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05 November 2021

How to Choose a Web Design Company?

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There is no business in the world that can deal without its own website. There the clients can learn more about the company, the products and the services. The level of success is depending on the way the platform is developed, including the design. It is crucial to choose a good web design studio, so that you do not have any regrets later.

Learn the information on various companies

Making a choice of the website development company is really difficult. Loads of nuances should be considered. To choose a web studio, you need to learn the information about it firstly. Compare a range of companies and then choose the one you trust the most.

  1. Use search engines to find the companies. Choose the companies that are on the top.

  2. Every nice web studio has its own website. Go through it, estimate the design and functionality. This will be the first work example of the company.

  3. Study the portfolio. Every platform should look nice and kind, the navigation should be simple.

  4. Preferably, choose a company that has years of experience and a professional team.

  5. Find the clients’ feedback. If the company has loads of good feedback, it can be trusted. You can also contact the employees to ask for recommendations.

It is important to choose a company that can offer services for any budget. The developers should be ready for a compromise, they should understand the client’s needs and create a unique design.

Estimate the development quality 

To estimate the level of proficiency, you will need to study the portfolio carefully. Do not hesitate to contact the web designers and ask direct links to their projects. Pay attention to the site usage statistics. If they are popular, it is evidence that they are done properly and of a high quality.

You can see the platform traffic on this service. You will need to paste the link in the field and hit the «Run Analysis» button. Then you will see the rating. If the indicator is low, then the traffic is nice.

Do not forget about the deadlines 

Ask the approximate time of delivery from a couple of companies, they will tell you how much time you need to develop a website and the design. Perhaps, some issues may appear, so clarify whether it will impact the deadline. The experienced specialists will answer those questions quickly. They will provide the technical assignment and the date of completion of the work. It is important that the deadline is respected.

Personally contact the developers

If the employees are kind and responsive, offer various options, listen to your desires, then it can help with making the choice. You can ask them to describe the development process step by step. A good company is always ready to provide the required information.

Also, ask the company if they have a tester. After the development is over, someone will need to check the website for issues, and if they are found — fix them. If the company does not offer this service, then do not order the development.

Pay attention to the staff member of the web studio 

An advanced company can not have 1 or 2 employees. There should be at least 6 people:

Ask the manager about the number of employees in the team. Since everyone should work on their task. Only this way, the work will be done in time.


There are many organizations. Some of them provide a full list of services, starting at making the website template and ending with the testing. There are some companies that focus only on one aspect. For example, they work only on the design.

It is better to choose a company that does all the work. It is more convenient, since the client does not need to search each time for a new company.

The design and the contact are connected

A good designer understands that a beautiful design is not the only important thing. The content impacts the popularity too. This is why the company should study the business sector to create the web design and the content. If the client visits the website and does not see the necessary info, then the design will not matter at all.

The specialist should create a design that will fit and emphasize the text. It should be neat and smart. This is one more moment to consider while choosing the company. Do not hesitate to ask questions. Ask the designer if they will be able to follow this requirement.


Only that company, which will give all the copyrights to the client should be chosen. The specialists are ought to provide the source code, design, and the access to the host and the domain. This information is necessary to improve and update the content.

Some companies offer further support. They supervise the platform, help to add information, and if necessary — fix the issues.

What can it offer? 

The client might ask: «What can you offer?». It is a normal question, and it requires a profound answer. After the development is finished, the resource must work properly. It should attract clients, increase the income, and help with the company growth.

A good company that is ready to work and do a high quality job, should offer several solutions, since it should work with various management systems. Moreover, it should do additional services, provide further technical support and guarantees.

What else can it offer? Fast feedback. The employees should answer the questions really fast. This shows that the workers are responsible.

Popular web design catches 

One of the most common catches is that the company sends a brief and asks to fill it. If you get this offer, do not decline it. Accept and learn it thoroughly.

The brief should not contain these questions:

Professional developers with a huge experience will not ask these questions. In case you meet them, do not agree for further cooperation.

The brief might contain the questions that help to understand more about the business specifics, attracting clients, and the website aims.

