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05 January 2023

Best DevOps Conferences 2020

If your life was at least once connected with the development of software products, then you have already heard about DevOps. Among the leaders and employees of IT companies, today this is no longer considered a new technology: it is simply improved every day. For beginners, DevOps may seem unusual. But both beginners and experts need international experience using the conference. You can get it at one of the conferences, which are presented below.

Improve development with DevOps

For some, DevOps is just one of the new development approaches. For others, this is a whole style of thinking. It is noteworthy that the latter reach great heights using DevOps as the philosophy of life for their products and services.

You will never be able to know how this technology stands out until you experience it in person. But most practicians argue that DevOps can bring many benefits to any product, regardless of industry.

Thanks to thematic conferences, you can find out what exactly your DevOps team needs, what pitfalls await you and what tools are best to use. In addition, after talking with “colleagues”, you can learn how to organize your team using DevOps.

If you want your software product to become better, then you just need to get acquainted with this technology. Regardless of whether it will become the main business method for companies in the future or not, its benefits cannot be underestimated.

O’Reilly Software Architecture Conference

Site: O`Reilly Conference

Place: New York, USA

Date: 23-26 February, 2020

Cost: $1795-2595

O’Reilly Software Architecture Conference 2016. Source of the image

The conference organizers provide such training in which participants can keep abreast of the latest trends regarding technologies, frameworks and software development methods. This event is designed to provide an open platform for communication with experts and real professionals, in order to exchange experiences and their own ideas.

Key topics:

Organizers of O’Reilly conferences always invite the best specialists to their events. Speakers at Software Architecture 2020 will include: Rachel Laycock (CTO ThoughtWorks), Martin Fowler (Chief Scientist ThoughtWorks), George Fairbanks (Software Engineer Google) and many others.

DevOps Days

Site: DevOps Days

Place: 53 cities, from Tokyo to Toronto

Date: several conferences monthly

Cost: $100-2000 (depending on the venue)

DevOps Days Toronto 2018

This is a huge series of conferences that began in 2009 in Ghent, Belgium. It is conducted by volunteers for beginners and advanced developers, managers and executives. From one conference to another vary speakers, and sometimes the format. The key advantage of DevOps Days is that you can always get to the event, wherever you are.

Key topics:

Depending on the venue, the conference can last one or two days. On average, up to 30 speakers can be found at DevOps Days. Past speakers included: Gene Kim (founder and CTO Tripwire), Kelsey Hightower (Senior Developer Advocate Google). This year you can meet Giacomo Bagnoli (Production Engineer Facebook), Chen Harel (VP of Product OverOps) and many others.

Visual Studio Live!

Site: Visual Studio Live

Place: 1. Las Vegas (Nevada) 2. Austin (Texas) 3. Nashville (Tennessee) 4. Redmond (Washington) 5. San Diego (California) 6. Philadelphia (Pennsylvania) 7. Orlando (Florida)

Date: 1. 1-6 March, 2020 2. 30 March – 3 April, 2020 3. 17-21 May, 2020 4. 3-7 August, 2020 5. 27 September – 1 October, 2020 6. 18-22 October, 2020 7. 15-20 November, 2020

Cost: $625 – 3115

Visual Studio Live San Diego 2018. Source of the image

This year, Visual Studio Live turns 25 years old. This is one of the longest running conferences among developers around the world. It consists of seminars, round tables, practical sessions and reports of industry leaders. It is worth noting that in addition to 5-day conferences, Visual Studio Live conducts 2-day thematic trainings. Therefore, developers from different countries come here every year.

Key topics:

If you manage to attend all 7 conferences, then you will get insights from about 800 speakers. Among them are both executives and senior developers of world leaders. For example, in Las Vegas, Lori Bars (Staff Software Engineer Gatsby), Marcel de Frey (CTO Xpirit) will give their presentations, and in Nashville - Raj Krishnan (Cloud Solution Architect Microsoft) and Angela Dugan (Director Polaris Solutions).

DevOps Talks Conferences

Site: DevOps Talks

Place: Melbourne (Australia); Oakland (New Zealand); Singapore

Date: 18-20 March, 2020; 23-25 March, 2020; 17-19 August, 2020

Cost: $699-1095

DevOps Talks 2019 Melbourne. Source of the image

The DevOps Talks series of conferences attracts leaders and engineers who practice DevOps in startups and leading corporate companies. World-class speakers from the most modern IT enterprises such as CHEF, Google, New Relic, JFrog will tell you about DevOps as one of the main software development technologies. In 2019, more than 1,000 people from nearly 200 companies worldwide attended DevOps Talks.

