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19 January 2023

SEO Trends 2019

Are you looking to do the seo trends 2019?
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Websites promotion is a sphere that is developing quite actively. However, it also reflects the trends that have already been formed before. Some of them are transformed, but in general, their development does not standstill. If characterizing dynamics of this segment, it is still relative. Mostly it is an evolutionary rather than revolutionary way of changes introduction.

Complex approach

Websites or e-commerce promotion was previously considered to be the most effective if the whole range of services of SEO specialists is ordered. This includes a setting of digital marketing, link mass increasing, working with social media, improving the website structure, saturating it with content containing relevant key requests.

The list of services within the internal and external optimization is quite extensive. However, now the focus is not only on the coverage of all the listed areas. It is very important that the promotion is carried out within the framework of a single concept that reflects the brand philosophy. That is, relying solely on a set of technically competent steps is not enough. Potential users of the website and customers need to be attracted by the uniqueness of your message and the value of the product offered. If this key aspect is missing, the rest stop working effectively.

Being careful about backlinks creation

Backlinks are among the actual factors that are involved in the process of a website promotion for several years already. They will stay the same next year. However, now one needs to be more careful about how you get such links. At the moment, Google is very cautious about spam links from guest posts. It is quite likely that the trend will get intensified in the future.

Naturally, one should not completely refuse these posts. It is necessary to "dose" them correctly so that this tool does not harm the reputation of your brand leading to the opposite effect.

Example of smooth backlink growth

Link building development

Loss of popularity by regular spam links is far from the only trend that is associated with the reference mass and will continue to be topical in 2019. An important aspect is that now the trends are changing but do not disappear. Not just links themselves are valuable, but those links that can increase the company's authority in the chosen target niche. This means that the resources where you are referred to should be related to the field of your activity. Only in this case one can reckon on the reference mass successfully influencing your business development. In addition, we recommend thinking about SEO before starting web development.

We propose to consider how this works on specific examples. Let’s assume that you have a web studio or a content agency that can make SEO checklist. Links to your resource will look prestigious in the webmaster's blog. And there they also will not only be noticed by search systems but will provide the real following for reading the information. This is a good chance to increase one's customer base. A single remark: the copywriter who writes the text containing at your link, needs to work well to make it look organically and motivate to follow.

A similar example can be given with the promotion of a beauty salon. It is optimal when a link to such a company is placed on the website of a popular beauty blogger. And if he/she is from your city, it solves two issues at once - it provides a contribution to the link mass increase and direct promotion of your company.

Modern link building is not just a mention of a company on the third-party websites. It is the development of useful contacts, useful in a long-term perspective. Thus, the phenomenon of guest blogging starts to change. Guest posts with a clear spam shade are not interesting either for people or for search systems. Along with disappearing of such records, the tendency does not fade away but is being transformed. It becomes prestigious for companies to collaborate with bloggers who are opinion leaders in their industry and are geographically close to your company.

Monitoring to improve conversion

Simply current methods use to increase conversion becomes irrelevant. More and more tools for differential analytics are appearing. One can track the features of user's behavior on the website. For example, a smartbook records user behavior on a site. If you follow by the content marketing trends you should use the same tools. A very useful tool for marketers. Modern tools provide an opportunity to see how effective certain menus are, as well as options for an Internet resource. Accordingly, there is a required information basis to achieve a real improvement in the conversion rates.

It should be interesting and convenient for a user during his stay on the website. To regularly monitor this, one needs to analyze:

- The download speed of the resource.
- Convenience of its navigation structure
- Readability
- User behavior patterns that show how properly your online resource is designed and filled, and recognized by its logo.

Such an approach allows comprehensive analyzing, whether your website is properly designed and filled. This, in its turn, provides either confidence in a properly developed tactic, or understanding of what changes in the promotion strategy should take place.

Orientation towards the needs of a real representative of the target audience frees specialists in the sphere of CEO from a lot of unnecessary actions. Along with this, the customer himself is to some extent insured against the inefficient use of the promotion budget.

Voice search development

Active use of voice applications stimulates major changes in the machine learning and SEO industry. The relevance of those requests that look more natural, is increasing. And the search systems themselves “do not appreciate” the unnatural lexical structures. Therefore, the keys like “Kiev oranges buy” or “Warsaw rent apartment cheaply” are rapidly going away. Key inquiries must correspond to sophisticated language. This makes the content not only readable but also attractive to voice applications which people are using increasingly.

Video content and animation

For those who want to achieve a high conversion of the website and real involvement of users in the message that comes to them, the convenient structure of the resource and informative content is not enough. One should remember that a significant part of users in terms of information perception are visuals and audials. If you are able to captivate people with interesting videos, then increase their brand loyalty level. For example, on the “about us” pages, a short video sequence is perceived not worse than an informative text block. Btw, you can check off page seo techniques in our article.

A good example of video content to promote own brand and website. The content which has a high value.

As for the animation, it is especially appropriate in an activated format - for example, use powerful CSS frameworks if, by pointing the cursor, the user can scroll and view the goods from different sides. It is very interesting.

Thus, in the process of the website promotion, not only those direct actions which affect the search results are important. It is necessary to fight for user loyalty with additional tools, too. Only the fact that a person entered the website from the search is not enough. The resource should attract him and motivate him to become a client.

Fast and extended answers

The popularity of such a phenomenon as fast answers was the reason of increase of companies competitions for a place in the zero position in the search results. Google returns about 30% of responses on questions. This means that simply working in this direction is not enough. There should be a clearly developed strategy for the content optimization if you want to get a place in the mentioned block.

Among the most common types of such responses one can see graphs, tables, and lists. Both people, and search systems prefer information that is structured. This is not a new trend but on the eve of 2019 it will receive an updated vision.

Another one opportunity to get to the zero position in search results is to create content in the format of questions and answers to them. As the analytics shows, in fast answers that fall into these blocks, the words “how” and “what” are often used. Applicants for the zero position should consider this aspect.

When a company enters this segment of issuance, it increases its credibility in the potential customers eyes. Naturally, it improves conversion rates and leads to the target audience extension.

Making conclusions...

In 2019, CEO is not just considered as a set of tools for websites promotion on the Internet. These should be specific techniques and mechanisms that are adapted to your concept and brand philosophy. Customer orientation comes out on a new level. Now it develops in a more interesting dimension. Companies are trying to find an approach not to an abstract client, but to a user they understand. They study the behavioral patterns during interaction with the website. The structure of the resource and its content are adapted to the specific needs of the target audience representative. Even the possibility to get to the zero position of search results is directly related to how the company is ready to answer the questions arising from users.
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