Look at the way the questions are built. A professional will not ask what website you need, instead they might ask what are the aims of your web resource. It is an important aspect that shows the level of proficiency.

It is necessary to clarify the rates of the web designer services. Remember, that high quality work costs more. Many orders are given to companies from South America, Europe, Asia. The statistics show that the development is cheaper there.

The technical aspect of web design development

Every professional has its own approach. However, the requirements and desires of the client are considered. Different nuances are discussed, and then the work can start.

Template design solutions 

Each domain has a certain template. These are a set of pages, where the content and information can be edited. The website will be ready then in a short time and with little budget and effort. The advantage is that you can do that on your own, without any specialists.

Many people use WordPress for this purpose. You can buy a ready design solution for it on any marketplace. It is the easiest way to create a website for your business.

Unique design 

Many companies, including Mereead, create a unique design from scratch. Then the platform will be unique, it will stand out. There won’t be any identical websites on the internet.

Starting a unique resource requires the involvement of specialists in web design. Moreover, the target audience and their needs should be studied, the functionality and the design should be developed.

The cost of a unique web development is higher. The process requires a lot of time and effort. This design solution will be  perfect for major companies.

The aspects of website development for internet shops

Developing a website for internet shops is much more difficult for web design companies. The specialists need more time, since these websites need additional functions, like shopping cars, online payments, catalogs. Moreover, external resources should be integrated.

Joint preparation of the technical assignment

One of the first and most important steps is the preparation of the technical assignment(TA). The TA is prepared by the developer and the client. The documentation is a guarantee that both parties understood each other properly.

Before preparing the TA, you will need to tell the company about the features of your business and your main desires. There the number of sections present on the page is stated. In the technical assignment the design, main functions and the interface should be discussed.

Flexibility is also important. The developer needs to know whether the platform should be compatible with mobile devices. In the TA, the header, side panel and other features are carefully planned.

In the technical assignment, it is necessary to state the ways of communication with external resources. Perhaps, it will need to be integrated with social networks and other websites. If you need a notification mailing, then state it in the technical assignment.

Only if the web design studio and the business owner cooperate, the result will satisfy both sides. By the help of our professional team, the client will grow up to a new level. The traffic will increase, which means the growth in income.

Think about the desired results

You should know what your goals are, when you choose a web design company. Do not persuade them to give you a discount. It is just not interesting for them. They will just pass the task to another studio, and you will not achieve the desired results.

Probably, you can leave out some functions to make the cost lower. If the price is still not satisfying, then search for other companies. But keep in mind that cheap is not always good. It is better to spend more one time and get the best, then waste money on a few deals, because the previous ones are not as good as expected.

If your budget is too low to hire a professional company, then simply hire a project manager. Then the manager will hire a team of experienced freelancers and control their work, which will bring the desired results. Only this way you will get a platform with a nice interface, design and functionality.

Why is it so hard to choose a company for web development?

There are really loads of companies, and choosing one is never easy. Each company is different. They may vary in price and service. To make the best choice, you should understand your goals, the aims of the platform, and the services you need. All these aspects together help to choose a reliable partner that will do the work before the deadline.

Do I need a web design company from my city?

In the whole world, there are thousands of web studios. It is not necessary to use the services of the company from your city. A variety of messengers are available, and any question can be discussed there. Many people prefer to choose the companies from Europe and South America, because their rates are lower.

To check how fast the company is reacting to your inquiries, you can complete the feedback form, and then just wait to see how fast the manager is. If the manager managed to answer fast, then the company might prove to be a reliable one. They will keep answering fast in the future too.


It is important to find a reliable partner, when you want to start a website for your business. They will need to develop your web resource and support it in the future. The client traffic, the development and income depend on it. If you are not sure whether the team is professional, it is better to search for another one. Since your business may be under threat then.

Some offer nice costs and high quality, the other — high speed of design production. Many people just get confused. They do not know what to choose. To make the right decision, follow the rules mentioned above. Visit the website of the organization, see if you like it. Check the design, because you will order it. Remember, the web resource — is the face of the company. Studying the website is the first step in choosing the studio. If you do not like the platform, just go for another one.
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