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We developed a BetConix cryptocurrency exchange for Ukrainian customers. They asked us to launch a centralized platform allowing users to trade cryptocurrencies easily, quickly, and securely.

Their idea's uniqueness is combining the advantages of centralized exchanges (bandwidth, liquidity, security) with decentralized management. A democratic mechanism must be integrated into the exchange, through which BNIX token holders will manage the platform by voting.


The project aims to create a secure platform for buying, selling cryptocurrencies for fiat, and exchanging one cryptocurrency for another.

We must also create a secure voting mechanism and issue a BNIX token.

Thus, for BetConix, we needed to develop the following:


It tells about the project, its advantages, and features and invites you to register and trade on the cryptocurrency exchange.

Wallet integration

Allows you to attach a cryptocurrency wallet to the user's account and deposit cryptocurrency on the exchange. Also, through this functionality, the withdrawal of cryptocurrencies from the exchange to the user's crypto wallet is carried out.

BNIX token

Needed for exchange management.

Trading module

Responsible for creating orders to buy and sell cryptocurrencies and automatically matching these orders.

Voting systemt

A set of rules and smart contracts allows users to make proposals to change the exchange's operating principles and specifications, for example, changing trading commissions or rules for adding new tokens to the listing and voting on these proposals with the help of the BNIX token.


Architecture project

All crypto exchanges have a similar information architecture and navigation. And it is not recommended to keep them the same because it can cause a loss of recognition effect. It is when a user enters the platform for the first time and immediately understands what to do and how to use it. Suppose you need to add some unique functions, integrations, or other features to exchanger functionality, such as a voting mechanism, as in our case. In that case, they need to be "attached" to the side of the main functionality.

UserFlow BetConix.

This is precisely what we did in developing BetConix. We first created a cryptocurrency exchange with standard features and architecture. Users can use it to buy and sell cryptocurrencies. If they want to participate in the exchange management, we created an "add-on" for that, namely, a voting machine with a BNIX management token. It is closely connected to the exchange but exists independently of it. This is a separate set of smart contracts and backend with its security and a set of rules, the breakage or hacking of which will not affect the trading mechanism of the exchange.

Application functionality

Spot trading and VIP trading commission cashback

The primary source of income of the BetConix cryptocurrency platform is a commission from trading operations. The exchange offers active users a system of motivation: reduction of trading commission up to 50% depending on the volume of trading operations.

Referral program

A partner (or referral) program is a motivation system for the platform's user base expansion. Every BetConix user can build their agent network by attracting new traders to the exchange and receiving compensation for each operation of such traders. For each trading operation of a referral, the referrer gets a fixed percentage of this transaction. And referrals have no time limit.

Listing system

The BetConix cryptocurrency platform gives its users access to the most popular and relevant instruments of the cryptocurrency market. A balanced system of prospective projects, coins and tokens selection, powerful technical support, strict legal and risk analysis, and consideration of users' feedback make the listing system on BetConix modern, reflecting market trends, and truly decentralized.

Initial Exchange Offer (IEO)

It is a mechanism of early funding of crypto projects by selling their tokens before the project's launch. BetConix offers a straightforward IEO algorithm. The exchange team conducts a preliminary audit and technical review of the startup, assesses the investment attractiveness and potential of the project, and then announces the launch of token sales on the platform. A distinctive feature of the exchange is the direct participation of BNIX token holders in the voting for the project admitted to the IEO on the exchange.

Demo trading

Demo trading at allows you to get acquainted with platform features or test investment and trading strategies without losing money. Register, switch to a demo account, and start testing.


Anyone can buy BNIX tokens to manage the platform, just like shareholders work in a stock company.


Wireframes allow you to evaluate a platform's design structure at an early stage of development, which helps create a better user experience (UX) and user interface (UI).

They are usually presented in the form of relatively simple flowcharts showing the main design elements and functions and the relationships between them. The color scheme, text content, the appearance of icons, buttons, and so on are selected in the following stages of development.



For the design of the main page of the BetConix exchanger, we chose a dark blue background, a purple gradient for the buttons of the target action, and yellow to emphasize semantic accents. This combination of colors looks original and fresh, which helps to distinguish the exchanger from competitors.

For the trading module and many other screens, we decided to add the ability to select between a dark and light theme. This increases audience reach and improves the user experience.

Main Colors











Bg White


Bg Black










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Trading page

Users buy and sell cryptocurrencies on this screen, create and view orders, study trading statistics, and evaluate market liquidity.

The interface of this page is connected to the trading module (market maker), which allows order matches with a throughput of up to 1 million transactions per hour.

Feedback from the client

"Merehead has been an invaluable partner for us in helping us to develop and deliver our visions through custom built web applications to our clients. Their knowledge and development skills means we can rely on them to produce a high quality product everytime, which allows Duke Boxer to focus on other aspects of the build. Their expertise and innovative suggestions make application development a much smoother process for us and we highly recommend them."

Toby Cronshaw

Creative Director @ Duke Boxer Ltd

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