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28 December 2022

Off Page SEO Trends, Techniques for 2020

Are you looking to do the SEO Trends 2020?
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Every year there are changes in the search engines, the crawlers become more efficient due to changes in the methods of analyzing information on sites. Moreover, even data retrieval methods take on a new look. The Internet does not stand still in all senses, creating new trends.

Search optimization, in particular, creates new SEO Techniques for web services in 2021. Site owners who want to maintain their high ranking and traffic always follow these trends. Otherwise, not only traffic will fall, but also competitiveness.
What should we expect in SEO Trends and Techniques for 2020? SEO Trends Predictions 2020 are:

  1. Smartphone Orientation

  2. Load speed

  3. Brand reputation

  4. Protection of personal information

  5. Advertising

  6. Keywords

  7. Geo-targeting

  8. Adding video

The year 2019 has already shown several major search engine optimization directions. Until 2020 is still far away. But now it makes sense to explore future SEO trends. Will there be any new items? Something will remain in place? What will go out of fashion? And most importantly - how to apply this knowledge to maintain a high level of the site?

Smartphone Orientation

I can say that this is one of the main trends in almost any area that concerns IT. Web development, UI / UX design, video placement and much more is created taking into account the service visit via smartphone. No wonder that this factor has an impact on SEO.

You ask how the device view affects SEO?

The adaptability of the site today can be tested in many ways. Search engines do an excellent job with this. Given the frequency of visiting web pages via mobile devices, search engines prefer the most adaptable sites.

How does Google indexing work. Source of the image

It is noteworthy that the search engines take into account not only the overall adaptability, but also each individual element. The view of the navigation bar, the placement of the main buttons, the ease of reading text and viewing the media, the page loading speed on a mobile device - each component deserves special attention for search engines.

Therefore, when developing or optimizing a site, it is necessary to work on its adaptability. It is important to provide this feature within the same version, and not to create a separate version for smartphones. Since search engines also distinguish these variations and cast such sites back a few lines.

In addition to adaptability, you need to pay attention to the speed of loading the site. It depends on how quickly the user will get the desired result. Search engines are primarily focused on the user because it is important for them to understand how quickly the web page and its tools load.

An example of the analysis of the site loading speed. Source of the image

Experts believe that the speed of loading the main page has a direct impact on the rating of the site. Often, auditors were hired to evaluate this indicator. But today, search engines go to meet developers. In particular, Google services allow you to diagnose in seconds.

Page Speed Insight analyzes the site loading speed on the same principle as the search engine itself. Therefore, the correction of all the problems indicated by this service will lead to a significant increase in the rating.

Brand reputation

Search technologies have taken a huge step forward and have long ago moved away from simple keyword analysis. In the promotion strategy, they occupy far from the very first lines. The search engine must be convinced almost at the same level with a real person. Thus, the reputation of the brand will be part of SEO.

Yes, search engines have long put forward sites that are well advertised and also have positive reviews. However, we all know about buying positive comments. It is practically not surprising that today the AI can appreciate the reality of a review.

The reputation of the brand is now evaluated according to a different tactic, in which reviews on the forums occupy far from the very first place. Among the key elements are the following:

All this information can be found on the network, which means that the crawlers can evaluate the site.

Far from news that reputation needs to work hard. But today its role is growing even more. Simple TV commercials could fool a lot of consumers. Artificial intelligence is impossible to deceive. Because for SEO-promotion a little to create a real reputation.

Protection of personal information

The GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) is an EU regulation that regulates the protection of users' personal information. First of all, it is aimed at increasing the control over personal data directly by the person himself. However, this ruling found its reflection in the search promotion.

The security of personal data is one of the most important issues that interest users when working with the service. In the network, and so simply enough to find a lot of information about a person. But there is data that needs to be kept secret regardless of the era:

Assess the security of the service today is not difficult. First of all, you can analyze the statistics of attacks on the site, or rather their result. Also, well-founded complaints of users about the disclosure of personal data or their use for illegal purposes say a lot.

