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18 November 2021

10 Top Logo Design Trends 2021

Are you looking to do the logo design trends 2021?
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Why do trends change? Because sooner or later all companies keep up with them. Consequently, «trend» becomes oversaturated and loses its effectiveness. This tendency is appearing everywhere – starting from color and font and ending with geometry. The trends similarly change in all spheres.

Trends are essential in logo design because the logo is one of the elements of branding. If the company develops a bad logo, it loses the chances for major success right away.

For this reason, not only designers but also all team members of any company follow the logo design trends 2021. This affects brand awareness and therefore profit.

We have analyzed recent changes in the design world and have made a list of key trends of logo design for 2021. Are you ready for rebranding?

Motion Design

We usually see the logo as a static image on the packages or things. Nevertheless, we have to change the presumption about the logo. Animation and videos have become an inseparable part of visual advertising over the last years. With the advancement of technology, this trend will become even more popular.

You see a static image, but with the sound, right? Your mind is playing tricks on you because you’ve most frequently seen the Pixar logo before the beginning of a cartoon. Hence, this logo is more remembered in motion. Due to the idea of the logo, we all remember this brand very well.

The situation today is significantly more complicated. Social networks provided the accessibility of advertising. If you want to create own social networks from scratch and make money. Therefore, companies have to make it more engaging. Animated logos are one of the key opportunities for pushing the limits of marketing.

«The longer we look at the image, the better we remember it»

What’s interesting is that the consumer will look at the static logo for three seconds tops and he’ll quickly forget it. Why? Then the consumer will see at least 10 images. All of them will mix up in memory.

An animated logo is an opportunity to hold the consumer up for several seconds longer. Consequently, your brand will be remembered.

No symmetry

Many brands design their logos very carefully, flawlessly paint the lines, do everything strictly in a grid. But it’s time to ignore some rules. Abstract illustrations are trending again. They provide more space for creative ideas.

Asymmetric balance in art. Source of the image

Any artist will confirm that it’s necessary to keep up with the asymmetry while drawing the majority of objects. This approach makes a drawing lively and makes the object look natural.

Increasing attention is being given to free design, tear of the structured grid, free composition. By placing the logo elements chaotically, you make the design more unique.

Unique fonts

In the past few years, we have witnessed how frequently the paintbrushes in graphic design and on logos change. Many companies followed a trend of simplification of the logo. But it came to the moment when the majority of text elements started looking alike. Consequences? Reduction of awareness.

Therefore, many brands go back to the drawing board and come up with their own typography. The fonts are the first thing to become a counterbalance to minimalism in logo design. The companies will add abstraction to the fonts to bring their individuality back.

Thin lines in geometry

The trend of minimalism is not going anywhere yet. It will continue to evolve in the near future. However, minimalism will show up in a new way in 2021. Now it will center around linear elements and shapes.

Thin lines will become a new tendency. Firstly, they look more stylish and aesthetically pleasing. Secondly, they more effectively catch the viewer’s eyes. In conjunction, it creates a positive impression and the picture is easy to remember. That’s exactly what the logo needs.

By all means, a bold, block line is easier to see. But a thin line has a unique opportunity to create smooth and composed individuality of the brand.


Gradient as an element of any design is one of the biggest spikes in popularity of recent years. This is largely due to the development of technologies, which provided more opportunities to use different hues. As the main pillar of corporate design in the far 80s, gradient reemerged in a modern style.

A gradient in the logo will mix more and more colors. Besides, various ways of application of gradient will be used. For instance, designers will use:

  1. Switch between different colors.

  2. Decrease and increase of saturation of one hue.

Logo designers of Instagram, Redmi, Free Tv Australia excellently demonstrated the first option. The second option seems to have fewer opportunities. However, the logo designers of Common App, GarageBand, GuitarTuna think otherwise demonstrating the potential of the gradient with one hue.

Gradient gives the opportunity to get an interesting visual effect making the logo look fresh and original. Besides, it helps to provide the logos with depth and dimension. Gradients are pleasing to the eye and lift the spirit a little bit thanks to wave-like attributes.

Symbolic shapes and icons

Symbolism in design is a quite new trend. Big brands like Nike, Apple or Starbucks have already hosted symbolic logos for decades. But in 2021 it’s likely that the work with symbols and icons will become more popular. Besides, the symbols will be more clearly blended into the rest of the designs.

Successful brands will use symbols not to tell about their activity. The symbols will tell why brands specialize in a certain product or service.

To get a subtle effect, you can incorporate symbols and icons in the typography of your logo. In this case, everything depends only on the designers’ creativity. For example, Peter Vasvari created a lot of logos with symbols, which reflect the nature of a company.

Waterproof Structures LTD logo with a symbol of a water drop. Source of the image


Dribble today is full of images, where designers used overlapping. First of all, it helps to show the connection between the two elements. Also, overlapping increases the depth and dimension of the image.

It’s worthy of note that this technique can be used in various ways:

Overlay effect makes the logo more eye-catching and outstanding. No matter how many times brands tried to use it, there’s always space for something new. If you have ideas including the overlapping elements or colors – feel free to use them. Because this is a definite trend for the next several years.

Retro style

Retro design is gradually making a comeback. It’s essential to note that it’s coming back to all spheres of life. Probably the only thing, which is less susceptible to the retro effect, is automobile design (although even here there are more and more exceptions).

Retro design is gradually coming back on logos. What’s the reason for that?

Retro logos will capture more attention due to exquisite style with the use of random art strokes. In addition, a call to action of similar logos is very effective for big spheres of business.

Modern retro art is a combination of old heritage with innovative approaches. This «hybridity» is an opportunity to take the consumer back to the old days. Besides, it demonstrates the evolution of several techniques of logo creation.

It’s remarkable that these logos will be particularly effective in the sphere of trade and logistics, construction and rental business, coffee shops and pubs, showrooms and hair salons. The use of the retro design in all these spheres is a great way to make it clear that you have respect for traditions.

Hand-drawn logos

A major disadvantage of many modern logos is logo design with the aid of software. Many designers don’t use even a graphics tablet, which affects the appearance of the logo.

Example of hand-drawn logo. Source of the image

Of course, considering the opportunities of modern technologies, it’s possible to pretty accurately create the effect of a hand-drawn image. However, small details, which make these logos look so good, will be lost.

If a company wants a logo to become a talisman of the brand – the illustration is a must.

Hand-drawn illustrations make it possible to represent the brand idea more precisely. Far from every idea can be represented by a simple symbol logo. In many cases, «the business has to communicate with a client».

Advantages of custom illustrations:

If the company’s scope of activities is related to sports, products or services for children, restaurant business or entertainment, then hand-drawn illustrations will be the best idea for the logo.
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