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24 January 2023

Mobile App Development Trends Predictions 2020 to Watch For

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Technology is changing our way of life. Mobile applications have a particular impact on this. Some facilitate daily activity (reminders, a call for an ambulance or a simple order of coffee), while others simply help to kill time (if there is free time at all). But without all of them, it’s hard to imagine today's existence.

Mobile apps are the culture we are used to. Their development was not a bubble, like Bitcoin. It is also not a temporary trend, doomed to exhaustion, like an iPhone battery running iOS 11.
What should we expect in Mobile App and Game Development Trends in 2020? Mobile App Development Trends Predictions 2020 are:

  1. Cloud Storage Development

  2. Mobile Wallets and Payment Gateways

  3. Blockchain

  4. Augmented Reality

  5. Applications "on-demand"

  6. iBeacon

  7. Chat bots integration

With the start of the 5G trial, the mobile application development field will go through a lot of changes. The implementation of new technologies will change the development methods. In other words, 2020 will bring many new trends in all areas, including the creation of mobile applications.

Cloud Storage Development

Ordinary users do not always need a cloud. It is used quite rarely to store the most valuable data. But surprisingly, some large corporations still use traditional servers to provide their infrastructure. Hosting local servers has become slow in the modern era.

Cloud Integration Market Turnover. Source of the image

Cloud integration will allow you to run several large-scale servers at the same time without loss of speed. Other features include the following:

Inclusion of the cloud in the company's servers is becoming increasingly available. Mobile applications expand their functionality and capabilities, it is possible to synchronize with other devices. Because they are becoming more demanding.

Against this background, cloud integration is expected to become part of mobile application development in 2020.

Mobile Wallets and Payment Gateways

Plastic cards at one time almost completely replaced the cash (except for small payments). But very quickly they were replaced by settlements with mobile phones. Apple Pay and Google Pay are two technologies that surprise no one today. They allow you to pay for purchases much faster, and also eliminate the need to carry along a bunch of cards.

But payment services have reached a new level. Today, people often use not only cash or bank cards, but e-wallets like Payer, as well as cryptocurrency. If in England payment by Bitcoin is still in question, in the USA or Japan this method is not new. It was a good startup idea.

The advantages of mobile wallets for business. Source of the image

Therefore, many companies are already beginning to create applications, introducing alternative methods of payment into them. Also, mobile wallets are developed based on key payment methods.

Their main advantage is an enhanced level of security compared to mobile banking. People like to have alternatives when making digital payments. That’s why a number of companies (including banks) offer support for payments made using cryptocurrency.

Payments via smartphones are starting to generate more revenue than credit or debit cards. That’s why the development of relevant applications is one of the main points of the strategies of most existing companies.


This technology is one of the best discoveries of recent years. Blockchain provides almost the highest level of security, improves application performance, and speeds up data transfer. Again, it serves as the basis for cryptocurrency transactions, which today are considered the most secure.
However, today it is used not only for cryptocurrency. Thus, the blockchain allows you to create decentralized mobile applications. They can not be controlled from one point, and hacking will require huge costs that can not pay off.

Why is this the absolute trend of mobile application development? Because several smartphones have already been released, based on the blockchain. Among such Finney from Sirin Labs, HTC Exodus and BitVault from Swiss Bank.

Blockchain smartphones have not yet gained such high popularity, which is used by Apple or Huawei. But it is likely that soon these market giants will also release a model based on the blockchain.

Thanks to effective synchronization, high security and flexibility of this technology, more and more mobile applications will be built using the blockchain.

Augmented Reality

A few years ago, only films could display the possibilities of augmented reality. Although in the heads of directors it was born a long time ago. What is worth only displaying data about a person through the eyes of Terminator.

Today, augmented reality is increasingly covering our lives. For example, developed applications that help in the repair of the car. So, instead of conducting diagnostics using a computer, it is enough to synchronize the smartphone with the car and launch the application. When pointing the camera at the engine, such data will be displayed on the screen:

Thus, the driver has the opportunity to find out the causes of the malfunction even before visiting the service center. This will help to cope with a breakdown without outside help. If there are no such skills, the driver will save time studying the causes of a car breakdown.

The implementation of augmented reality for auto repair. Source of the image

The implementation of augmented reality in the development of mobile applications has many variations. Information about the nearest establishments, data about each person (exclusively for law enforcement), the least busy roads and much more can be transferred using this technology.
Augmented Reality is a new page in the development of both mobile applications and the entire IT industry as a whole.

Applications "on-demand"

One of the main trends of UX developments is the improvement of the technology of getting services to order. There is a catastrophic lack of time to make a call to call a car or book a table. In addition, this method does not allow you to instantly know about available places or prices. For all this, you need to ask individual questions and wait for the manager to verify the information.

Thus, companies are working to create mobile applications "on-demand" of the client. One of the examples, which functions not the first year - Uber. In seconds, the user can find out the duration and cost of the trip, the estimated waiting time and even choose the route of travel.

It is noteworthy that the application has already passed through many changes starting from the code side, graphics and of course release. So, it effectively implements the ordering mechanism through voice commands, as well as synchronization with other devices, from laptop to Smart House.

More and more industries are saturated with companies that use the “run-on-demand” business model, which stimulates the growth of applications such as Uber and Zomato. This creates a corresponding trend for 2020.


This technology from Apple is slowly but surely gaining popularity in marketing. First, it reveals new opportunities for marketers. Secondly, it removes the burden on consumers. What is iBeacon?

These are beacons that create communication with wireless devices over a remote connection. When establishing a connection, a small push notification with the specified information comes to the phone.

For example, in a clothing store sale of the last collection of shoes. The buyer does not always pay attention to the banners, because it passes by. Beacon in this case will be a kind of beacon. As soon as a person passes by, the sensor will contact the device and give it a corresponding message.

IBeacon working principle. Source of the image

This technology is not new, but because of its imperfections, it was not very popular. But in view of the development of the Internet of Things and the improvement of iBeacon itself, it will have a big impact on the development of applications.

The snag is that the Beacon cannot contact the device itself. It finds a connection with a specific application that responds to the sensors of this technology. Since this is a good step in the development of marketing, many companies will develop applications based on the response to iBeacon.
P.s. Perhaps experts of this technology will frown while reading my description. But I tried to convey the essence in the most accessible and simple form.

Chat bots integration

Chatbots are one of the examples of effective implementation of artificial intelligence. According to Statista, the global market for this technology will reach a point of $ 1.2 billion by 2025. Today, this figure is about 500 million dollars. Thus, we see that chatbots are almost an integral part of digital reality.
Previously, you could see how chat bots are implemented on websites. For a long time, the technology was clumsy, because it works on the principle of a neural network. That is, it needs time to study user behavior.
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