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09 January 2023

Project Management Trends 2019

Are you looking to do the project managment trends 2019?
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Project management refers to those areas from which the success of a modern business depends. Different elements of business strategies can be improved on their own, but without quality project management they will be non-systemic and disjointed.

Therefore, any leader and his team should keep their hands on the pulse of the latest project management tendencies. This will provide an opportunity to respond in a timely manner to the dynamism of the market and adapt their strategies to real circumstances. Based on those trends that are relevant now, you can make predictions for the near future.

Growth of strategic influence of managers

From specialists who manage projects, you need to show more strategic thinking. This is due to the fact that the organizational structure of companies is now becoming less hierarchical.

In a large number of middle managers simply no longer need. And project managers take on part of their responsibilities. This means that now among the tasks of the project manager is to think in general about the organization.

There is even a rethinking of this activity. And the specialization itself gradually turns into a "manager who manages the creation of value". We have already spoken about this in the best content marketing trends in 2020. In fact, such a person is now responsible not only for financial results but also for a certain philosophy of the project. This is more complicated, but, at the same time, more interesting.

Managing Change

Modern business in general and the field of Internet marketing, in particular, require very flexible thinking. Any project leaves a trace in the company's activity that makes it change. This is logical because we are talking about the impact of new accumulated experience on the development of a common strategy.

The trend of today's effective project management is the ability to work in changing conditions and to accumulate the results of these changes. At the same time, this circumstance opens a new problem - it is very difficult to find those people who have experience of qualitative work in changing conditions.

Knowledge and trends become more flexible. Trends are changing rapidly. Therefore, project managers have to accumulate new experience already in the process of working on projects.

In fact, this is tantamount to learning new in practice. A high level of adaptability becomes an integral part of the professional portrait of the project manager.

The increasing complexity of projects

This trend is quite multifaceted and unusual. Its unusual is that projects become more complex for those who perform them, but they should be simply explained to the target audience.

Only those professionals who are able in a simple form to present complex things to customers will be able to build effective strategies for Internet promotion.

Target audience does not need to go deep. It is focused on meeting your needs. This is important to understand in the work on the project.

Investing in employee skills

To the company was really successful, it is now only enough to focus on the needs of customers. The need for employees in professional self-development should also be ensured. The key success elements for hard and complex projects like crypto development. Learn more here.

Invitation of top-level trainers and experts, payment of additional training at master classes and professional tech conferences - all this now belongs to the priorities of not only Internet giants, but also small companies.

Interaction in the teams is transformed, and management understands that long-term relationships with one team are much more effective than accessing the services of outside specialists.

It is better to train your own employee a new knowledge, the implementation of which will be among his duties. It is much more profitable than constantly paying for the additional services of competent specialists who do not work in your company's staff.

New client relationship format

In modern companies, not only the boundaries of hierarchical relations in groups are eroding. The "customer-company" relationship is no longer the same as it used to be. Now customers are turning into full partners. Everything of this for us show an ICO and a crypto. Consider it before starting and creation of cryptocurrency.

This is to some extent due to the fact that ordinary people who are not PR managers and journalists take an active part in creating content.

Therefore, companies with great logos can no longer count on the fact that they will manage their reputation in the Internet segment independently. Opinion and audience assessment are often the predominant factor. People are more likely to trust information from other people than from the company.

One of the tasks of project management in 2019 will be the detailed development of those ways to encourage an active loyal audience that produces content about the brand. This will encourage customers to share their opinions and opinions. In fact, you will get an audience that will partly take on the role of your PR manager.

Development of design thinking

This type of thinking will help you develop solutions for which integrated approaches are used. They can be borrowed from engineering practices in combination with ideas from the field of art, business, social sciences.

For those professionals who manage projects, design thinking is very important, because it is an instrument for several important tasks:
Develop the essence of the project;
Definitions of requirements;
Search for solutions for atypical problems that may arise during work.

Companies that occupy a leading position in the modern market, help their project managers to master the approaches of web design or design management, as well as the introduction of innovations in management activities. Design thinking and design managements are a bit different than you may consider a graphic design.

Distributed work in global commands

At the present time, a fairly common trend is when an international team is working on one project. For the information technology industry, this trend has already become a norm.

Therefore, successful project managers have to put a lot of effort into setting up a team consisting of people living in different time zones and separated by a language barrier.

Training of project specialists from non-project industries

Perhaps, the formed principle sounds somewhat paradoxical. However, in modern business it is very important that specialists from different industries understand the features of project thinking, if they work in the same team.

Now master this type of thinking is not only the heads of projects, sales departments, logistics and marketing. Understand these principles should be to all employees, regardless of the position in which they are located.

Accounting for recent research results

The study, entitled "Pulse of the Profession 2017", has formed those trends in project management that will be relevant for the next few years. The survey involved 3,234 specialists from different countries and industries. As a result, the following trends were identified:
Managing the implementation of benefits. It is not enough just to monitor the completion of the project on time and "fit" it into the planned budget. It is very important that the accomplished task brings real benefits to the business. Modern companies are actively working on the formation of their long-term strategies. And although they have to adapt to the work under conditions of change, it is very important that each project conforms to this overall strategic concept;
Active involvement of the sponsor. This is not just about financial participation. The sponsor, who is interested in the very process of implementing the project, is some kind of its driver and catalyst;
Talent management. The formal approach to project management is increasingly moving to the background. Therefore, companies are adapting to new methods of training their employees and taking advantage of their potential in working on projects;

Using the Agile Approach. This aspect is very important and requires more detailed consideration.

Agile Approach is a collective term, which includes several principles and methods. Among them:
Focus of the team of specialists on the needs and objectives of the company's customers;
Simplification of processes and organizational structure (above, we have already mentioned that companies are becoming less hierarchical in their approaches to building teams);
Division of the workflow into short cycles with specific tasks;
Focus on feedback and active use of its results;
• Increase the authority of members of the work team;
• Introduction of a humanistic approach to the company's philosophy (in the definition and realization of values, corporate relations, interaction with customers).

To ensure that the Agile approach is implemented as efficiently as possible, every employee of the company must understand the concept of the project and the portrait of the target audience.
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