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Development of design for Wikipedia for the international competition


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Wikipedia is the largest source of open-source information. This is the primary site that needs an onlooker. It is not only the students, but professors read articles and any one of us too. Therefore wiki became #6 of most visiting sites in the world (Alexa ranking). How do you think will this concept increase conversion rates on Wikipedia? Does Wiki track all users activity?

Wikipedia is a content and during redesign work, we have considered it and we identified it on the first and only place. In addition to it, we removed shadows and make the focus on the text - a great experience in testers. At the dawn of birth, Wikipedia also was a simple MVP project and now everyone knows it.

The second thing we have done - refreshed colors and brought them in line with the trend. Members should consider the modern site, it doesn't matter that it is a non-profit. In the course of lengthy discussions, debates, trials and attempts - we stopped on what you see now. Absolutely white, light blue and black, turning gray. Fundamentally nothing has changed, because the second most visited sites don't need a lot of improvement.


Wikipedia Concept - Restyle - Web-Design - Merehead Development
Wikipedia Concept - Restyle - Web-Design - Merehead Development


The main idea has been visited us during the development in this concept of the redesign of Wikipedia. It is "nothing more, focus on content and to be in the trend". That's all we have implemented in these 2 stunning pages. The absence of shadows, fresh colors and breath of trend with precision in harmony with an emphasis on the most important - the content.

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