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17 April 2020

How to Choose ICO Development Company

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Amid changing economic instruments and trends, entrepreneurs often experience the greatest excitement. After all, it gives the opportunity to bring the business to a new level, but also puts the company at risk. Since 2010, cryptocurrency and everything connected with it has become one of the foremost trends.

The main cryptocurrency technology is blockchain. However, this market contributed to the development of such phenomena as digital wallets, crypto exchanges or smart contracts. The most attractive is the development of ICO-campaign for entrepreneurs. After all, this process helps to attract capital by offering new cryptocurrency in return for other popular digital assets.
If you do not have a technical education or you do not have sufficient qualifications to develop an ICO, the choice of a specialized company is the best way out.

ICO in brief

Initial Coin Offering is the process by which a company sells its tokens to investors. In the future, they can be used on the platform itself to pay for goods and services or trade them on the exchange.

What is ICO

The goal is to attract the audience, and most importantly - the financing necessary for the full launch of the project. As a rule, the proceeds go to the final stages of development, marketing company or frozen for the development of future technologies of the company.

Investors are attracted by the opportunity to benefit from the future sale of these tokens at higher prices as a result of the development of the project. Also, very often they invest in order to use tokens for their intended purpose, namely, to get the company's goods for a lower cost.

ICO is almost an integral part of the new crypto business. After all, thanks to it, you can accelerate the development of the project and quickly bring it to the top of the rankings.

ICO development companies

You can launch ICO without third-party assistance, if there is enough opportunity, time and money. But this process is very laborious and extensive. Perhaps a person has such wide knowledge in all spheres, but he physically lacks the time and energy to do it.

That’s why often for these purposes is concluded a contract with a company that has a competent team. In the end, it turns out cheaper, because everyone does his own business, which means the probability of an error and additional expenses are less.

It is necessary to treat the search of the company not less responsibly, than to ICO. After all, there is always the likelihood of receiving low-quality services. In the worst case, you can stumble upon a scam. That is why I have compiled an approximate list of features that will help determine the approximate level of a company.

Marketing agility

As it was said, one of the tasks of the ICO is to attract investors. Because the company should be able to offer unique support for your marketing strategy. Depending on their resources, contacts and skills, the coverage varies from a few people to the best half of the cryptocurrency community.

So, good ICO developers should have:

It is important the company to show how it will represent your brand to a wide audience. With a decrease in the effectiveness of an advertising campaign, interest in the project decreases. With the worsening of tokens ads, the ICO developer is really not worth your time and effort.

Knowledge of social networks

Today, work in social networks is an integral part of the marketing strategy. When developing ICO, this is not about Facebook, Twitter, or even LinkedIn. Many have learned to work with these networks long ago. Moreover, a good CRM software has been developed, therefore the dissemination of information about the upcoming project in such networks should of course be implied.

In this case, the ICO developer should have developed accounts in such forums as Bitcointalk, Reddit and Steemit. Users most of all trust information from these sources. For the ICO development company, this should not be difficult.


ICO involves working with huge amounts of money, up to several million, or even tens of millions of dollars. Therefore, it is recommended to look for a team with a good past. Several successful primary sales of tokens indicate a high performance of the company. A good developer will always show:

In this case, be sure to look for information about projects with which they collaborated, on third-party resources. It is unlikely that someone will distort information that is easy to verify. But extra caution does not hurt.
Important! It does not matter at all how extensive the company's experience is outside the cryptocurrency market. They can be successful on the stock exchanges, but ineffective in working with cryptocurrencies. The only significant experience in this case is the history of working directly with ICO.

Information about yourself and the team

During the launch of ICO, Whitepaper and RoadMap are being developed, the company's website, management and maintenance of escrow accounts, contract auditing, marketing strategy and more. All this requires a large and well-coordinated team that knows its business. Therefore, when getting acquainted with the ICO development company, it is necessary to get information about everyone who will be involved in the promotion of your campaign:

Mandatory quality - the presence of positive professional experience of team members. The effectiveness of ICO directly depends on the competence of each of them. Remember that starting a business is a huge risk and a lot of money. Pay to illiterates and you will bite your elbows.


The initial stage can very often express future development and the likely outcome. Mandatory element of the first stage - the creation of a strategy. After all, such a process as ICO is impossible to conduct blindly.

ICO developers never bring their methods to the masses. But they can familiarize the potential client with examples of tactics during previous work.

It is important to remember that the conditions on the cryptocurrency market change very often. Therefore, it is impossible to create a fully defined plan. Promising consultants are most likely charlatans or simply incompetent.

The strategy should contain:

Points may be much more. However, each of the above is required in any ICO strategy. Consultants should be involved at all stages, as they will be able to show real facts and recent changes, as well as give recommendations for further actions.

Private sales

Sometimes ICO allocates something like premium tokens that are sold to small groups of investors. If you want to implement such a procedure in your project, you need to set up a proper infrastructure with whitelist capabilities.

Also, it should be borne in mind that this stage, as a rule, contains separate promotional offers and bonus program. They require changing the conditions for issuing a token, as well as the possibilities for its future use (for example, a large discount on services, providing a premium account for a certain period).
Implementing all these changes is quite difficult. For this we need individual specialists. Therefore, the automation of all sales and additional offers should be carried out by the consulting company with which you are planning to cooperate.


Every time when describing cooperation with any company, I recommend carefully checking licenses and documentation. However, people are still stepping on this rake. And we can not confidently say that this is their mistake. Today, there are many legal commissions that are actually created for fraudulent purposes.

What can you do by yourself?

If you do not have in-depth legal knowledge regarding working with cryptocurrencies and other digital assets, it is better to use the services of a professional lawyer. At a minimum, his practical experience will allow him to more accurately determine the legality of the company’s activities.

Audit performance

Your business in the future should bring huge profits. A successful ICO is one of the sources of great profit. Your company will obey the laws of the country in which it is registered. And the cash flow will be checked.

Huge earnings through cryptocurrencies are still raising red flags in the government of many countries. This is especially true of regions that have not previously worked with ICO. Therefore, accounting services are a good advantage when choosing a development company.

Country coverage and global overviews

Most investors today are localized in the Asian region. Therefore, an ICO development company should be able to provide a direct presence in countries like China or Korea.

An efficient company should also provide:

The broader the ICO developer’s capabilities, the higher the results will be. This is especially true of countries loyal to the cryptocurrency market (Mexico, Malta, Switzerland and others).


Of course, when creating a blockchain company, you need to understand what you are working with. However, it should be borne in mind that in the ICO process you will not be able to keep track of all the changes. Therefore, with each step you will have to understand how to tutorial.

The easiest way to do this is when a member of the team responsible for an element explains everything on his fingers. In other matters, this should be his responsibility. If the ICO development company provides assistance at the initial stages after the end of the campaign itself, this is an absolute advantage. It will be easier for you to join the new rhythm and strengthen the initial success.

Why you should enter into an agreement with the developers of ICO

Undoubtedly, ICO can be conducted independently, hiring only a few narrow specialists. But I repeated several times that this is a very long and laborious process. If you have deep knowledge and capabilities in different areas, you physically do not have enough time and energy to put it in the place.

Advantages of ICO development companies

In cooperation with the ICO development company, you get a team of qualified programmers, skilled web designers and PR managers, as well as intelligent consultants. You can save a lot of time and effort. No matter which way you look at it - the delegation of authority has long been effective.

Directly your company will receive such benefits:
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