How to increase conversion of a Sign Up page

Previously, we already wrote how to make the website more efficient on sale. Today we will review the sign up page. Almost ...

Previously, we already wrote how to make the website more efficient on sale. Today we will review the sign up page. Almost every website has some fields for inputting information like inputfields, checkboxes, selects etc. This is one of the most important elements of user communication on the project. A completed form is a measure of the visitor’s involvement at the website. If a person has spent a minute of his precious time to fill out the form fields, then you have really interested him. Sometimes I am shocked while scrolling dozens of sites every day. How business might hate its perspective customers if they have created the following blocks with forms:

Just eliminate your site visitors from the difficult tasks, reduce a number of fields to fill out. There is an important rule that the fewer fields the form has, the greater its conversion. So make every simple as it could be. It is necessary to understand that users are divided to the following groups: involved users and first-time visitors. Usually, involved users are those who formed their opinion about you, got registered, and visited your site several times. You should not worry about them, as soon as they could be returned by sending some interesting offer in an email. Thus, it is important to learn how to work with the ‘beginners’ who know nothing about you. You have a registration form, so offer them a form without extra fields. Think it over: do you really need First name and Last name; look, which page is more suitable for registration?

If at your site it is necessary to fill in many fields and you really think that they are essential, then use “steps” so solve this issue. It is very important that the first step should start with email field and when it is clicked on “next”, it will be recorded in your database. If the user decides to leave your site, you can remind him that he has not finished registration yet. If there is a returning user, it would be great to have the fields automatically filled out with the available information. There is no reason for a user to enter the same information twice. And you want him to finish the registration.

Here is a simple example. Use Full name box instead of First name and Last name ones. So that, conversion rate will be higher.

And at the end of the article you are welcome to look at how you shouldn’t do.