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07 November 2021

Best UI Libraries & Tools

Are you looking to do the UI libraries and tools?
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Component libraries are often called components of user interface or libraries of user interface. They offer ready solutions, sets of components or functions for the developers, which can be used in mobile or web applications. These components make the development process more effective, since the developers can focus on minor details and application optimization, instead of working on the functions that have already been developed. Component libraries cover a wide range of user interface elements, including buttons, diagrams, slides and many others. They can be proprietary or open source. Usually, component libraries are based on one language, for example Reach, Angular, HTML or .NET. However, sometimes there can be more. Here are the main criteria of including an element to component library:

Let’s have a view on the libraries and instruments the developers often choose. In this top rating we included Progress Kendo UI, Рandas Рython, Angular Material, Syncfusion, NGX Bootstrap, Progress Telerik UI, DHTMLX UI and some others. Here are some details on each of them. 

Syncfusion Essential Studio Enterprise Edition 

Syncfusion Essential Studio Enterprise Edition  by Syncfusion — is a set of more than 1600 programming components and frameworks for various application development. These elements of user interface are very flexible and optimized to provide high productivity, 80% of companies from the Fortune 500 list use them. By the means of Syncfusion you can increase the speed of development of modern instruments. Moreover, you can read and write files of various formats. These components were supplied to more than 1 million developers and 23 thousand organizations all over the world. Syncfusion has proved to provide the best products and support.

Demo Syncfusion Essential Studio Enterprise Edition. Source.

Syncfusion advantages are open source code, easy to use, compatibility with many operating systems, platforms and programming languages, and cross-browser function. 

Progress Kendo UI 

Kendo UI — is a full set of instruments by JavaScript that allows you to create nice, and high quality and productivity, adaptive web applications, integrated into your system. Kendo UI offers a vast library of popular and customizable components, starting with nets and diagrams and ending with simple buttons. This is why you will not need to spend time on user interface development. A vast library of customizable themes, means that you can create a uniform user interface.

Kendo UI component integration function saves a lot of time by adding all the necessary functions. So the developers can focus on the development of proprietary functions. 

Started from scratch to support any platform, — say the developers. Kendo UI offers the best productivity of the user interface. It supports the most popular modern technologies, including jQuery, Angular, Vue and React. By using the Kendo user interface, you will not need to waste time on additional resource integration, since it automatically integrates the developer’s environment. 

Progress Telerik UI 

Telerik — is a perfect set of instruments for elegant user interface development. JavaScript and .Net instruments allow making highly productive web applications, mobile and desktop application and chatbots. 

Telerik is very economical and easy to use, the upgrading to new Telerik Reporting version is simple, the code is not breaking. Other advantages are export to PDF, CSV function, and powerful components for user interface development. Many developers believe that it is one of the best suppliers of .Net user interface technologies. Moreover, this pack is more complete , especially for WPF. 

Pandas Python 

Pandas — is a fast, powerful, flexible and simple to use instrument designed for Python.

The developers use Pandas for data analysis, software testing and other actions with data. For example, Pandas perfectly deals with information import from documents of various formats, it also supports, cleaning, processing, merging, working with forms etc. 

Python Рandas interface. Source.

Key features of the library:

Pandas is aiming to become a building block of high level for practical data analysis in real time for Python. Furthermore, it has a more important mission — to become the most powerful and flexible tool for analysis and processing of open source data compatible with any language. 

Angular Material 

Angular Material — is a library of tools and components for user interface development by AngularJS. These features help to develop interesting projects, create beautiful and practical pages for applications and web pages. Moreover, it keeps up with the modern web design. 

It is compatible with many platforms, mobile devices and desktop computers. New features are user interface components Angular Material and CommonJS import notifications. These CommonJS notifications tell the developers when the CommonJS might make bigger and slower applications, which helps the developers to substitute the module packet ECMAScript. So, here are the advantages. 

  1. High quality. Internationalized and accessible components for all. Well tested and guarantees productivity and reliability. Simple API with cross-platform behavior.

  2. Versatility. Provides the instruments that allow the developers to create their own customized components with general templates. Customizable in Material Design specification.

  3. Absence of disagreement. It perfectly integrates with Angular. Moreover, you can start from scratch and use the existing applications.  

Angular Material offer a wide range of user interface components based on Material Design specification. Source.

What concerns the templates for user interface component creation, the Angular Material offers a complete set.

Component Dev Kit (CDK) in Angular Material. Source.