Stages of control of personal data protection. Source of the image

Again, search engines are user-oriented, so they will not offer to visit a site with a low level of protection. Accordingly, to promote your project on the first page of the search engine, you need to take care of the security of the service:

Compliance with this minimum will significantly increase the rating of the site. In addition, the user will receive a guarantee of anonymity, which later will improve the reputation of the service, which was already mentioned above.


90% of web services make a profit from advertising on their pages. Even on reputable news portals you can stumble upon any banner. There are no prohibitions, and users are accustomed to this tradition. But there are small rules for advertising.

The quantity and quality of PR on sites is an important indicator for search engines. Here’s what Google’s advertising requirements look like:

  1. Do not post prohibited content. Popularization of fakes, dangerous goods and services, malware, discrimination of any type, threats, advertising programs for traffic cheating and other similar content is a black list of search engines.

  2. Do not circumvent the protection against malignant advertising. Creating links to sites created solely for advertising, promotion of pages for the purpose of receiving positive comments, collecting data through links and banners, distorting facts in order to attract traffic is clearly defined by crawlers. Because you should not invent workarounds.

  3. Proper placement of content with restrictions. In this case, it is necessary to take into account the features of the target audience of your service (age, culture, legal provisions, etc.).

  4. Visual appearance. Advertising should not interfere with the user. There are clear rules for the size of banners, location on the screen, typography and much more.

More information on each item can be found on the Google Support page.

The results of Google's fight against malignant advertising. Source of the image

As I said, users are accustomed to advertising and have learned not to notice it. But very often, PR-managers go beyond and put the banner right in the face. For example, before downloading the main page of some, an advertisement of some bookmaker may be displayed.

Crawlers instantly respond to such violations Crawlers and spiders already recognize graphics and illustrations. It is noteworthy that they discard such sites almost at the end of the rating. This trend is not new. But with the development of marketing, it plays an increasingly important role in SEO promotion.


The search engine gives relevant results, because keywords also play an important role. In this case, I will not tell anything remarkable new, because the developers have long understood how to use keywords for qualitative indexing of the service. But in 2020, voice search will have a big impact on this.

Text requests look like a chaotic set of words. Therefore, it is very often possible to stumble upon an inappropriate article by entering a similar query. Site owners use this skillfully, observing the frequency of using the most popular keywords.

How does Google indexing by keywords work. Source of the image

But voice search has a different look. The user forms the request as a complete offer. It is much more difficult to bypass this system, since an irrelevant sentence cannot be inserted into the meta-desk or even text. However, the service needs to be optimized for voice search.

First of all, you need to analyze the most popular voice requests, since they may differ among themselves. Also it is necessary to take into account the frequency of their implementation in comparison with the text. Users are increasingly resorting to voice search. Because the content must be placed in accordance with the voice search.


Increasingly, users do not turn off geo-location on their devices. Some aimed to include it to improve the efficiency of information retrieval. It is noteworthy that sometimes Google itself suggests including location to provide more accurate results.

Therefore, today the site should be given a clear location, especially if it is associated with some physical place (for example, a restaurant or a gym). Your establishment may not be the most popular. But the search engine will display it in the first lines of the results, if it turns out to be the closest option for the user.

Especially effective it works in conjunction with voice search. In text queries, we always enter the city or district in which you need to find some kind of service. But in a voice search, the location is often ignored in the request, because the geo-location is turned on.

Adding video

Saturation of video content services is one of the main trends of 2020 UI / UX design. According to surveys, users more understand and trust the product, the essence of which is described by a short clip, rather than text. Marketers also claim that traffic grows with the addition of relevant videos.

The video, in the user's understanding, is a concise construct. Thanks to it, you can more quickly obtain detailed information about the service or product. Because they are more likely to visit projects that contain video content. Accordingly, search engines give a higher rating to such sites.


There are many changes in the digital world. They have a significant impact on search engine optimization. Some trends are not the first year, while others have appeared relatively recently. Until 2020, it is impossible to foresee the future and accurately. But all of the above should not be missed when optimizing your service.
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