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Have an interesting article idea that you want to share with our readers? We would love to hear from you. Before submitting your guest post for a review, please go through the guidelines.

Which topics do we accept?

Merehead blog covers a wide range of IT topics:

How to's and tips for building custom software

Web and mobile apps development

UX / UI design

IT outsourcing

Blockchain development and cryptocurrency development (Bitcoin, Ethereum, etc.)

Posts that show business owners how digital technologies can help to grow their businesses are most welcome. If you want to contribute an article on another IT-related topic, send us a brief description of your idea and we will let you know if it is something we deem a good fit for our blog.

Before you send us an article, please take a few minutes to research our blog and make sure that your article topic hasn't already been addressed on our site.

Requirements for guest articles

To be published on Merehead blog, your article should meet the following criteria:

  1. Should contain actionable advice based on experience and/or research and be in-depth enough to ensure that readers get some new knowledge.
  2. Should not repeat the same things that have already been said many times on other articles.
  3. Must be 100% unique and not published on another website before.
  4. Should be written in good English, spell checked and grammatically correct.
  5. Must not promote products, companies or services directly.
  6. Should be at least 800 words (no upper limit).
  7. Should not have promotional / affiliate links.
  8. If you want a link to your site in the article body, it may be a link to your blog article as a source of information but not a link to the home page, product or service pages.
  9. Can link to articles, sites and resources that are relevant to the topic.
  10. All links must be natural.
  11. Images You are welcome to provide images relevant to your article. Images must be royalty free or owned by you and must be attached to the email as a separate attachment. We reserve the right to change your images to different ones.

Things to remember

  1. We reserve the right to make any edits to your article.
  2. We don't pay for guest posts.
  3. We will share your article in our network (Facebook, Twitter, etc.).

How to submit a guest post?

E-mail us at contribution.merehead@gmail.com with the subject line "Guest Post Inquiry". You may send us a full article or a topic you would like to write about. If it suits our blog, you will hear from us within a few days.

Note: Even if your article meets all above requirements we do not guarantee that it will be published in our blog. However, all submissions will be reviewed and we will let you know if your article will be published.