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14 November 2021

How Much does it Cost to Create an Eventbrite Clone?

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Eventbrite is a platform for launching events and selling tickets. It is very popular in the US and Western Europe for its simplicity, functionality and built-in marketing solutions. Next, we will tell you how to create a clone and how much it costs.

What determines the development price

Complexity. Most of all, the cost of creating a platform like Eventbrite is influenced by two factors: the complexity of the project and the location of the developer company. The complexity of the project means the number of implemented functions and the depth of their elaboration. Usually the gradation of projects by this parameter is as follows:

Developer location. The best way to create your own clone is through custom development, since this is the only way to guarantee the reliability and security of the software. Plus, with this approach, you only pay for what you need. Whereas in the case of SaaS or white label, you pay for the entire set of capabilities of such solutions, even if you never fully use it. And pay constantly, not once.

The cost of custom development depends most of all on the location of the technical partner, since the salaries of developers vary greatly depending on the region. Thus, the average rate of a specialist from the United States is $ 95/hour, in Western Europe - $ 67/hour, in Eastern Europe - $ 32/hour. Interestingly, the results of the work of a developer from the United States or from Eastern Europe are essentially the same. What is often used by Microsoft, Apple, Google, Sony, IBM and other IT giants, outsourcing to cheaper countries part of the development of their own projects.

Here's how much the development of a clone can roughly cost, depending on the complexity of the project and the location of the developer company:

The cost of creating an Eventbrite clone

Developing a clone of the Eventbrite application consists of several stages: researching the market, competitors and target audience; design development; coding and testing. Below you will find a brief description of these stages and their estimated cost.

Market research

Analysis of the UK ticket buyers habits. Source

If you just create a clone of Eventbrite and release it to market, it is unlikely that such a project will be successful, since there will be no reason for users to migrate to your platform. To get people to use a new project, you need to create a unique value proposition for it. Such an offer can be unique functionality, targeting a specific niche, an extended set of integrations, high-quality support, better protection of user data, etc.

You can understand what exactly users need by analyzing the market, target audience and competitors. The cost of such analysis depends on its depth:

Website / app design

Eventbrite design process - from the sketch on the board to the finished prototype. Source

If you just clone the architecture and appearance of Eventbrite, then it will not take much time, therefore, the price of such work will be relatively small - from 20 to 50 hours, or from 640 to 1600 dollars at a designer's rate of 32 dollars / hour. But again, this option is only suitable for those who plan to enter markets where there is no Eventbrite or other venues for organizing events and selling tickets.

In all other cases, simply repeating the Eventbrite design will not be enough to lure users to a new site. To do this, you will need to develop a unique design tailored to the chosen niche and target audience. Here is the estimated cost of such a design:

Main functions of the Eventbrite clone

Panel of event participant - from 200 to 900 hours ($6400- $28800). These users need a platform where they can easily and quickly find the event they need and buy a ticket for it. That being said, they will probably also need the ability to track the location of the event on the map and its date in the calendar.

Panel of event organizer - from 150 to 400 hours ($4800-$12800). Organizers need a simple and effective tool for planning, organizing, running and promoting events and selling tickets. The functionality of their panel will largely overlap with the panel of an ordinary participant, with the exception of the following features:

Additional functions

What the functionality of displaying events on the map might look like

What a QR or barcode verification might look like

What you need to create an Eventbrite clone

Technology stack:

Composition of development team:
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