NGX Bootstrap

NGX Bootstrap offers all common types of basic components the developers need to make a web application. It works on Angular, so it is perfectly compatible with mobile phones and desktop computers. 

NGX Bootstrap functionality and code example. Source.

These are some advantages of NGX Bootstrap 

  1. Flexibility of the instrument. NGX Bootstrap has a module format, so the developers can create their own templates, styles and many other things. All components are developed with the ability to scale and adapt. The library demonstrates the same level of productivity on tablets, PCs, laptops etc.

  2. Developer-friendly code. NGX Bootstrap has a set of manuals about style, to improve the comfort and simplify the code. Furthermore, the products are gradually updating, so it supports recent versions of Angular.

  3. Understandable accompanying documentation. NGX Bootstrap offers well written and constantly improving documentation. It saves a lot of effort and improves the general quality of the software.

  4. A big set of demo versions to try the library. It is important to know that the library you use will not cause any difficulties with the installation. This is why demo versions are important. 

NGX Bootstrap supports the Bootstrap 3 and Bootstrap integration. Different components of Angular user interface are available in NGX Bootstrap, including separating the pages, ratings, notifications, buttons, sorting, tabs, pop up notifications and many others.


DHTMLX offers JavaScript user interface based on project management, which helps the web developers to simplify the process of cross-browser and cross-platform web application development. Through high productivity and the ability to process 10 thousand of DHTMLX user interface component tasks, like Gantt diagram and planner, satisfy the needs of major companies that work with big value of data.

All DHTMLX products include different settings that allow the clients to find new solutions based on DHTMLX. Furthermore, it is compatible with JS frameworks, like Angular React, Vue.js.

DHTMLX interface of one instrument. Source.

Product advantages.

  1. The ability to increase productivity. DHTMLX UI helps to save time that is usually spent on creating and servicing business applications with the JavaScript interface. You will not need to start from scratch, you can always use ready solutions.

  2. Fast learning process. Detailed technical documentation that accompanies DHTMLX UI will introduce you to all aspects of the JavaScript/HTML6 user interface environment.

  3. More than 1500 samples. Many samples of HTML5 user interface usage and management. It helps to understand main principles of work and interaction of the components. You can see get the source code and understand how it works in different environments,

  4. High web application development speed. Simple integration helps to create multi functional web applications in a short time

The best in class Gantt diagram for cooperative web application easily processes more than 10000 tasks. It provides a wide range of resource management, intellectual rendering, automatic planning, calculation of critical path and many other important functions that make Gantt the best solutions for software suppliers all around the world.

Gantt diagram for web application. Source.

Multifunctional library of the planner for web application and mobile planning application meet the needs of various business sectors. Timeline, agenda, map, RLT support, recurring events etc — are the features.

DHTMLX UI planner. Source.

Multifunctional library of HTML5 management elements allows to develop a cross-browser interactive web application faster and with less effort.

DHTMLX dashboard. Source.


Webix is a JavaScript user interface library that helps to make the development process faster. It helps to create a highly productive and adaptive web interface for complicated business applications.
Webix offers complicated widgets like Kanban, File Manager, Spreadsheet, Scheduler and Pivot — are the ready SPA applications, which can be integrated in any solution. 

This product is cross-browser compatible, it helps to work with various libraries on JavaScript  user interface. It integrates easily with Angular and Backbone.js and is mobile compatible.

Material UI

Material UI user interface library is designed according to Google material design recommendations. It is a very useful React component. Additional Material UI functions include application panel, buttons, cards, labels, dialogue windows, menus and many others. This helps the web developers to create a web application with less time wasted. Moreover, React themes and templates help to create color scales for the application that become wide known and recognized. 

Base Web

Base Web offers a wide range of highly effective components for web developers, including date choice, low level primitive components and various other, which help to develop effective web applications. Base Web was developed by Uber and is actively used in the user interface libraries sector. It offers a nice choice of components. These are complicated, ready to use components like Datepicker, and low level like Layer. The advantages of Base Web. 

  1. Scaling and customization. API and Base Web customization offers an extreme level of setting, regardless of whether you want to change only one component or create a design system over Base Web.

  2. Simple and accessible. Base Web makes difficult tasks simple, it makes the library very comfortable to use

  3. Highly productive. Styletron is the CSS-in-JS engine, supported by Base Web. The developers say that it is a very fast solution. 

All web components can be found in Figma. This can help the developers to switch on Base Web, at the same time the engineers can use React. Base Web uses Styletron to apply styles on the components. In addition to basic web components, you can add your own components. Since Styletron is installed in your project, you can use it for new components. 
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