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06 January 2023

10 Common Off-Page SEO Techniques for 2021

Are you looking to do the off page seo techniques in 2021?
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Off-page SEO or the so-called external website optimization is a set of measures external to the site, which is aimed at increasing website traffic by the target audience from various search engines (Google,, Rambler, Bing and others) for queries that reflect the need of customers to purchase services and goods that the site is promoting. It is important to remember that with external optimization, it is not the structure of the site that undergoes changes, but the external environment, which is demonstrated by various English versions of the name of this process (for example, Off page SEO).

Now that we have figured out the terminology, let's get down to business and answer the question: what should entrepreneurs own in order to establish external SEO optimization to make site website effective?

1. Search engine optimization for mobile devices

The demand for site search via mobile devices is constantly increasing. However, at the moment, the number of truly high-quality mobile sites is not just limited - it is negligible, because many web pages do not work correctly. It is for this reason that experts recommend starting development with a version for mobile devices, and only then putting into circulation work with desktops. This step will help to avoid most of the problems associated with slow or incorrect loading. founder Chris Jones focuses on the frequent use of mobile devices by users to find information. This is what explains the priority of mobile traffic and sites.

However, you need to work not only with latest SEO trends, but also with output, while evaluating mobile search results. All these steps will make it possible to analyze all competitive sites and choose the appropriate optimization methods.

2. User experience design and the technical side of SEO

Also, at the moment, the importance of the quality of UX - user experience design is increasing. By 2021, the importance of this factor will reach its climax. It is important to learn more about UX- design trends in 2021. Most likely, most information sites will have to redesign, since the bulk of customers comes after a high-quality visual of the site.

SEOPlus + co-founder Brock Murray agrees with this view and points out the following:

3. Optimization focused on Knowledge Graph by Google

If you decide to chase the latest innovative trends and optimize for the Knowledge Graph, then you will have to thoroughly study all the issues that are related to databases and the space in which the site operates. Next, you should select the elements to which the information published on the site is linked. This is done in order to satisfy the needs of users, and this in turn has a positive effect on all work processes.

4. E-A-T

At the moment, most search engines are customized to take into account both the overall quality of the content and the experience, competence, qualifications of the authors who publish it as authorized representatives of the company. To assess reputation, most likely, the increasingly popular universal formula E-A-T will be used. This abbreviation stands for as follows:

Priority areas are reputation, service level and all other characteristics that relate to the quality of the company's work. When forming an opinion, you need to take into account customer reviews, content quality, as well as - and this is perhaps the most important - internal site errors that may relate to security level, loading and other aspects. For example, Path Interactive draws attention to the fact that companies that work with YMYL queries will find it difficult to get into organic search results if they attract insufficiently experienced performers who are not professional and objectively insufficiently qualified to work with a given theme. If in other areas an inexperienced employee still has the opportunity to fill their gaps, then in the field of YMYL queries aimed at protecting the well-being of users, expertise is of great importance, since it will allow you to meet the specified requirements of the search engine.

Nowadays, in trend is such a typically human criterion as trust in the author, which cannot be deceived if you are not ready for an instantly organized series of failures organized by those who are busy fighting untruthful, irrelevant and dangerous content for the user. This means that in the near future YMYL requests will break all records of demand and popularity, which means that their use will not only bring practical benefits, but, being heard by customers, will give customers confidence in the safety and honesty of the services provided.

5. Using structured data

2021 disposes to pay attention not only to the quality of content, but also to its structure, the structure of its data. Structuring helps search engines better understand the content, in particular the relationship between blocks and elements, links to other pages, etc. Using the ever-improving micro-markup is also a good step. At the same time, misuse of this tool will be punishable at the legislative level, therefore, only licensed services and plugins should be used in the work.

6. Programming languages

If there is a need to reduce time costs, then next year it is worth paying attention to programming languages such as Python and R, since they are not only easy to learn and use, but also effective. For example, Paul Shapiro, director of SEO at Catalyst, points out that basic programming knowledge can help make the work of SEO professionals even more efficient. They will be able to work with a variety of information sources, use elements of machine learning, etc.

7. Google's BERT algorithm

Google assures that the implementation of the BERT ranking algorithm is the biggest breakthrough in the last 5 years and perhaps the most significant achievement in the history of search engines. More information on how to start using the BERT ranking algorithm is provided by the official Google blog. The challenge facing BERT is natural language processing, that is, solving natural language processing problems.

The launch of this algorithm took place at the end of 2019, and since then it has not lost its popularity. At its core, Bert is a special search engine algorithm that is designed to improve the relevance of search results due to the ability to analyze not key phrases, but whole sentences that must be long enough to form context. The system does not recognize a short brand name or a query of one or two words. To achieve a more impressive result, a neural network is used, which is able to endow the search engine with understanding, including in different languages, and not only English language, considered international now.

The most promising option for optimizing a site for this algorithm is adapting texts for people and expanding the semantic core of the page. This will bring more traffic to pages with structured content, intuitive content access and placement, taking into account the information architecture.

Significantly, experts advise not to focus on BERT, but to remember and take into account the user's requests as an end consumer. This algorithm is a huge step towards a search that adapts to the user's plans, and not general keywords and phrases, because quality content will be considered one that is 100% consistent with the needs of all users. It shouldn't be presented as a collection of incoherent phrases or words, different keyword pickers and other tools also fade into the background. Direct and indirect communication with users, which will allow us to understand their mood and requirements, becomes a fundamentally important step. A keyword list will definitely not be enough. It is also important to demonstrate that the business is completely on the client's side: online help, client protection, consultations, and much more.

The year 2021 prepares us for the fact that specialists working in the field of SEO will have to expand their professional horizons, study new materials, combine marketing, digital strategy and business as a whole.

8. Quality improvement, focus on Zero-click

The problem of issuing Zero-click arose in many sites back in 2019, in 2020 it persisted and turned into a trend that can be expected to continue in 2021. At the same time, calling Zero-click a problem is an exaggeration, since if a specialist is ready to adapt to dynamic changes, then he will be able to provide the user with the maximum amount of useful information in the search engine results without actually switching. It also makes sense to work with external information, since tools such as meta tags, development of micro-markup and many others become available.

9. Optimization and quality

SearchEngine Journal reasonably claims that content has been, is and will be a permanent part of promotion. It is used in the structure of the site, on web pages, for interlinking. WrightIMC supports this opinion. It states that the professionals who create content must generate more than just valuable and, above all, relevant content.

Perficient Digital are of the opinion that there is a need to create better content on the topic promoted by the site. Thus, the site will "like" Google, which will stimulate the promotion of long queries. Such content helps to solve the main problems of users, and this, in turn, has a positive effect on the ROI and loyalty of search engines.

Professionals, in turn, give the following recommendations:

Experts in 2021 must change their view of the quality of the information presented, be able to check it for usefulness and relevance in the current realities, as well as the presence of such a phenomenon as cannibalization, because if you miss this moment, sooner or later the pages will begin to compete with each other.
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