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24 January 2023

Top Javascript Framework and Libraries for 2020

Are you looking to do the top javascript framework and libraries for 2020?
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Programming is the main trend for several years ahead, therefore every year more and more beginners come to this sphere. But the question is: where do they start their studies? And professionals too should also be aware of where to develop their skills. Demand for their work depends on this since large companies prefer a limited set of products. Check out the list of most popular programming languages to learn in 2021 and also you can read about programming languages for 2022.
What are Top Javascript Frameworks and Libraries for 2020? Here is the list of the Javascript Frameworks and Libraries for 2020 to use are:

  1. Angular.js

  2. React.js

  3. Vue.js

  4. Node.js

  5. Express.js

  6. Redux

  7. GraphQL

  8. Svelte

Rating the speed of work or file sizes is ineffective since all frameworks or libraries are good in their own way. Therefore, under the gun the most popular and sought after software. The main question is: what is being used today on a global scale?

The top of the rankings

The last couple of years, the first lines of front-end frameworks occupy Angular and React. In 2018-2019 Vue was added to this list. Therefore, we first consider the prospects of these three products.

Angular in 2020

This is a full-featured framework that is used by huge corporations. Developers love it for high-quality documentation and no need to learn additional libraries.



Every front-end developer should know design trends in motion-animation trends. Check out the following video to be aware:

Today, the position of this development environment has decreased significantly. Many developers began to complain about it much more often, and the community of The State of Javascript published the results of polls, according to which Angular is today considered a “dying” framework. However, there is still a lot of demand for specialists who know this product, which by 2020 will not die.

React in 2020

The network used to call it a framework. In fact, React is a very good Javascript library developed and maintained by Facebook. According to the latest data on various resources, this product is considered the highest quality. So, in 2018, it surpassed Angular in almost all indicators, both numerical and user-estimated.



At the moment, React is the most requested set of solutions. It is important that the complaints in his direction are significantly less in comparison with Angular. It is used by corporations like Airbnb and Twitter, because Facebook maintains its functionality and stability at a high level. It is obvious that by 2020 React will again occupy the first lines of the ratings.

Vue in 2020

Released in 2014, but received a worldwide vocation recently. First of all, he gained popularity due to the simplicity and very low file size. Recent updates have helped bypass React and Angular significantly in many ways. But, objectively, this framework has not yet reached the level of the previous two.



A year ago, I would say "let's wait for the reaction of the majority." Now the majority of Asian companies (for example, Xiaomi and Alibaba) have switched to this framework. Polls have shown that:

That’s why now I can say with confidence that by 2020 Vue will be one of the key Javascript trends.

More detailed comparative characteristics of these three products you can study in our previous article.

Node.js in 2020

Today is rated by developers as one of the best back-end frameworks. This is cross-platform software that allows you to create high-performance and lightweight applications becasue of new mobile appp trends. From year to year it remains one of the most downloadable open source frameworks.



Express.js in 2020

As a rule, during discussions, it is simply combined with Node.js. Although Express.js is a framework for Node, it has a lot of features that should not be missed. According to surveys on The State of Javascript, the majority of respondents who used this framework would work with it again.

Developers appreciate Express.js for its flexibility, simplicity, extensibility, and high performance. For these reasons, it is part of the well-known MEAN stack in the IT environment, which, unlike the others, fully supports Javascript.



Express.js is a framework that provides the necessary functions for developing "off-frame". It also allows you to extend the functionality by adding middleware. It is easy to start with this product, since the documentation is well-written for it. In conjunction with Node.js, they will be the main trends in back-end development both among specialists and beginners.

Redux in 2020

This library is today considered the best software for managing the state of the application. The main task is to update the indicators and maintain relevance. Key elements for which Redux is responsible:

Attitudes of respondents to the most popular libraries. Source of the image

As can be seen in the graphs, only a small percentage of developers who have dealt with Redux would not like to encounter it again. Also, the majority of users who heard about it are interested in learning.

It is worth noting that, as a rule, Redux is used with React, which, as already mentioned, is at the forefront. Their compatibility indicates the high quality of this library.

The number of downloads of Redux in the last year. Source of the image

Another indicator is the rapidly growing downloads of this software. Up to today (with the exception of small jumps due to marketing), the statistics are positive. This leads to the conclusion that Redux will be one of the key trends 2020.

Dark horses

GraphQL in 2020

The release of this library occurred in 2015, which is quite a long time in the context of the development of modern technologies. Nevertheless, this software can be considered quite young. And over the past year, it has attracted more and more attention from developers.

GraphQL is a set of solutions that is used to download information from the server. It allows you to determine which data is needed and makes it easy to combine data from different sources.

Turning once again to this survey, it is clear that there are not so many respondents using GraphQL, but almost every one of them wants to continue working with it. What is more interesting, 62% of respondents heard about this library and are interested in studying it.

Now, not much is heard about it, but experts assure that GraphQL has grown significantly compared to previous years. Therefore, it is worth paying attention to it. Perhaps soon the demand for relevant specialists will be higher.

Svelte in 2020

A little-known, but very promising framework. The main developer is Richard Harris, better known as the author of the previously popular RactiveJS. A key feature of Svelte is the very small file size due to the shorter code.

If you write, for example, on React, as a result, you get the code for the application and the framework. Without the latter, the application will not work. In other words, the framework is the code that provides the application.
The idea of Svelte is that it is only a tool for creating code. After creating the application, it can exist separately from Svelte. The framework will only be applied if edits are made.

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