Top Web Design Trends 2019

Web design is complex and dynamic. It combines many branches of knowledge that influence how well a web resource will be perceived by its target audience...

#1. Why should we use the design trends of 2019?
#2. Non-standard – effective move!
#3. Full-screen video – a convenient and informative element on a website
#4. Geometric shapes – freshness and originality of web design
#5. Cinematography – an excellent replacement for bored gif animation
#6. Bright colors
#7. Simple design and unique font
#8. Minimalism and translucent buttons
#9. Using photos in the center
#10. Natural and streamlined shapes
#11. UI trends of 2019

Web design is complex and dynamic. It combines many branches of knowledge that influence how well a web resource will be perceived by its target audience. If you want the website to look great and have enough conversion, its design in this matter plays a significant role. This applies not only to visual perception, but also to ease of use.

Modern brands tend to maximize the live interaction with users. Therefore, the design of the website must convey emotions. If you want to make it really high-quality, it’s not enough only good photos. The whole concept should be associated with a certain emotional background. The success of sales through the social network Instagram confirms this trend.

The user may feel that he buys a stylish shirt, focusing on it. But in fact, he pays money for the image that is behind this thing – visually perceives the guy who is dressed in it. For example, under the collection of modern clothing, laconic, but eloquent websites are launched. A vivid example of such can be called Lacoste. This is noted by analysts who are researching the theme of web design trends. The emphasis is on airiness and lightness, which is fully transmitted visually. The Association of Lightness conveys a hint not only on the style of clothing, but also on the lifestyle. This design attracts and memorizes – it sells!

web design trends lacoste

Non-standard – effective move!

Web design is a direction that in 2019 develops in a rather interesting scenario. In the trend, there is some visual randomness, but it should not go beyond the general concept. For example, the non-standard placement of information blocks is actual. As practice has shown, this approach is not an accidental experiment, but a competent solution that warms up the user’s interest. Moreover – even with non-standard accommodation, you do not have to sacrifice your corporate style.

If you decide to use this approach, it is very important to remember that all important information should be on the left side of the web page. The reader gets acquainted with it from left to right, so you need to think carefully, not to overdo it. Consider this factor when ordering the development from any company of web design for your site.

web design top trends

Full-screen video – a convenient and informative element on a website

On the web, you can find predictions that full-screen video in 2019 will take the lead among other components of web design. They are informative and convenient. The user does not have to scroll the page from top to bottom to see the information of interest. He can view it in the video you provided.

Previously, the videos were already in high places for popularity, but later they faded into the background, as mobile devices hardly displayed websites. Big weight influenced the fact that the load speed was minimal. Consequently – the conversion decreased. Now, a lot of developers try to take into consideration this problem.

Geometric shapes – freshness and originality of web design

The use of various geometric shapes in web design is not a new trend. It began to appear around 2016, and then began to gain popularity and continues to do so in 2019. As practice shows, users are very friendly to websites that are designed in this way. Sometimes skilful use of geometric figures on the background or in the design of basic elements, becomes a good indicator of professionalism.

web design full screen video

Cinematography – an excellent replacement for bored gif animation

Sometimes Cinematography is mistakenly confused with the usual gif animation, but in fact there are tangible differences between these two effects. Cinematography is static pictures that contain only a single dynamic element. For example, it can be a static composition with a table in a coffee house, outside the window which passes a taxi. This idea will be optimal for the taxi service. You can also invent many other interesting ideas that are implemented with the help of modern computer effects. Also, it is very important to consider the psychology of web design.

In addition to Cinematography, the relevance and habitual animation is not lost. If the first option is innovative, then the second one is the usual, tested and invariably effective. Animation is also called gif. Such elements attract attention. They catch the visitor’s attention and encourage him to familiarize themselves with the rest of the content of the site.

Another actual trend is 3D graphics. Three-dimensional photos are considered fashionable. And not in vain. They “cling” and encourage the user to pay close attention.

Bright colors

This trend has not lost popularity for many years. In combination with a well-designed flat design, they visually “become more expensive” website. A little clue. You can use the Google palette for quick and efficient selection.

The use of gradients in web design is a great idea in terms of color. The background of the page with gradient creates the impression of uniqueness and freshness. But be careful. Gradient is a very complex element. Its use requires experience and professionalism. You can often see the inept use of the gradient.

design trends top gradient

A particularly interesting innovation in color solutions are “blinking” and “vibrating” colors. By the way, designers use and such combinations, which are accessible for people who have problems with vision.

Simple design and unique font

Unique fonts are very popular in the web design industry. Especially – if it is a combination of a unique font and a discreet, minimalist design. For example, Airbnb designed its own font – Cereal. But sometimes the usual fonts can degrade the design of the Internet resource when it turns out that it is deprived of any visual accents. Be careful!

As for the quality unique font, it significantly affects the perception of information by a user. Unconventionality, in this case, can be a winning factor that will keep the user’s attention, which means it will be possible to discover information that popularizes your product.

In addition to unique fonts, the complex variants become relevant. If earlier web designers were of the opinion that the font must necessarily be simple, now they have moved away from this belief. Complex fonts and serif fonts took an important place in the trends of 2019.

Another trend, which can not be forgotten, is variational fonts. Variable letters, which gradually increase and decrease, are attractive to users.

Minimalism and translucent buttons

Not so long ago for the field of web design in general, there were bright effects. And now she is striving for minimalism. The rhythm of the life of a modern person is dynamic, so he does not have enough time to pay attention to the distracting maneuvers of specialists in the PR industry. He was used to clearly and structurally receive information in the form in which it doesn’t bother him. Therefore, minimal design in combination with translucent buttons is not only relevant from the standpoint of trends, but also functional.

web design people photo

Using photos in the center

Photography traditionally holds high positions among the elements that are in web design. Especially – when it comes to the use of images in advertising of a product. This option allows you to maximally “humanize” the advertising campaign and demonstrate that the product meets a specific need. For example, branded clothing begins to be associated with style and aesthetics. The gadget reminds that the means of communication allows you to listen to music, take high-quality photos, make videos.

Natural and streamlined shapes

There are no straight lines in nature itself. Therefore, streamlined forms, creating the illusion of flexibility, are perceived by a person much more loyal. The rounded corners in the elements of web design began to go in the trend last year. Now they are firmly entrenched and actively used even by such giants as Google Now, Facebook, Twitter.

Streamlined lines are particularly successful if they are supplemented by colored drops of very different shapes. This design calms and adjusts to a pleasant pastime when using the website.

web design top trends 2019

Follow the current trends are not necessary, but they are very useful to know. Especially – if you are faced with the design of mobile applications. Among the trends of this industry the most popular in 2019 are the following:
Large headings. They make it possible to highlight the main thing.
Minimalism. Interfaces are simple and as understandable as possible so that people can conveniently use the resources.
A lot of space between the elements, thanks to which the design does not seem cluttered.
Bright colors, as well as contrasting combinations. It pleases the eye.
3D elements. Using the correct proportions, you can create their correct hierarchy.
Gradients. Smooth color transitions are a noticeable trend this year.
Presence of animation. This allows you to better convey the message and focus the user’s attention on the main thing. We recommend using custom web design that will stand out you among competitors.

It is very important to understand the theory of trends alone is not enough. Their use in the competent and harmonious general concept of the resource should be present. You should feel it. Then it will be interesting and visually pleasing to users.

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