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16 January 2023

Top Most Popular Programming Languages in 2019 to Learn

Are you looking to do the programming languages 2019?
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The world of developers consistently falls under metamorphosis. Some trends appear, others - lose their relevance, and others - transform. However, some tools remain popular for a long time. Unlike many other trends directly or indirectly related to IT, here the changes are not so rapid. This is logical because IT-products themselves have usually subjected to more dynamic transformations, rather than the tools with which they are created. As for tools, for them is important universality. Also for programming languages, usability isn’t less relevant. Developers want to work with clear and functional tools. Earlier we wrote about trends in web design.

To keep abreast of important trends and not to lose professionalism, programmers should keep track of those programming languages that are in demand. It is also important to keep track of new items that successfully compete with recognized and common tools.
Top Most Popular Programming Languages to Learn are:

  1. Solidity

  2. JavaScript

  3. Java

  4. PHP

  5. >C#

  6. Swift

  7. Kotlin

  8. ython

  9. C++

  10. Go

Top programming languages

When newcomers are faced with a number of modern programming languages, they often don’t know where to look first. This isn’t strange, because there are more than 500 such of programming languages. But this does not mean that a novice specialist needs to snatch at the study “all at once”. And such an approach would have been simply impossible in this industry. Because the best is to get acquainted with the top options and their application areas. After that, it will be much easier to decide in which direction you want to try your hand and, accordingly, which programming languages are needed for this. Among the current trends that will continue to affect in 2019 will be 9 most popular programming languages.


If you once were interested in cryptocurrency or blockchain and its application in our realities, then you probably heard about such a blockchain as Ethereum. It is remarkable that it first allowed to create smart contracts on its platform, without relying on third parties. Solidity is the programming language for writing such contracts: marriage, buying / selling real estate, transferring money. Anonymous, secure and encrypted. According to our data, Solidity will become the number 1 language in the use of the blockchain. Other platforms will also pick it up and distribute it.

By the way, the syntax of this language is very similar to Javascript, and what's more interesting is simpler.


JavaScript is next on the Top most popular programming languages to learn. If you have a website with interactive elements, animation, rolling letters, and other similar objects, such a resource was created using JavaScript. This programming language is widespread. Also important is the fact that knowledge of it is necessary for a successful start in the branch of WEB-development. Many front-end frameworks use javascript. For example: angular, react, vue. Also, back-end frameworks: node.js, express.js etc.


It has been among the leaders of the TIOBE Index, a respected ranking of programming languages for a long time. Universality is uppermost among the reasons for such demand. By Java can be written:
- complex programs;
- games;
- desktop applications.
Those who wish to learn a truly functional and universal programming language should turn their attention to Java.

Source of the data


This is another excellent choice for those who want to understand the trends of web development. Exactly with the help of this programming language is written, 70% of Internet resources. The server side of sites, applications and large projects (even the Facebook level) are developed using this programming language.
The popularity of this tool is largely owing to the high level of demand for WordPress templates. They are used for online stores and other types of sites.

A developer who has the skills to work with PHP can create sites consisting of elements such as:
- templates;
- content;
- separate files.

The advantage of PHP, which provides ease of interaction with it, is the lack of strict rules by writing code. The flexibility of the tool becomes an important advantage thanks to which the PHP programming language is among the most popular.


It was developed by Microsoft and is designed to create modern graphic applications based on the platform from the same company. By the way, the Bing search engine was “written” using this language. Also, the tool is used to develop games with amazing logos - both familiar computers and mobile. Experts note that the programming language is good for projects using the Unity 3D engine. Although this language is not as popular as, for example, Java, its knowledge is required for employment in many IT companies, as well as IT departments of banks. This tool is often used in the electronic commerce branch.


This programming language gained hit stride in popularity in just a few years. Many iOS developers are now switching to it. The tool is the development of Apple. Despite the fact that in many characteristics Swift has similarities with Objective-C, it has enough advantages over its “rival”. One of them is the simplification of the work of professionals involved in the development of gaming products for the AppStore, as well as the applications of the native type.


Not so long ago, this tool was able to acquire support for Android. This fact was recorded and adopted by many mobile application developers. If the Swift programming language managed to occupy half of the market at an operational rate, then Kotlin also has many chances to move the “rivals”. For example, are known predictions that in the near future, it will be able to compete in terms of demand for Java in the mobile development industry. Even now, many IT companies operating in this segment are pushing developers for possession of not only Java but also Kotlin.


Many experts believe that the future of web development exactly behind this language. Machine learning, as well as BigData analytics, are branches of the tool use. Therefore, it is safe to assume that it will remain popular not only in the coming years but also in the decades.

In schools with advanced computer science courses, they introduce children to programming languages, starting with Python. It is no coincidence. It is easy to learn, and children with its help have the opportunity to solve simple programming problems. Python knowledge stimulates:
- system thinking skills;
- ability to understand algorithms;
- understanding of the principles of data structuring.

Among those giant organizations that use the Python language, it is worth noting Cisco, Intel, Hewlett-Packard. They appreciated how simple and flexible this tool is. Another important advantage of the described programming language is its versatility. The wide popularity of Python is due precisely to this factor, besides the listed aspects. It is suitable for:
- computing work in researches;
- software development;
- creation of websites;
- computer games development.

Such universality clearly will not leave this programming language behind the others in the near future.


This tool appeared much earlier than many others. At the same time, it still does not cease to be in demand among developers. This programming language was developed back in 1983. Considering how changeable is the sphere, such persistence cannot be ignored. Therefore, the stable presence of C++ in the ratings of perspective programming languages clearly indicates that it possesses those advantages that have not lost their relevance even now.
Examples of successful projects where C++ was used include Amazon, Adobe, Chrome, Windows. These names themselves already say a lot. For example, our company uses C++ to develop complex cryptocurrency exchange platforms.

The range of use of applications written in C++ is very wide. It is involved in the software development of:
- financial industry;
- trade;
- the industry of commercial systems functioning;
- development of gaming IT products.

For those who develop games, this language is very important. If you are not engaged in this business as a hobby, but in the role of income, knowledge of C++ does not hurt. The great functionality and many useful features provided by C++ knowledge “cover” the fact that the language is difficult to learn. Indeed, to master it, you need to spend a lot of time and effort. But at the same time, it will open up wonderful prospects.


An application coded in Go is easy to maintain in the future. First of all, it is due to its clean and simple syntax. It is worth noting that Go is developed and supported by Google. Many developers are working on improving the language. Go has the largest cloud infrastructure. Thus, it is quite easy to scale projects in this language. The following companies use the Go programming language: Abode, BBC, IBM, Intel, and Medium.

The tool is in demand among those developers who put a priority on:
- consideration of multitasking in the development process;
- clarity and simplicity of syntax;
- the uniqueness of the code, which is simple in understanding, which means in the study too.

Future of programming languages

Trends in popular programming languages are areas in which ultrafast transformations are impossible. This is due to the fact that we are talking about multi-functional tools that allow the development of IT products. A quick change of tools is impossible itself since it would lead to chaos in the whole industry and the impossibility of scratchpad retraining of specialists.

Thus, changes in the programming language segment cannot be faster than at a pace that is natural for the industry. This happens much more slowly than, for example, in web design or trends concerning the structure of sites. Tools will always be transformed not as rapidly as a product that is created with their help. Such regularity is quite logical.
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