Key topics:

The list of speakers at DevOps Talks has always impressed participants and 2020 will not be an exception. When attending the conference, you can hear about the experiences of John Willis (co-founder of Global Transformation Office Red Hat), Jessica Dean (Senior Cloud Advocate Microsoft), Patrick Debois (Director of Devops Relations SNYK) and many others.

PowerShell and DevOps Global Summit

Site: PowerShell and DevOps Global Summit

Place: Bellevue, Washington, USA

Date: 27-30 April, 2020

Cost: $1785

PowerShel and DevOps Global Summit. Source of the image

This conference is about Microsoft's PowerShell automation and configuration tool. It involves members of the product development team, as well as Microsoft MVP, system administrators and other experts. The forum increasingly raises questions about the implementation of DevOps technology, as well as the fight against errors that arise during the development process.

Key topics:

The list of speakers for 2020 is still filling up. Today it is known for certain that their presentations will be made by: Anthony Howell (founder of, Adam Driscoll (developer of PowerShell tools for Visual Studio) and Aaron Nelson (AI Consultant Microsoft).

Continuous Lifecycle London

Site: Continuous Lifecycle

Place: London, Great Britain

Date: 13-15 May, 2020

Cost: £400-600

Continuous Lifecycle London 2019

A three-day conference that brings together the leading leaders of DevOps and Agile conferences. Participants will be able to learn the best ways to reorganize their software development and operation teams, get an idea of how ChatOps works in existing companies and take their development to a new level.

Key topics:

During the three days of the conference, you can chat with hundreds of participants from around the world and discuss new ideas regarding the use of DevOps. Also, Sam Newman (formerly a developer at ThoughtWorks, today an independent consultant), Charity Majors (CTO and co-founder of Honeycomb) and Moritz Heiber (DevOps Birth Assistant at ThoughtWorks) will perform with their presentations).

Agile + DevOps West

Site: Agile+DevOps

Place: Las Vegas, Nevada, USA

Date: 7-12 June, 2020

Cost: $495-3995

Agile+DevOps West 2019. Source of the image

This convention brings together practicians seeking to speed up the delivery of reliable and secure software applications. Thanks to industry experts who give insights on using Agile and DevOps concepts, you can learn how to increase the speed of deployment and product launch, reduce lead time, and more successfully provide new features.

Key topics:

By visiting Agile + DevOps West 2020, you can familiarize yourself with the research of speakers such as Derek Ashmore (Principal Cloud Architect at Asperitas Consulting), Sharon Alvarez (DevOps Trainer at T-Mobile) and others.

DevOps India Summit DOIS 2020

Site: DevOps India Summit DOIS

Place: Bangalore, India

Date: 10-11 July, 2020

Cost: $155-280

DevOps India Summit DOIS 2019. Source of the image

DOIS20 is the third iteration of the largest DevOps conference in India. This event is worthy of attention of the audience of all industries. Many experts claim that they do not want to miss DOIS, because it gives a chance to learn something fundamentally new. This year, more than 500 specialists are expected at formal and informal meetings.

Key topics:

We expect from the organizers full information about the conference. So far, only confirmed speakers are: Mark Miller (DevOps Advocate at SonaType), Alan Schimel (CEO and founder of MediaOps), Micro Gering (Global DevOps Lead at Accenture) and Mark Hornbeck (CEO Engineering DevOps Consulting).

DevSecCon Singapore

Site: DevSecCon

Place: Singapore

Date: 18-19 March, 2020

Cost: £245-495

DevSecCon London 2019

DevSecCon is a series of conferences that annually covers up to 10 cities. Despite the fact that in 2020 it will be held in London and Boston, one of the most anticipated conferences was the one to be held in Singapore. Why? It will gather only DevOps practicing developers, so that in two days of meetings they will share valuable experience and begin to implement it.

Key topics:

The Singapore conference will bring together more than 350 participants, as well as 20 speakers, including Ratinder Ahuja (founder of ShieldX Networks), Andrew Harcourt (Principal Consultant at ThoughtWorks) and M. Psych (founder and CEO at CRUX Conception).

DevOps Pro Europe 2020

Site: DevOps Pro Europe

Place: Vilnius, Lithuania

Date: 24-26 March, 2020

Cost: €240-910

DevOps Pro Europe 2019. Source of the image

This conference focuses on the basic principles and concepts of the DevOps methodology and demonstrates how to use the most common DevOps templates for developing, deploying and maintaining applications in the on-premises environment and in the cloud. DevOps Pro Europe has been held for several years and during this time has become a major event among developers.
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