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24 January 2023

Software Development Trends 2019

Are you looking to do the software development trends 2019?
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Software development is an industry that is different from programming. Therefore, before we talk about trends that are relevant at this time, it is worth to distinguish between these fields a bit. In short, all software developers are able to program, but not all programmers are able to create programs. Software developers are people who don't just write software. They look at this issue more globally and act in regards to such two aspects:
- the repletion of wants;
- problem-solving.

Proceeding from these basic features, trends will develop like this both in the future and in the following years. This is a strategic direction. And we propose to consider in this article its tactical features in 2019.

Feel the trends

Modern business ideas, like other branches, is increasingly focused on results. Specialists who offer super-complex solutions and thus “build themselves up” are no longer interesting. There is a growing demand for pros who solve problems quickly, efficiently and qualitatively. Even if you need a difficult and long path, it must be really justified.

Just as a real martial artist understands that the best solution to a problem is without a fight, so a professional software developer understands that not every task needs a program. In some cases, a program that already exists may be used. For specific purposes, you can combine several programs. And there are some problems for the solution of which several new programs need to be developed.

For a software developer, it is very important to have a strategic vision of the indicated questions. In 2019 (and probably later too), will be appreciated those professionals, who know how to act proactively. In other words, a competent developer creates such software that is relevant not only at the moment but also with serious consideration provides a serious view of the problems and issues that can arise in the future. This is extremely important for large enterprises that need computer programs for solving multi-level tasks.

A professional software developer who has studied the trends of the coming year is a person whose level of training has proper universalism. Such a pro equally successful creates software for work automation in small enterprises and implements complex solutions for large information systems.

Current programming languages 2019

In the development trends of software in the coming year will dominate the trend connected with the automation of business processes. According to many experts, artificial intelligence technologies are one of the promising directions for online stores.

Chatbots will also be in great demand. Mobile and desktop online stores will use such tools even more actively. One of the important aspects related to software development concerns popular programming languages. For those who follow the trends, it will not be a surprise that we will see JavaScript again in the top. It is optimal for the development of not only the desktop but mobile applications. This tool remains popular, in part due to the libraries/frameworks:
- React.js;
- Angular;
- Vue.js.

It is expected that in the future of the web development JavaScript will maintain its own popularity.

Also among the current programming languages will be Python. More and more developers are paying attention to it. This is not strange, because the tool has a number of fairly significant advantages. In Python, it's convenient not only to work on creating a project but also to support it. A medium-sized business using IT services should pay attention to it.

In addition to Python and JavaScript, among popular programming languages remains Go - a development by Google, with which you can successfully create applications that support parallel computing. Well-known companies are already developing applications for Android by Kotlin. This programming language is optimal from the point of view that has a simplified syntax. Its simplicity promotes the successful application in the mobile development industry.

Source of the data

Clean code

Regardless of the purpose for which a specialist is studying code, the modern field of graphics and software development requires skills related to writing clean code. Industry expert Oana Burtz explains this trend with understandable and practical reasons. Other specialists will not experience difficulties in maintenance-friendly and clean code. It is easy to maintain and advantageous for filling with new functionality. This promotes successful development.

There are discussions about what should be understood by clean code. Signs in which experts agree are as follows:
- accessibility in understanding;
- ease in modifications;
- simplicity at the testing stage;
- correct work.

If a developer can write code with comments that are understandable to colleagues, this opens up great perspectives for him. In 2019, the demand for such specialists will further increase. They will have excellent opportunities to work on high-paying projects in tech or design art space.

Return of functional programming

Experts noted this process as far back as 2018, but now the trend continues to influence the sphere. And in 2019 it will probably become even more entrenched. Expert Jordan Bach, who works in the DevOps engineering industry, says that programming languages are already defined in this category. Emphasis will be placed on tasks such as:
- providing a compressed and expressive syntax;
- qualitative error checking during the compilation process;
- parallel computing support.

Although this programming area is related to advanced technologies, it also provides the following languages:
- Clojure;
- Scala;
- Haskell.

There are a number of other tools that are characteristic of this trend in programming. As for the signs by which it is recognized, among them:
- Combining of clean functions.
- Preference by specialists not imperative, but declarative approach.
- Avoiding such things as: shared distance, side effects, mutable data.

On the one hand, functional programming opens up new possibilities. But on the other - it is difficult to comprehend for many professionals. For example, you can hear opinions that the functional programming is like writing backwards. Sometimes it is also compared more with the solution of a certain puzzle, than with the “explanation” of the required process by the computer. Therefore, it is not strange at all that this area is sometimes difficult to grasp even by those developers who have sufficient experience.

In addition to the advantages in the form of new features, the specialist needs to understand the disadvantages of the functional programming for which it should be prepared. Among them:
- Absence of an effective unordered dictionary, as well as a plurality.
- Unacceptability for algorithms on graphs.
- Unacceptability in general for those decisions that were based on the imperative principle of programming.

Defenders of the functional programming, as opposed to the second and third arguments, argue that these aspects are not disadvantages, and functional programming should not be used in what it was not originally intended for. They also suggest the following arguments in favor of the functional programming:
- High-level abstractions.
- Shorter code and, consequently, lesser risk of errors.
- Fewer language primitives.
- Flexibility of language structures and its plasticity.

For those professionals who do not yet have functional programming, but are going to try, it is recommended to start with simple tasks. This will allow you to “get hand in it” before moving on to more serious tasks.


For those software developers who want to stay in the industry, you need to prepare for the fact that they will have to work in a rapidly changing trends. If someone starts saying that development trends have stalled, it will be very unreasonable, since change not only tactical but also strategic approaches.

In many ways, 2019 will continue the trend of the previous one. It will be significant in the development segment with a tool like JavaScript. The revival of functional programming will also be a significant direction for the industry.

It is important to note that, despite the many software developers, there are really few people with obvious technical talent and perspective vision. But those who really fall into this category will be able to quickly move up the career ladder and count on excellent earnings in large IT companies. For this you will need:
- Be able to develop software suitable for solving not only flow problems, but also hypothetical future.
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