find and reserve beauty salon services with a friendly interface. The platform should have 4 types of users can sign up: shop, staff, customer, admin. Everyone has their own sets of functions, permissions. The owner should be able to control a profit of services and advertising.



Integrate four types of users who are connected with each other and have a rich logic. And all of them use SMS notifications.


Integration of the bonus system, which makes it possible for users to accumulate funds for future payments.


Development of a flexible system for managing the store, schedule, orders and employees.


Powerful dashboard for the platform owner. He has the ability to manage users, stores, orders, see statistics on platform profit.


Our project manager created the user flow of the website

We know, it is needed to focus on the logic and think through the interface at the conceptual level. It will help to make a clear code and scalable platform in the future.

Thus, our project manager at the first stage created a visual architecture of the project - a user flow. It helps to structure the general functions and estimate in detail the scope of the project. Back-end team lead, database architect and project manager took part in the stage. We determined that the most difficult is the implementation of the four types of users and their interaction. It is important that the solution be simple and effective. Thanks to regular team meetings and a detailed description of the project, we were able to find the best solution.

Taking into account the features of this project, we decided to use a monolithic architecture


Wireframes allow seeing the website through the eyes of users. They give a rough idea of the future design. The main goal is to make a quality UX.

Our designer has prepared wireframes based on user flow. The customer understood the project was complex and large. Our task was to develop such a UX that would be convenient for each type of user. In our company, we preach the idea of simplicity and efficiency. After hard work, more than 40 wireframes were made. We think our guys have done a great job.

. home page
. shop private page
. shop private page_bookings


Design is the most creative part of development. Our goal is to prepare a design that the customer will like and will be user-friendly. As a basis, we took a dark blue color. It is one of the most popular among large platforms.

. home page
. Customer private profile_Setting


Font Lato

Lato - Text Light

Lato - Text Regular

Lato - Text Semiboid

Lato - Text Bold

Lato - Text Heavy

To highlight the platform among others, it was decided to add white and purple colors. This combination allows you to emphasize the fact that the site is connected with the beauty industry and create a convenient user interface.

. Shop private profile_Calendar
. Shop private profile_Setting_General

Shop page

The store page is one of the most important. It enables the user to familiarize themselves with the service provider in more detail. Thus, we decided to add to the page the following functions: reservations, photo gallery, staff list, list of services with prices, reviews. Each user can easily match the service that he likes the most.

Booking Choosing the staff Date Time

The main points for our developers were to connect bookings with the working schedule of shops and staffs. Each employee has his own schedule and availability. Each shop has its own schedule and this is all taken into account when building the availability calendar. Now the user can select a favorite master and book an appointment with him.

Shop bookings page

Shop private profile

The "Shop" module is one of the most complex and important

We determined that service provider should have the following functions: receive orders, order notifications, cancel orders, edit and transfer the date and time of booking. In addition, there should be a convenient function for staff management.

Our team decided to add 6 order statuses:

Waiting confirm Upcoming Cancelled haven't checkout Absent Completed

The main challenge for our developers was to develop a flexible page where the store owner could use all the functions: manage staff, orders, notifications and schedules.

Each store has a page with a list of employees, their ratings and reviews. This allows users to choose the right master.

The page with the rating of employees gives motivation to the masters to do the job efficiently. There are two types of user pages on the project:

Private Public
Staff public page

Staff public profile

Booking dollars page

Customer private page

As part of the marketing strategy, it was decided to introduce a system of encouraging users for orders.

Users receive "Booking dollars" after each payment. They have the opportunity to accumulate them and use to pay for services. We believe this is a powerful tool for promoting the platform in the first stage.

The main problem in the section "Booking dollars" is maintaining the balance of each user, transaction history, the ability to pay for services. In addition, the cost of paying "Booking dollars" was by the owner of the platform.

Admin page

The admin panel has easy navigation and advanced features.   It allows the administrator to fully manage the platform and users.

In the users' section, the administrator can view and approve the information about each user, his bookings, reviews, services, staffs, gallery. Among other functions, the administrator has the ability to manage reviews, to create labels, to manage charge percentage for bookings.

In order to make the booking system more comfortable for users, we integrated the possibility of the administrator to monitor the state of user balances, carry out orders, put up and edit services that the user needs.

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