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14 November 2021

Tophatter Clone App — How to build an App like Tophatter?

Are you looking to do the tophatter clone?
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Tophatter is a free online auction where bids always start at $ 1 and last only 90 seconds, making bidding fast and fun. In this article we will tell you how to clone application, what is needed for this, and how much such development costs approximately.

Step 1: studying the features of Tophatter

When project founders Ashwin Kumar (CEO) and Chris Estreich (CTO) launched their online auction, they knew they needed to offer users something unique. Something that will allow a new startup to stand out from eBay, Amazon and other marketplaces. Ashwin Kumar and Chris Estreich decided to focus on the feeling of excitement and fun that arises when you place a bet on an auction lot in the last seconds of trading.

To give buyers this feeling on an ongoing basis, it was decided to make all auctions very fast, so they all last around 90 seconds. In addition, it was also decided to set a starting price of $ 1 for all lots to make the bidding attractively profitable: it's hard not to bet on a brand new PlayStation, iPhone or Porsche if it's only $ 1.

With what else does Tophatter stand out from the competition:

Step 2: define the service business model

According to Forbes, the Tophatter marketplace earns $ 300 million a year from auctions thanks to a well-chosen niche and the right monetization model, which includes the following elements:

When launching your own clone of Tophatter, you can use the same online auction monetization model or use other approaches.

Step 3: defining the functionality of the Tophatter clone

Functionality for sellers:

Functionality for buyers:

Functionality for the administrator:

A complete list of Tophatter technologies can be found at

Step 5: start developing a clone of the Tophatter app

Online auctions are a highly competitive market where success can only be achieved with an application with a unique design and well-developed functionality. Such software can only be created through custom development within the state or by an outsourced full-cycle development company. Where to look and how to choose a technical partner is described in detail and with examples in our article: «How to choose a developer company?».

After you choose a developer company, you can start directly implementing the Tophatter clone in code. This process usually consists of six steps:

  1. Signing a contract. At this stage, you (as a customer) discuss with the development company (executor) the terms of reference, development terms, payment method and cost of the project, KPI, etc., and then document the agreements reached in the contract.

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