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30 March 2020

Best Big Data Conferences 2020

Have you scaled and do not cope with the flow? Are your customers more active, which causes database overload? Not sure how to change analytics approaches to boost sales? All this will be discussed at Big Data conferences, a list of which is presented below.

How to move to a new level of data analysis

An array of data is the main thing that exists in any field. Whether it’s energy, engineering, gaming, or e-commerce, nowhere can you succeed without proper data management.

Today, this array is so large that a whole section is highlighted - Big Data. Separate lectures and seminars are devoted to it. The company's strategies are divided into two parts: the first is aimed at managing small data streams, and the second is associated with persistent big data that cannot be deleted.

That is why Big Data conferences are becoming increasingly relevant nowadays. By attending several events, you will significantly improve your performance and be able to properly structure all incoming information.

Data & Analytics Summit

Site: Data & Analytics Summit

Date: 23-26 March, 2020

Place: Grapevine, Texas, USA

Cost: $3825

Gartner Data & Analytics Summit 2017

Research and consulting firm Gartner is one of the most trusted in the field of data analysis. Each year, this team audits hundreds of thousands of databases and makes reports at many conferences. One of these is the Data & Analytics Summit, which focuses directly on working with data.

Participants in this conference know how to create an effective data management strategy that has commercial value. The 2020 Summit promises to be the largest Big Data event of all conferences. More than 4,000 people will take part in it, and about 150 research sessions will also be held.

Key topics:

Gartner Conferences is a collection of one of the best professionals who have a story to tell. So, in 2020 at the Data Summit you can get insight from Ankush Agarwal (director of T&D Advanced Analytics Exelon), Himanshu Aora (CDAO at Blue Cross Blue Shield), Dr. Gal Berkoz (vice president of data management at ZF Group), and also a Gartner analytics team.

The Data Science Conference

Site: Data Science Conference

Date: 14-15 May, 2020

Place: Chicago, Illinois, USA

Cost: $1100-1400

The Data Science Conference 2016. Source of the image

Data Science Conference is an event that is attended only by real professionals practicing working with Big Data (registration is limited). Therefore, you can easily focus on key issues without distractions.

Key topics:

Since the conference has limited access, the speakers here are exclusively professionals. So, in 2020, presentations will be made by: Amea Kanitkar (head of data management on LinkedIn), Ashish Kumar (senior researcher in data management at AT&T), Arun Bodapati (data management manager at Uber), Beaumont Vance (head of department AI and analytics for TD Ameritrade) and others.

Data Summit

Site: Data Summit

Date: 19-20 May, 2020

Place: Boston, Massachusetts, USA

Cost: $495-1395

Data Summit. Source of the image

Data Summit is an annual conference hosted by Database Trends and Applications (DTBA) for more than 10 years. The goal of the 2020 event is to unleash the power of data through practical tips and workshops.

The format of the conference includes general lectures, as well as specialized boot camps. Here you can not only learn about new methods of working with data, but also instantly test them in practice.

Key topics:

Not so long ago, a list of Data Summit speakers was announced, which sharply prompted a new wave of registration of participants. The list was composed of more than 30 speakers, including Stephen Cohen (COO and co-founder of Basis Technology), El Dyavlol (director of analytics at Goldman Sachs) and Joe Hilger (COO and co-founder of Enterprise Knowledge LLC).

Women in Analytics Conference

Site: Women in Analytics

Date: 3-5 June, 2020

Place: Colombo, Ohio, USA

Cost: $150-550

Women in Analytics 2019. Source of the image

Despite the fact that the composition of the speakers can consist exclusively of women, everyone can attend the conference. And this is one of the reasons to leave your prejudices (if anyone has them), because for several years this conference has been making a lot of changes to data management.

Key topics:

We are still waiting for the full list of conference speakers for 2020. However, there are already several confirmed speakers today, among them: Dr. Ferial Ozel (professor of astrophysics at the University of Arizona), Jenny Briand (software engineer and data management researcher at RStudio) and Anna Conselman (co-founder of Upstart).

Open Data Science Conference East

Site: ODSC

Date: 13-17 April, 2020

Place: Boston, Massachusetts, USA

Cost: $479-1749

Open Data Science is a series of conferences held in several states of America, as well as in Europe and India. It is fully dedicated to the community of data professionals. It is here that all the talk and reports relate exclusively to Big Data & Analytics. All related topics (machine learning, AI, augmented reality) will be covered exclusively in the context of data management.

Key topics:

About 55 sessions and 75 workshops, nearly 300 speakers and over 400 hours of diverse content await you at ODSC in Boston. Speakers at this conference will include: Cassie Kozyrkov (Chief Decision Scientist at Google), Shadi Shahin (vice president of product development strategy at SAS), Thomas Wolf (CSO at Hugging Face) and others.

Deep Learning Summit

Site: Deep Learning Summit

Date: 15-16 October, 2020

Place: Toronto, Canada

Cost: C$795

Deep Learning Summit 2017. Source of the image

Deep Learning Summit is one of the many years of conferences organized by the Re-Work team. Thanks to this summit, you can learn about new trends in the field of deep learning and, directly, their application for working with Big Data. And this is another opportunity to chat with leaders of different industries, get acquainted with the latest insights and develop new skills.

Key topics:

About 800 participants have already been registered at the Deep Learning Summit 2020, and 90 speakers have been confirmed, among them: Inmar Jivoni (senior automation engineer at Uber ATG), David Cox (director of MIT-IBM at IBM Research AI), Nargiz Mamadova (CEO and founder of Destin AI) and others.

IEEE Big Data Service

Site: Big Data Service

Date: 13-16 April, 2020

Place: Oxford, UK

Cost: $50-900

IEEE Big Data Service 2020. Source of the image

IEEE is another organization that holds a series of conferences on various topics. This year will be the 6th edition of Big Data Service. The conference will devote a lot of time to big data analytics, as well as their use in business and production development.

Key topics:

The list of IEEE conference speakers is always full of experts. But so far only known, this year Temis Palpanas (member of the IUF Council) will make his report. Nevertheless, the organizers always select one of the best in their field. Therefore, stay tuned and attend IEEE conferences.

International Congress on Big data

Site: International Congress on Big Data

Date: 22-26 June, 2020

Place: Honolulu, Hawaii, USA

Cost: $850 – 1435

International Congress on Big Data. Source of the image

At first it may seem that this is not the largest conference. But this is one of the advantages of the event. Indeed, in this way, the organizers perfectly manage the time and allow participants to discuss only the most important issues. International Congress on Big Data discusses topics such as:

This is another conference whose full list of speakers is not yet available today. Nevertheless, many business analysts have already registered for this event, which means they are confident in the usefulness of the information that they will receive here.


Site: DATAx

Date: 10-11 June, 2020

Place: San Francisco, California, USA

Cost: $900-2400

DATAx is a popular series of conferences that focuses on data science in the real world, from proven data processing strategies to their use in the current environment. The format of the conference basically provides for practical sessions during which you can learn new approaches and try them for the first time in person.

Key topics:

The list of speakers for this conference will inspire you to attend it at all costs, especially if you are closely associated with Big Data. For example, Ankit Mangal (associate director at Wayfair), Asma Farouk (Product Lead Machine Learning at Ebay), Austin Sun (senior data architect at American Tire Distributors), and others will make presentations at the conference.

Marketing Analytics and Data Science

Site: Marketing Analytics and Data Science

Date: 31 March – 2 April, 2020

Place: San Francisco, California, USA

Cost: $2295-2895

Marketing Analytics and Data Science 2019. Source of the image

More commonly known as MADS, this conference focuses on data and analytics directly in marketing. But, this does not mean that it is intended only for marketers. Firstly, there are tracks for professionals working in the field of data science, research and development. Secondly, today any topic is closely related to marketing, therefore it will be useful for you to attend this conference.
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